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Default Ayurvedic Massage Treatment for slipdisk problem


My brother is facing severe slip disk problem. He has been bedridden since last couple of months. He is taking homeo/ayurvedic treatment for the same, but the progress has been really slow.
Someone told my parents of some massage type of treatments that can help his problem.

Do any of you know any such places(for ayurvedic treatment) in bangalore or nearby places where we can show my brother or some kind of massage treatments which would give him some relief.

Would appreciate your help.

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Once you've had a prolapse (slipped disc) and are bedridden, the ayurvedic guys (at least the genuine ones) will not recommend or carry out external treatment.

You dont take homeo medicines when you have had a disc prolapse. Please visit an Ortho or a Neurosurgeon (if it has affected the limbs) - keeping the patient on homeo or internal ayurvedic medicines is not going to help.

Please take this piece of advice from a person who has been through it all, and kindly take your brother to a reputed Ortho ASAP.

Ayurvedic treatment is good for rehabilitation, but if he is bedridden I would want to get a proper diagnosis done first.

PS: Ayurveda is not just massage.
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If he is bedridden massage is something which should not be done. Get proper investigations done.There is a specialised hospital in Delhi for Spinal Cord Injuries and is supposed to be excellent.If you can, take him there.
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hi ,, i have been thru one , consult a good ortho , follow with physio activity to strengthen lower back and learn to destress / correct sitting posture and later stage can follow with massage ,i had undergone massage for 3 months after 3 months of physio activity. take care and get well soon.
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I was recently diagonised for bulged disc which is the condition before it blows into slipped disc. I used to have severe back pain along with radiating pain down my legs. I consulted a reputed surgeon in Hyd and was advised complete bed rest( never get up except for nature call) along with some mild analgesic medicines for 15 days. Once I was able to put my back straight and was able to feel better, doctor advised me to go for yoga which I am currently going through. Believe me, I am feeling lot better. Now I am completely feeling better and recovered. I was told to be cautious though and avoid bending my back accidentally.

So, my advise is to see a Ortho/Neuro and then go for ayurvedic or alternate medicine.
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My mother and father both have the problem of slipped discs.

Please NO MASSAGES.please.

My mother got it done and it worsen't the condition.Its not supposed to be touched at all.

We took my mother to Indian Spinal Injuries center in delhi.You must have a speciality hospital there in bangy too.
So please get your brother there.No medicine and nothing will help him other than phsiotherapy.
they put traction once or twice a day and it helps a lot.
Now my mother is very much fine and can do all the normal chores of the house.
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He is already consulting an ortho and undergoing physio.
I havent seen him since last 1 yr (we stay in different cities 2.3k kms apart) so not very sure about the severity of the situation.
Problem is my mother is kind of getting little impatient. So she was insisting on me finding out some massage treatment.
I was under the impression that massage will, worst case not do any good. But seems like depending upon the severity of the situation, it may actually harm him.
I would try to convince her to take my bro to Indian Spinal center delhi.

Thanks guys for advising.

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Originally Posted by amohit View Post
I would try to convince her to take my bro to Indian Spinal center delhi.

With his condition, this travel would be uncomfortable. Such facilities might be available in Bangalore it self.
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Default No Massage please!


I just want to emhasize what most people on this thread have suggested. please no massage (..in most cases it worsens the condition)

I am a physiotherapist myself specializing in orthopedic conditions and definitely physiotherapy forms the main stay for treatment of slip disc problems.

It is important to consult a physiotherapist around your area who can help you. The treatment duration of each visit and the total length of treatment (as in the number of treatment visits) required will depend upon the condition and presentation of the problem. I would recommend physiotherapy for sure.

Feel free to ask me anything in case you got any queries

Best regards!!
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DO NOT get all this done and this comes from another patient of Slipped Disc. More often than not, it'll worsen the situation further. Please go to a specialist for such treatment.

In the past my mother also got impatient with these allopathic treatments and shifted me to other doctors/medicines (till the time I didn't have enough say in the matter) and trust me the results were disastrous. And it was me who bore the brunt of it, not my Mum (no disrespect to her).
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Pls visit this link below. This is one of the best places in the world for Ayurvedic treatment which specialises in these kind of problems. My parents go there every year for treatment of Arthritis & Parkinson's and the results show.

It is not a spa or resort but a hospital.

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