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Old 7th December 2009, 13:35   #541
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Paa : 1.5/5!
What a boring fare. The movie seems to be a promotion of Abhishek bachan. Maybe he wants to enter politics or something?
Hardly any focus on the main subject (Auro i.e Amitabh).
In the end the movie drags on and on, and there are useless subplots which do nothing for the storyline.
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Old 7th December 2009, 13:49   #542
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Yep. Rocket Singh, Avatar and 3 Idiots are confirmed in my list !
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Old 12th December 2009, 15:10   #543
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No action in this thread for a long time now.

Any reviews for Rocket Singh? The plot about a salesman of assembled PCs sounds interesting.
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Old 14th December 2009, 10:29   #544
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Watched Rocket Singh last evening. It's a nice time-pass movie.
Definitely worth a watch. The movie is about how Harpreet Singh and his comrades tackle the hurdles they encounter without succumbing to dishonesty and other inappropriate means.

Good selection of characters, typical of what you would find in the ITES industry. Hardworking trainee, frustrated colleagues, a very demanding manager and a totally inhuman boss.

*Ranbir Kapoor as HP / Harpreet Singh - The trainee salesman. This guy can tackle any role with ease. He is definitely going places.

*Gauhar Khan as Koena - Provides oomph to the scenes but is better than her sister when it comes to acting.

*Mukhesh Bhatt as Chotelal Mishra - A nice comical character played to perfection.

*Raghav Lawerence as Giri - Another pivotal character who is the source of some comedy.

*Naveen Kaushik as Nitin - A stern manager who is loved by the boss but hated by colleagues. Part well played by Raghav.

*Shanthnoo Bhagyaraj as Puri - The boss who everone loves to hate. And for a reason too. This guy brings so much hatered to the character that you actually hope something bad happens to him.

*Shazahn Padamsee as Sherena - Looks very cute but is only eye-candy.

*Prem Chopra as HP's Grandfather - The typical grandfather, always praying for his grandson's goodwill.

This is one YRF film which doesn't focus on romance and instead relies on the story to take it forward.

The first half is where the plot builds up but the second half is more like a "Moral Science" class. The ending could have been made better instead of just the preaching and "Pocket mein Rocket" scene.

I would rate it at 2.5 / 5.

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Old 14th December 2009, 12:06   #545
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Originally Posted by wheeler View Post
I would rate it at 2.5 / 5.
Watched this yesterday .. Just one line
"Nothing special about this movie"

It stretches a lot which makes things boring and on top of that few very unrealistic situations like starting own business by using the phone number of the company in which these guys work ... At times I felt the movie is just not going forward .....

But acting wise no complaints from any of the actors ...

For me the Rocket just did not launch .....

My rating 2/5.
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Old 14th December 2009, 20:32   #546
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My rating for

Rocket Singh Sales Man of the Year

Is same as others 2.5

The movie is quite different from what the promos show. The movie is very slow & could have been made more interesting by make it short by half an hour.

Very good casting. All the actors have acted very well & the new actor who played the smart Sales man boss was simply brilliant.
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Old 16th December 2009, 14:00   #547
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Rocket Singh
Kind of a disappointment
went with lot of expectations of it being a lil bit more hilarious
Ranbir singh handled his role quite well
A bit slow towards the end
now waiting for Avatar
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Old 16th December 2009, 16:02   #548
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my rating for Rocket singh - 3

a bit higher than others?

yes, because i was frankly fed up of movies trying to potray sikhs as loudspeakers.

cherished to see a sikh portrayed as a normal human being.

although the movie stretches a bit in the first half and i have not seen an office that is so over the top.
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Old 21st December 2009, 12:36   #549
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Saw Wake Up Sid yesterday. (I know I'm late)

I really liked the movie, it felt refreshing and different. Ranbir's acting was good too, but at some points it felt like the movie was dragging.

Regardless, overall I liked the movie a lot.

My rating: 3.8/5
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Old 24th December 2009, 11:16   #550
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Rocket singh was a nice movie. Decent fare good acting. Good story about the good fight over evil.
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Old 24th December 2009, 11:23   #551
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3 Idiots

Best Director+Best Actor+ Pretty Actress+ Good Supporting Role actor = Tremondous mix = Good movie

This movie was a whole directors movie with the actors just communicating his ideas on screen. Chetan bhagats book was used to be based upon and loosely few parts were used in the movie but overall a different story line was awesome with good morals and stories to tell

This had Hiranis signature all over it. Crisp editing and nice pace. Expected it to be like 5. someone but wholly exceeded the book

Bomman was awesome as i initially hated him.
Sharman did a nice role and his familys sad tale was comically put towards you.
Kareena looked lovely in a pink Ghagra choli. If it wasnt for saif maybe i could have tried. Lol
R Madhavan had not much of a role in it i felt.
Aamir was good but i felt he was playin Darsheel safary Sr role in this movie or being himself from TZP.

Mona singh was at her bubbly best. She was nice addition in this.

Overall go watch this movie. AFter a long time i felt something amazing has hit the screens
4/5 The extre 1 is entirely for Hirani for pulling this off. I will watch all your movies
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Old 25th December 2009, 02:23   #552
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just came back from watching the premier show of 3 idiots.its a fultu time pass movie.well made with crisp direction and will keep u involved the whole time.
the first half shows the college life in engineering and has a lot of fun moments which all who have went to professional college can relate and all can enjoy. the second half is also fast paced .
everybody had acted well .this is then only movie that i have watched this year which kept me involved the whole time.
all u ppl living in north will be able to find some glaring mistakes.
like while going to shimla they show the road along the river which actually is the road to manali ,. and amir khan making a call along the bank of pangong .where there is no network.
otherwise ALL IS WELL
my rating 4/5 . go watch a feel good movie
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Old 25th December 2009, 11:46   #553
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watched 3 idiots last night (premier)..

contrary to my perception of being a kiddish, dumb-cartoonish types..it turned out to be an EXCELLENT, well-directed movie.. except the "delivery" scene towards the end!

kudos.. 4.5 / 5
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Old 25th December 2009, 15:50   #554
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Just came back from the 1st Day 1st Show of 3 Idiots ( because of bandh Yesterday here in Hyd). Awesome movie would rate it 4/5 without any doubt and would agree to the most of what is written about the movie in earlier posts.

OT: The XC70 in the movie had developed problems in Ladakh and one of our TBHPian had seen it being towed by the Army Tow Truck. Pics are in one of the Ladakh travelogue thread.
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Can easily rate 3I as a good carry-forward from Gandhigiri to Gen-Nxt educational values & thereof.

Aamir stands out -as he does in most cases.

From an entertainment perspective - Perfect ending to '09.

3Idiots de Avatar.

Personal Rating - 4/5
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