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Old 4th May 2005, 16:49   #16
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hi korea.

we all in a way are happy to have you on the site as it goes international.

we indians are very open hearted people and whatever u have read is bound to hurt u initially but please dont take it heart as nothing is against koreans or it products. it is only that certain people might have had a bad experience with certain products and thus the reactions.

you need to realise that there are many more korean products selling under the powerful brand names of LG, Samsung, Hyundai etc in the international market. there are not as many Indian products and every where in world people are elusive to "Made In india" products. in this case, We Indians, start taking offence then we would never be able to make quality products and sell them anywhere.

so even if some of indians do not supply quality products, all indians cannot be counted same. same is the case with koreans. if certain people cant make quality cars or not as good cars or electronics like other coutnries make, they cannot be termed as scrap.

we also drive a Hyundai accent for last 4 years and surely havent encountered any major problems in the car. but not everyone having an hyundai santro or an accent or a sonata might have had good expereices about the car and so the reactions.

we would also like to here more about you, what u do, and about ur trip to India.

we all tbhpains are always here in any part of India to help you.

Please feel free to Pm any body of us for the same.


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Talking about Hyundai...

Lets not talk about supercars..... see normal passenger cars... take a Accent 1.6 and a suzuki Baleno 1.6.... Hyundai claims to have a 100bhp engine.. while the other has a 94!... but compare the performance.... the hyundai loses anyday.

Hyundai does aggressive marketing.. but then most of the hype they create .. falls flat . Its not korea as a country or its people about whom we might have negative opinions at times, but its hyundai... which.. say represents korea in the automotive world.

Talk about Hyundai's plus points.... try finding a negative post on the CRDi engines offered by this company.
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Old 4th May 2005, 17:03   #18
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Korea dude

To start with, welcome to TBHP, have a chilled beer and relax!!!

The remarks made by ppl here on Hyundai (do not read Korea) products are really very objective.

Ppl here on this forum are really into revving their engines from the word go. Hyundai has got some bashing on this forum from me too, i do agree, but on the other hand, i appreciate the matiz as much.
Hyundai has been really successful coz most of the country needs an avg Joe car, the results of sale for Santro and likes speak for that.

But the fact that certain models like Elantra and viva, being projected as awesome cars which can be really pushed is something which ppl in this forum havent really appreciated. It is due to this and similar pther reasons that Hyundai (again do not read Korea) is getting some bashing.

And, its not just hyundai but also other companies like GM and others which are getting their share of the pie.

So mate, pls clear the misconception form your mind that we Indians have anything against the Koreans, or for that matter anyone in the world.

Hope you have a good time in India.

and as V_S_N pointed out, do contact any of us in the town u will be located in India, we wil be happy to treat you to some great Indian food.

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Old 4th May 2005, 18:51   #19
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To keep it short : I L-O-V-E Hyundai. Albeit its more the company than their cars....

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Old 4th May 2005, 21:23   #20
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Well korea,

Personally speaking i dont have any problems with Koreans. Its just that Hyundais copy car designs.. speaking of Sonata and the newer version..

Well others just fine LG is quite good and samsungs service i am not impressed..
thats my 2 cents
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Old 4th May 2005, 23:50   #21
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Hey there welcome to the forum...

Like others have already mentioned there arent any anti-korean sentiments from the members....i myself own a hyundai accent...sure it has some problems (which average joe woudnt be bothered about)...but its way better than the other cars i've owned.

So just chill out...and enjoy here.

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Old 4th May 2005, 23:59   #22
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yeah dude
firstly welcome to the forum and secondly many of us here have hyundai cars and are not disappointed with its performance i have friends too who own santros and sonatas and are happy what we were implyin is that some of the hyundai cars have a copied car designs. any way we know how you feel but just chill out none of us here have anything against korea or korean products

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Old 5th May 2005, 00:13   #23
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hyundai or not hyundai ... i love my car accent

its the unconditional love woth my car ... and i really respect that brand .. cause its given a lot to india
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Old 5th May 2005, 00:20   #24
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Post cars

i don't think anyone here is against Korea as a country, its just that the Koreans (read Hyundai) doesn't make cars that appeal to hard-core automobile enthusiasts, and as Hyundai is a well known car manufacturer from Korea - the attitude has stuck.
its similar to a lot of other Indian/European cars which do not find world-wide appeal (read Tata, Premier, Rover, Vauxhall, etc.).
don't take it personally. nobody's interested in starting world-war III here (except Big B from Amrika, i.e.)


