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i am member since 2006.
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tried to be a member twice. my payments and their promises were not full filled. thought that it's a waste of money and left out. total loss is 25k. overall bad packaging. because you will have nothing to do other than planning your holidays.
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I've stayed twice in Club Mahindra through these lucky draw coupons, once in Munnar and second in Kollam. One time the draw was in my name, and second in my wife's name!
It was truly an amazing experience, and they don't charge a penny for the accomodation!
After that they just call once to convince you for the membership, but you can politely refuse! :-)
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Originally Posted by v&v View Post
Hi all,
Just curious to know if any clubmahindra members on board.
I am a member since 2007.
I am also a member since 2007.
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i am a member since 2008 .stayed at their varca beach resort on feb 2009 . it is a beautiful and very well kept resort . me and the family had a rocking time.
this aug went to country inn bhimtal and all the while the family was comparing it to club mahindra and saying that how it is not upto the mark of club mahindra.

later on went to check out the club mahindra property in bhimtal .the facilities were less at cm but the staff was super courteous. we entered the dining area and all the staff just stood up in attention . they kept on asking us for anything we needed . i know this is all business but it feels good to be treated nicely
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Default Cheap Tricks at Club Mahindra Holidays

Hi BHP fellow,

We all know how much do we love aur rides. If you happen to get into discussion with any individual involving anything that moves (Power assisted or Manual) we tend to discuss religiously.

If you happen to care about your ride you would not want to neglect a person making you a irresistable offer on service camp.

Today afternoon, I got a call from some Blah blah lady

Lady - Sir I am calling from Mahindra and Mahindra.

(I happen to do window shopping SUVs so I just thought, the company cares for what I asked)

Me - Ok

Lady - We have very good offers for existing car owners and we are offering those to few selected lucky owners

Me - is it. Are you from the Automotive M&M group

Lady - Yes. We have 2 schemes.

Me - Tell me

Lady - I need to know which car do you own. I need to know where you reside. Which part of city.

Me - How does that matter.

Lady - Tell me area no address required. Car just make.

Me - Gave details of car Make and area.

Lady - The scheme, first is we are offering free service at your nearest service center for a year!!!!!!!!

Me - What? Why?

Lady - As you are the selected lucky owner

Lady Again - The second scheme is "We are offering free holiday for 3 days 2 nights.

Me - Whattttt!!!!!!

Lady - For that I need to fwd your details to our company and the somebody would get in touch with you.

Me - I dont need holiday.

Lady - No sir! both are part of the offer. I need your details so that I will FWD those to our concerned company.

Me - Are you really calling from M&M OR from Club Mahindra holidays?

Lady - Ummmm

Call disconnected from other side.

Guy if you happen to get this call, do avail the free service for a year and abscond

If moderator permits, I can post this in "The Official Joke Thread"
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Old 14th September 2009, 16:28   #52
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This is not from Club Mahindra, but from the Leela group of hotels. I didn't know the times were so bad for them too.

Get a call. The gentleman on the other side goes blah blah sir, you have been customer sir, a good one at that and all the gibberish.


We have membership offer for you.

Ok tell me about it.

Took him 10 mins to explain the whole thing. I don't interrupt. Its very similiar to the Club Mahindra offer or somewhat similar, i think.


Sir we will need some details.


Credit Card Number.

What for?

For the membership.

Sorry but i haven't said i want it.

You will sir. Can i have your Credit Card number.

Slightly confused as i thought the offer was worth looking at. I don't want to give the CC number over phone. Can i pay by cheque or something?

We don't want the CVV number, sir only the CC number.

WHAT? What made you think i am even talking about the CVV number.

Sir i will transfer to my senior.

A lady. Thank you and welcome to the Leela group blah blah, we are happy to have you onboard blah blah...

Sorry but i haven't agreed yet.

Sir as i understand you are reluctant to give the CC number on phone. Rest assured you shouldn't have any problems. Can i have your Credit Cared number please now sir.

I was like, hey i didn't call you guys. You call me from a number that's not familiar. I never asked for the membership neither did i ever show any interest. You folks probably picked up my number from my visiting card dropped in your premises (as we have a lot of official meetings there) under trust that you won't divulge my details to all and sundry. And then a welcome to something i haven't agreed to. What is going on? I am sorry but i don't want any membership. Thank you.

