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Hey Korea.
We do respect Korea and its companies.
I was a big fan of Daewoo Automobiles for making cars like the matiz and for giving the Nexia interiors that were a notch higher then its rivals.
Infact we have owned a nexia and cielo and loved it.
While i am a bit against Hyundai it is because though they are giving us the latest technology, they compromise on an area for cost cutting purposes ( Accent CRDi - safety. They should have compromised on another department) and are misleading too.
But as a company, Hyundai India is there on the top and i have reccomended many of their cars to my family and friends.
In 6 years, they have become the second largest manufacturer of cars in India for providing the general folk what they want in an automobile.
And please do not feel that we have singled out Korea only.
When we see a car, we do not pay heed to the badge but just speak out our views on the car.
For eg - The ikon has tacky interiors, Maruti products are old and outdated.
Also when reccomending a car, we look at what the person wants and reccomend something he will like.
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Originally Posted by korea
What the hell do you mean by Hyudai looks awfully "Korean"and "crappy Korean technology"? what kind of insult is that?
Hi Korea,

I myself remember being rather dissapointed with some of the comments on hyundai cars being projected onto Korea as a whole, as well as their technology/quality.

However, let me just say that by reading a few comments like those you have quoted and then projecting that image onto all Indians you are doing the exact same thing.

I think its clear that Hyundai is repsected and so is Korea (and Koreans) by a huge majority on this board. If there are any other disrespectful views you come across, just disregard them as being from people who have no clue what they are talking about.

Enjoy Team-BHP,
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Koreans love sedans. Not sportscars. That is why they don't care for sportscars.
Who says a sedan can't be sporty? The Lancer Evo, the Subaru Imprezza are all proper family sedans and yet, they can shame a 500bhp supercar on the track.

If a company knows how to make a sporty car, they'll make it......no matter what.

And there's nobody here who hates Korea!! I would buy the Comet over any Jap bike sold in India. We have Korean home appliances which have been pretty reliable.

But, a car is not a white good. I expect it to give me something more than just tranporting me from point A to point B. This is where the Japs and Europeans make the diff.

Don't think that we dislike Hyundai bcoz of it's nationality. You can search the whole forum but, you won't come across a single post of mine where i've gone gaga over TATA cars. I don't like them bcoz they can't give me what i need. Nationality has nothing to do with it.

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Old 7th May 2005, 03:47   #34
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Hey Korea... I know quite a few people have said this before, but what the heck??!! Welcome to TBHP...

basically, again, as someone said, we're all petrolheads, and wnt something that'll thrill us. Even if its not speed, then some gadgetry or qnique devices, or levels of comfort and passenger friendlyness or anything along those lines is what we look for. Somehow, Hyundai has not managed to get any of th items into their cars - at least not to a respectable level yet. Barring the Tiburon, there are no quick cars tey make. The Indian Sonata is a cut-and-paste job, with Merc C headlamps, Jag rear lamps, panels and door knobs from BMW, and a zero-performance engine. The Santro is a tall box on wheels. The Accent is over-hyped and under-powered. I cannot say anything bout the off-roaders cause I havvent driven them yet, but I don't think that I will.
Over all, the companys image to non SRK fans ( ) has been quite sloppy. We have absolutely nothing against the country of the make (as Shan2nu has stated), just the make itself. It just happens to be not the best technology, that just happened to come from Korea.
Whatever the goals of Hyundai for this country, they seem to be trying to make themselves make ends meet by any means possible. I mean, who on earth advertises - I repeat, ADVERTISES - a FIFTH seatbelt?! Who says that SRK drives t, so you must drive it too (not that its not working or that its a bad strategy, but I have seen much better, by Hyundai themselves..)..

Peace everyone. I mean not to hurt anyones feelings or anything like that.... just my 2c...
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Old 9th May 2005, 12:05   #35
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Over all, the companys image to non SRK fans ( ) has been quite sloppy.
Hey Aveek, What will SRK tranlate to in Korean? Looks like you are believing what I was doubting about Korea
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Well Mr. Korea the message is Loud and Clear. We DO NOT hate Korea or its People. Infact, i consider Koreans very intelligent and hardworking people.
But Please do not try to Defend whatever HYUNDAI does. If you are defending your country, its all right.. but reading your posts, your intentions just seem to defend Hyundai !.. So please i request you, i personally hate Hyundai for whatever it does (and hence you might hate me to)... but i have always had and will forever have deep respect for the Intelligence and hardworking nature of Korean people and whatever they have achieved. period.
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