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View Poll Results: SEAT BELTS
Not very specific about wearing seat belts (including me) 7 4.64%
I definitely wear it. But will not insists others 24 15.89%
Will make sure both driver and passenger in front have to buckle. Will not insist on rear passenger 93 61.59%
I will make sure all the passengers have belted up 27 17.88%
Voters: 151. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 5th March 2009, 11:14   #1
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Default How about wearing seatbelts?

I myself have come across two incidents, where life has been lost in car accidents, due to not following the basic safety measure of wearing seatbelt.

No need to talk about the threads that was discussed in our "Street experiences" section

If I found my co-passenger not giving importance to seatbelt, first thing I ask my co-passenger is to wear the seatbelt. There are instances, where I gave up, due to co-passenger not willing to budge, even inspite of constant pestering.

In one of the recent threads (March 5, 09) being discussed in a different section, importance of wearing seat belt even for the rear passengers is clearly noticed.

But when my car went for a seat make up with an art leather, the buckle was covered inside, making it impossible to use the rear seat belt. Its high time, I visit GP road to get the necessary provision.

I really doubt whether the rear passengers would budge for wearing seatbelts (esp when there is 3 occupants).

Anyone here done that? What have you done to get them the seat belt hooked?
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Old 5th March 2009, 11:25   #2
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There is no chance that me and the front passenger would sit without belting up. I know I should, but I have not yet insisted on the rear seat passengers to buckle up.

Why ? Coz I know I will face a lot of resistance when I ask them to.
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Old 5th March 2009, 11:31   #3
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I somehow make sure that the driver and passenger in the front seat to wear seat belt. But implementing on the rear seat passengers is bit difficult due to their resistance. Also, the seating position with seat belts are not that comfortable compared to the rear and front seats!
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Old 5th March 2009, 11:31   #4
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While I have had battles for enforcing #4, convincing everyone is tough. Its something like smoking I guess - unless deep down inside you're scared of the consequences, its a tough habit to change.
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Old 5th March 2009, 11:34   #5
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Surprise, it will really going to be surprise if we hear that rear passengers would have belted up while driving
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Old 5th March 2009, 11:34   #6
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Whenever on a Highway trip I make it sure that all wear seat-belts. No excuses at all. My friends used to make hue and cry initially but now I don't even have to tell them ;-). I'm normally very strict about it and if someone doesn't want to wear it then I just tell them they are making other's life in danger because of their negligence. After that all fall in place.
On a city short drive I don't insist much as basically I won't drive fast in the city (I do drive fast sometime in the city when I'm the only one in the car, specially at night).

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Old 5th March 2009, 11:35   #7
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I always make it a point that both front passengers are buckled up. Also I against kids sitting on lap with the front passenger.
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Old 5th March 2009, 11:35   #8
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I would wear a seat belt on the highways & advise fellow co passengers(front or rear) to also do so. If they do not heed to my advice, its their choice!
Wearing seat belt saved my life once, when I was doing ~170Kmph on my OHC & went straight into a tractor laden with bricks.
Yesterday one of our car got challened as the driver wasn't wearing seat belt.
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Old 5th March 2009, 11:35   #9
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I always make sure that the front co-passenger buckles up. I only insist on the rear passengers to buckle up when we plan a highway trip. Although now (after seeing a lot of accident posts) i think it's a good idea to buckle up even on regular roads especially during non-peak traffic hours.
Let me try and see the resistance i face.
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Old 5th March 2009, 11:39   #10
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Its not just about the safety of the rear passengers.

In case of an accident at highway speeds, inertia will have them flying into the front seats like a rocket.
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Old 5th March 2009, 11:48   #11
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Its even more important for guys who have this habit of going off to sleep at the rear seats.

When I am driving on highway I always have this clause for back benchers, either you wear your seat belts or else you wont be allowed to take a nap
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Old 5th March 2009, 12:07   #12
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In front or back seat, I do wear seatbelts. Usually I am in drivers seat. But if the person behind me does not wear it, I dont sit in front seat. I dont insist to others now.
I asked my mom and she screamed at me for 175 kms long journey. She told me she has raised me and I need not tell he what to do.

I never insist it to anybody.

I have seen 5 year old kid standing in front seat in Swift. When that person stopped, I told him its not good for safety. I was almost beaten up by mob.
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Old 5th March 2009, 12:11   #13
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To "educate" my kids, I do this once in a while, accelerate on an empty stretch of road upto 30 or so, and tap the brakes a little hard. the inevitable cribs are responded to with a lightweight told-ya sermon
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Old 5th March 2009, 12:14   #14
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both my cars dont have airbags. and after 4 major crashes. all of them resulting in car being wrecked and me still safe only due to seat belts! so yes i follow the seat belt thing so does my mom and dad and friends and relatives based on my real life simulation on the advantage of seat belts
i am not particular about rear passengers but yes one lane change at 140+kmph in highways and i can see in my central rear view mirror. all the occupants frantically searching for seat belts and putting them on

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Old 5th March 2009, 12:23   #15
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Seat belts are mandatory for Both Driver and Co Driver in my car in City. But on highway I strictly put seat belt on back benchers also. My mom doesn't have the habit and she used to shout at me but then safety is first priority. I don't have ABS or air bags but in case of panic braking seat belts are must.
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