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RTech , had u thought at the start of the thread that it is gonna get this kind of response.
Haha. Not a chance! But, just goes to show that we all think alike. After all the arguments we have on other things, this shows that below the surface, all of us are alike. There's a lesson in that somewhere isn't it?
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R Tech awesome thread
its really so so real and true

well i am yet to own a car but reading these things i can telll once i get my car i will end up doing all those things mentioned

hats off man
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Old 5th May 2005, 14:53   #48
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Wow RTech! Right on. My fav was the classifieds bit.

Here's some more:

You make it a point to get up early to "check" on the dude washing your car every morning (and then go back to sleep). Offer tips every once in while and he thinks you've lost it.

Say "sorry" to the car after crashing into a pothole you didn't see. As a means to make up, you wax the alloys that night.

Park at work/hotel/street and walk backwards so that you can enjoy the view of your car for that few extra seconds!

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Old 6th May 2005, 15:05   #49
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Awesome man,

Really good one.
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Old 13th June 2005, 02:54   #50
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- u cant help revving the car while in neutral while waiting at the signal just to hear the free flow exhaust roar.
- roll the window down and listen to the sound of the exhaust while comming downhill - and ppl sceraming at u "watch the road !!"
- switching of the ac just to overtake the guy who drives the unnmodified version of the same car u drive !!

... hey nice to know Im not the only car crazy phsycho around
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Old 13th June 2005, 13:40   #51
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Originally Posted by iceman91
2. how you start the car and let it idle for a while before moving so as to get the temp up.

some more coming up...

3. god forbid if someone scratches or leans on the car and you curse him and his entire ancestry!!!

this is what always gets me into trouble with everyonewho is made to wait till the rpm comes to 800.hehe i have seen morons who start revving no sooner they start their engines.it really pains to see this.
also driving at 10-20 kph whenever u go to fill air in the tires.
and no matter ho whot it is,i have to switch of ff the AC on uphill ghats.

also getting into fights with anyone who who tries to park to too close to your car .

and the pleasure u get on seeing the sky on your shining bonnet after those hours of polishing is terrific.
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Old 14th June 2005, 10:49   #52
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I am known for excusing myself a little early from coaching with the excuse that I have other school work to do and come back and clean my bike.
I didnt speak to a friend for a day because he did a massive skid stop on my bike, and then I realised how stupid I was.

And yes, I say the bike is "ill" when it has any mechanical problem.
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Old 14th June 2005, 11:54   #53
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1. Oh, I am so anal about maintaining my car spic and span. I'd rather clean the car myself than give the cleaning cloth to the watchman. He leaves so many scratch marks on my gleaming baby!!

2. And whenever there's a pothole approaching, I slow down to stalling speed while negotiating the menace. There's no way I'm going to subject my car to an ignoble pothole at 25 kmph.

3. Whenever I have to stop at the traffic light, I make sure there's absolutely no space to the right of my car. This prevents ass**** two-wheeler riders from squeezing past and scratching the paintwork.

4. And don't even get me started on the subject of panhandlers and lepers sneaking up the side of my car and leaving all varieties of body fluid smears on my car windows (tears, drool, sweat and whatnot). I feel like giving the car a Dettol (shat pratishat sampoorna snaan) bath after having subjected it to such insults ... and I'm sure i'm not the only one who feels this way.

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hey camry
i feel absolutely the same way when they lean on the car leaving finger prints and sweat all over the window.i dont understand why they have to lean in the first place !!

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Default -----^^^^-----------

How u instinctively judge someone's driving skills and assess them as though you were driving in parallel with them and how u would handle it better and how they are handling .

How u feel most of the cars that u c are so much out of taste and the way they have been kept without a sense of aesthetics/ professional care.

How you go bonkers when u spot a priced car/bike and try to follow the bike to have a closer look as though it were a babe or something ignoring your duties

How you feel sorry for ppl who dont seem to be thinking in the same wave length as u do abt automobiles and instead think of u as some obsessed twit .

How u feel pissed off when u r cruising at insane speeds and suddenly hit a bad stretch of road filled with potholes/loose gravel.

That urge to drag and challenge a higher spec car when u have a big stretch of empty road ahead of u till the next signal.

The High u get when u have not been overtaken by a single vehicle on ur highway trips.

Hurry Home

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Old 14th June 2005, 17:06   #56
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son of a ***^^ you are right man.. these are so apt.. wow.. i thought i was the only one..
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Old 14th June 2005, 17:22   #57
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Oh so true!! Oh so true!! Exactly my feelings for my car.....

Would like to add, getting paranoid abt some 2 or 3 wheeler guy grazing and in the process scratching my car in bumper to bumper traffic!!

Rtech, I am gonna make my wifey, read this entire thread!!
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Old 14th June 2005, 19:35   #58
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Wink Its crazy but what are we to do!!

I was reading all the posts and you guys have covered just about everything. It's crazy but our cars have our hearts in a hold...my friends tease me saying that I am married to mine...ain't married yet so I guess I don't have to worry getting black looks from a human wifey:-D.

A few i have to add:-
- not getting to drive other friends new cars cos I am afraid that they'll ask mine later!!
- switching off the stereo just to heard the engine build up revs in a low gear.
- wincing in agony whenever some one drives past you with their car knocking in high gear pleading to be down shifted.
- people limit 5 ... no arguments please!!

Drive on,
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Old 29th June 2005, 13:32   #59
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wow! some of the best points quoted here!

most of them are real true! i personally vote the "fill fuel at a particular pump and no where else on the way" thing ! i never fill in any other pump than the one i am filling since ages, coz i know that is the purest, dont wanna take risk with other pumps!

Second thing that pisses me off is how people just turn the side mirrors to see themselves and to adjust their hair, and just leave spoil the whole setting of it. Its worse if you dont have an automatic side mirror control (like i dont in my Scorpio).
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Old 29th June 2005, 16:01   #60
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Looks like the afternoon was really lazy for you man ...
So much of thought into it that you surely didnt have any work on mind ...
Its perfect to the dot with all the additions given by people ...
Sometimes men get the feedback as to why didnt they marry the car/bike instead of their respective wives ...

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