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Default Re: The Hindi Movies Thread

Saw PK and it was very nice. Aamir was immense! I had a little tough time following some dialogues though.

Anushka looks a little weird and MSIL has plugged their cars for all the scenes.
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Default Re: The Hindi Movies Thread


One of the best movies of 2014. It is absolutely hilarious and carries a strong message about our blind faith in religion and superstitions. The plot is somewhat similar to Oh My God!

I do not want to reveal much since I want everyone to go and watch this. I will not mind watching this again, just for the comic sequences and brilliant dialogues.

Performance of Amir Khan is worth an applaud, but now that is expected from him. Anushka acts well but her lip surgery looks awkward! Roles of Sushanth Singh Rajput and Sanjay Dutt are minuscule. Boman Irani and Saurabh Shukla did an amazing job in their short but important roles.

What I did not like: Some emotional scenes felt like it was added on purpose since it had no place in this film, except increasing the run time.

Overall rating: 4/5

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Default Re: The Hindi Movies Thread


Did an advanced booking on Wednesday itself and saw the movie in an obviously packed theater. Mixed feelings really. The first half is brilliant but the movie falters quite badly in the second half IMO. Looked like the writers ran out of script and the movie dragged on. The 'twist' on which the climax is based was very predictable(guessed it then and there when it happened ). There's a film already made on the central premise of P.K. that had a much better treatment of the subject IMO. Maybe we have very high expectations from the genius but definitely not Rajkumar Hirani's best film. Deserves a watch for the message and the introspection the director wants us to do. Still miles ahead of the 'blockbuster' crap that the industry has put out in the last few months.

Socially relevant but silly, funny but flawed and well intended but half baked is how I'd sum it up.

Overall rating: (3.5/5)
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Default Re: The Hindi Movies Thread


Saw it yesterday. A very nice movie with a socially relevant message. Challenges our beliefs in Religion and rituals. I loved it.

Definitely a one time watch. Not Aamir's best or Raju Hirani's best work but still very good movie.

I would rate it 4 out of 5.
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Default Re: The Hindi Movies Thread

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Please read our rules before proceeding any further. We request you to post ONLY when you have something substantial to add to a discussion.

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Default Re: The Hindi Movies Thread

PK : I donot watch bollywood movies and was'nt going to watch this one also, but one of my friend dragged me to theater this time. I did'nt like the idea of dragging one religion throughout the movie. Though the way they conveyed the core thought was creative yet disturbing for a person like me. But, it was a hard topic to make a film on and they did well before interval. For me if end is well then all iz well. But, the end was very predictable and general. 3/5

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After watching PK, I am convinced that any mainstream bollywood movie is incomplete without a 'love & romance angle'. The plot was there, movie was rolling just fine without it. In the end it was a disaster. In fact, alien from other planet was more realistic & believable than the ending plot. Still, the movie was much better than run-of-the-mills movies that the industry seems to be churning out happily these days. Completely agree with deoelect's review. However, OMG sent out the message more strongly and if compared, was a better of the two.
Also, as read on faking news, some food for thought is that why all the 'good' aliens like Jadoo & PK visit India and all the aliens who visit the US are hell bent on destroying it?

My rating for the movie is 3.5/5


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Default Re: The Hindi Movies Thread

It is indeed a nice movie but some people may have their own reasons. Last heard, it has offended some Sikhs due to negative portrayal of their community.A Sikh man is shown begging for money has not gone down too well with the community.

Although it is all about Freedom of Expression an right to practice religion of their choice, the film-makers in his bid has rubbed some communities the wrong way.

PK would've been much more excellent had it not ben for Oh My God(OMG-2012). The inspiration seems to be drawn clearly. Although the Filmmakers blatantly deny it.
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Default Re: The Hindi Movies Thread

Saw PK yesterday and all the hoo-ha about the movie is well deserved. I felt the length could have been shortened by 30 mins as the 2nd half of the movie was slow at certain points. The comparison with OMG cannot be helped as both deal with the same subject but I guess PK's long incubation since (2012) makes OMG seemed a fresh concept.

Aamir Khan is too good with his acting, certainly looks the part.
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PK ****

In the middle of constant s*** thrown at us from the biggest film industry in the world, films like PK are much much deserved break.

I had felt terrible with Aamir's choice of Dhoom-3, but thank God it was a momentary abberation. Aamir is one of the most bankable stars we have had IMO. And by "bankable", i dont mean the bank accounts of the producers and the rest. He and Rajkumar Hirani together bring the crowd to the theatres in hoards for the right reason, the story and the messages in their movies.

Ofcourse, PK is not as outstanding as 3 Idiots and the 2 Munnabhais, but a zillion times better than 99.9% movies made in 2014.

Everyone has already talked about the story and all. The only thing that was NOT needed in this movie was the songs. Songs really dont fit well in the storyline.

First time in her career, Anushka Sharma is not only bearable but done a good job.

Go for it friends.
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Very nice, but not upto the standards Aamir Khan was setting around the time of RDB.
If you've waited this long, wait a bit more and watch it on the telly.
In parts, it doesn't get boring, but does become a little slow, and there's nothing in it to justify a theatre experience.
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Default Re: The Hindi Movies Thread

I found few scenes in PK quite similar to Munnabhai, e.g. melodramatic scenes on phones (or on FM as in Munnabhai) and few from 3 Idiots.
So it can be said that everyone has developed a franchisee formula and keeps on milking it to the maximum extent possible.
But with what happened with Madhur Bhandarkar's 'Heroine', producers should be beware that audience can get bored after sometime.
Its a one time watch movie, nonetheless.
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Any 'must watch' movie list(new/old, hindi/english alike)?

Will have a few days of holidays next week so want to make best use of it

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Default Re: The Hindi Movies Thread

UGLY: Watched Ugly last night. Very nice movie. After a long time I came across an interesting suspense bollywood movie where the plot was not disclosed almost till the end. Best part of the movie according to me was the casting with every character coming out as real. And I absolutely love the style of Ronit Roy's acting even if it gets a little repetitive in every movie.

Rating: 4/5.
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Default Re: The Hindi Movies Thread

Watched Happy Ending last night and I regret it. Through the entire movie I was having a feeling of deja vu. Saif A. Khan, Kalki and Ranveer Shorey should be awarded PhD in the roles they have been portraying all these years; that of a commitment-phobic lover, irritating girlfriend and the lead character's partner in crime respectively. The movie feels like a mash-up of Love aajkal, salam namaste, cocktail, hum tum and don't really remember how many more. Even after such a mash up, the movie lacks a single high point.

Absolutely something to avoid like plague. My rating 0.5/5
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