The lady disconnects without a sorry or anything. Thought of escalating but then its f no use.

I thought the The Leela group were a better bunch of folks.
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I was once asked about that pain to fill the "Lucky draw" coupon and based on past stupidity done to me, I know always give a NON-Working phone number


i give the phone number of my friends who can talk whole day but will never visit them, these guys are too good in talks, they'll pretend that only 2 Lacs for great holiday ok Iam in, but at the moment iam off to singapore for some monthly shopping blah blah blah
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Arrow Everything on Club Mahindra Membership

I have found only thread on Club mahindra

http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/shifti...-mahindra.html (Curious case of club Mahindra)

on similar ground. Wanted to know your take on Club Mahindra Membership ! considering the fact of numerous Travelers here. So
  • Are you a member already?
  • Is it worth going ahead with it?
  • Any bad experiences while enrolling/after sales/ false promises?
  • Any happy users?
Once they approached me. Schemes were lucrative, however when i drilled down/grilled on features, pricing etc sales guy vanished saying he will ask his manager to get in touch with me. and Nothing happen

So what is "Club Mahindra Membership"? or it is just a big time crap

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couldnt you have asked this on that thread itself?
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Originally Posted by RAC View Post
Even we have been called up regularly by Mahindra for taking up the membershp. Never ever give your personal details or drop coupons whenever you are visiting exhibitions.

We even attended one session (for getting a free holiday of course). The only reason why we went was that we were promised that the holiday would be completely free. During the session, when we asked about the details of the free holiday and the costs we have to bear, out came the long list. Mouthed some abuses to them and walked away. They are the end of the day, agencies with temporary staffings, in make shift locations, selling a product - Mahindra Club Holiday

Another incident: We actually won a holiday to Coorg and decided to cash it (no sessions involved). Went and picked up the coupons from the agent office on Brigade Road (Holiday agency name not being mentioned here) and paid up the tax amount. Everything done and booking date confirmed.

On reaching Coorg, we find that the place if fully booked out and we don;t have a room inspite of a confirmed booking. After a lot of arguments, found out that the agent never ended up submitting the tax amount to the hotel and hence our booking was not confirmed.

The manager was finally able to arrange accomodation for us at a neighbouring estate. The plus point was that it was better than the previous one.

Anyway, BEWARE, this can also happen to you.

Same thing happened with me. Booked a ticket for Khurana Volvo during dewali in advance 10 days using Rebbus.in just to know 15 mins before boarding that Redbus just charged my credit card and never bothered to book seat with Khurana. And bus was packed due to diwali rush.

Got the seats anyways
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Originally Posted by greenhorn View Post
couldnt you have asked this on that thread itself?
Yes ! But there must be a happy side?. Also that thread started with -ve experience itself.

so whats your experience with them?
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Scary to hear others' bad experiences, but I had great free stays at their resorts twice, only had to pay for the food, nothing else.
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Default Marketing gimmicks

I got a call from Casa pvt ltd on castle street saying that I had won couple of free gifts because I had shopped at one of the malls here. Since I was travelling that way I gave them a visit. They congratulated us first, then asked us to move into a hall. Its full of couples talking to the agent.

So this agent says Hi and offers tea, starts explaining everything about their travel packages. First he gives the very good news, hotel charges cost only 500 per whole weekend for two people, 30% discount on food, 15% discount on air ticket, same on bus ticket etc etc. Then I ask him the (bad news) fee, its Rs30k for 3 years where you can take 7 days holiday per year (5 international).

It was a sort of shock and awe type of marketing because they would not give you atleast a day to think about it. I said NO and Im happy I didnt sign up.

Any similar experiences?
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this is a common scam - ok i guess scam is a harsh word.

this is merely a variation of the "permission marketing" approach.
Here consumer is given a "hook" to get him interested and then starts the marketing spiel.

country club does this very often.

basically I guess nothing in this life comes free, so whenever and if ever I receive a call of this kind I simply say thanks and cut off.
be wary of sharing mobile and email details casually when accosted by sales people for lucky draws etc when you go shopping in malls and supermarkets. thats one of the ways / places where these chaps get their data bases.

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