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Hey Korea,
Like everyone here has already stated,we DO NOT hate Koreans.Infact why should we??? Agreed we do criticize Hyundai a lot,but that does'nt really mean we hate them and thier people.Every damn manufacturer receives its share of bashing and not only Hyundai.On the contrary,we also criticize our own Indian car manufacturer "Tata",but that does'nt make us anti-indians.......does it??
So just relax and calm down,rather than arguing over this issue.
And if you still feel offended about what has happened,"We're Sorry".

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Originally Posted by GTO
To keep it short : I L-O-V-E Hyundai. Albeit its more the company than their cars....

I DOUBLE that. Same goes for TATA, hate their cars but love the company.

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Old 5th May 2005, 01:57   #27
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Welcome Korea!
I am one of those who criticize Hyundai cars. And, I have always had a point to prove. I love going to auto shows and I also accompany friends for test drives. I have compared Hyundai's to other competitors, and I have always walked away with a low opinion about Hyundai.

That does not make me anti korean, the very fact that I considered a Hyundai as a prospective car proves the opposite. Apart from cars, no company will be admired right away in a new country, they need to get involved in the communities, and not just hoard profits. Look at the community development projects undertaken by European and American companies, they invest a lot in building a image, it does not come for free. That said, no company is disliked to begin with, unless they pull out a Gas leak like the Union Carbide.

And, yes I do have Korean friends. BTW, they dislike Hyundai as well. The point is that people will always prefer one product over the other, and people need not be offended by that. There may not be an Indian car that can beat Hyundai, but Indians do have other options, that they may like better. You need to chill out a little.
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Old 5th May 2005, 02:28   #28
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Dear Korea

We are a bunch of auto-enthusiasts and car consumers as well at Team-BHP. As car consumers, we look to get a bit more than A to B transportation. We look at getting there with some excitement. Unfortunately, most cars that Hyundai sell in India are unexciting from this point of view. But then again, not everyone wants cars that are exciting to drive. That probably forms no more than 2% of our car-driving population.

The 98% still might give Hyundai a consideration and nearly 1,50,000 of them each year do consider a Hyundai as their choice of car. The Hyundai Atoz/Santro has been the best selling car in its segment, on and off for the last few years. Ditto with the Hyundai Accent. We Indians don't consider Korean products to be crappy, rather as ones which offer terrific value. Most members here have atleast one major electronic good or car that is manufactured by a Korean co.

Personally, Hyundai as a company is something i'd like to teach at an MBA school out here and teach them how to get a strategy right in country like ours, when guys like Ford can't. Come down, share a drink and some grub with us. Maybe spending a bit of time with people like yourself might help dispel some wrong notions (if any) that we have about your country.

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Old 5th May 2005, 11:50   #29
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Hi Korea,

I have had highest regard to Hyundai for the way they have come up in India. They created a brand name virtually out of nowhere. When they came to India, Indians confused Hyundai with Honda on quite a few occasions. It goes to Hyundai's credit that they carved out a niche for themselves amongst Indian buyers with the simple formula that they make cars for average Joes. There is no doubt that Hyundai is doing well in India. But do I have a Hyundai car? No. Will I buy any of their present cars? A big NO. Because they are not my type of cars. I looked for different attributes in a car and none of the Hyundai cars had them. I want style, appeal, great handling and practicality in my car. None of the Hyundai cars had that at the time of my buying one.

Regarding other Korean companies, I have Samsung Television at my home since the past three years and I haven't spent a single rupee on repairs. I am happy.

It just is a different point of view. We don't hate Koreans or Korea. Some of us just dont like some brands, be it Indian or Korean or anything else; that't it.

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1: We are car enthusiasts - Tiburon apart, Hyundais do not turn us on

2: Hyundai's advertising strategy is pretty deceptive also their enginer power ratings

3: Samsung is a pretty good brand.

4: Make a pace setting car and we'll get into a line
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