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Originally Posted by spadival View Post
I think there is a lot of confusion in your mind, no doubt caused by the media circus going on in India about the recent events.

I just have a multiple choice question for you.

Who are these racist Australians?

A.)People of Anglo-saxon origin who targeted people of Middle Eastern origin during the Cronulla riots?

B.) People of Middle Eastern origin who attacked people of Indian origin in Harris Park ?

C.) People of Indian origin who then randomly target innocent people of Middle-east/Anglo-Saxon origin in retaliation (described in above article)?

D.) All of the Above.

If your answer is D, then we have reached some understanding of the situation on the ground. But even then, "All of the above" does not cover every resident of Australia - irrespective of whether he/she is black/brown/white. So you still can't call Australia a racist country.

I can cite the numerous riots between various religious/regional forces in India and say India is a racist country. But I will not.
India is racist, but to itself.
INfact even today, when i go out for a fine dine or a 5 star or to a tourist destination, the 'gora' will be treated better than me, even though knowing the FACT that when 'goras' travel they spend less then when Indians travel.

But we do NOT attack them (Rape case are different) becuase they are 'goras'.

And let me make it simple, when i am in Australia (like you are in) and If i am attacked by a native, (he can be whoever he wants) for no rhyme or reason, just a hate attack, i would cite that as a Racial attack. And if it isa single attack, its fine, but when the attack runs in the nos of thousand, i would start citing that country as a racist country.

And let me sign off by stating that I have come to this conclusion when I read about another attack yday, And these are reported attacks everyone knows the ratio between reported and unreported incidents. I think its 1: 10 on a conservative side.
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Originally Posted by ac 427 View Post
And let me make it simple, when i am in Australia (like you are in) and If i am attacked by a native, (he can be whoever he wants) for no rhyme or reason, just a hate attack, i would cite that as a Racial attack. And if it isa single attack, its fine, but when the attack runs in the nos of thousand, i would start citing that country as a racist country.
Well, the police, the press and political leaders here have accepted that some of these attacks are racial. And they are doing something to reduce it - even before the matter was reported in the Indian media and much more after. Well, The police cannot be everywhere to stop violence, just like in India. At least, they were around during the Cronulla riots, preventing many deaths that would have followed if such a riot were to take place in India. The police did not participate or turn a blind eye during the riots, like it happened with some riots in India. Indeed, they did their best to control it and shut it down as quickly as possible with no loss of life and minimum damage to property.

If the state (Govt) and its various departments, encourages, sponsors or even condones these attacks, either openly or covertly, then I would have no hesitation in calling Australia a racist country. But I don't see any evidence in the free press to support this stance.

Me and my wife go out for a walk every evening/night when its dark. We meet few whites along the way, though most of the way it is empty (lack of population explosion rather than anything else ). Nobody beats us up or utter racial slurs. After looking at the media coverage in India, I am almost disappointed that most whites just smile and wish us a good evening!! LOL

I faced one incident of what can be remotely called racist in 2 years of stay in the UK. As I was walking down the road, a group of young people in a moving car shouted "Paki". I responded promptly with a 1 finger salute. End of story. And I lived in an area which was a couple of blocks away from the pakistanis who were agitated enough to sucide bomb a few buses and trains in London.

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I think the term we are looking for here is cultural assimilation. Cultural assimilation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Everything in this world is driven by supply and demand. The only reason countries like Australia, Canada and the US are issuing visas to immigrants is because there is a shortage of skilled manpower in these countries. And the immigrants see the prospects of growth and a better lifestyle in these countries.

So what's the trade-off here? The two parties have to meet somewhere in the middle, since their cultures are so much different. These countries were built by immigrants, mostly from Europe and Africa, and it's happening all over again, except that this time there is a new ethnic group involved.

There are a few things people in these scenarios need to think about:
  • Are you just a visitor (student/worker/tourist/entrepreneur visa) or a permanent resident or citizen of that country? - Almost everyone acts super nice towards tourists but things take a dramatic turn when they end up as your neighbours.
  • Are you aware of the shortcomings of your own culture? - Many people think that their culture and religion is supreme.
  • Are you tolerant of other peoples beliefs and way of life? - Kinda redundant here.
  • Are you flexible? - You cannot expect everything to be same as back home, so some compromises have to made.
If you've cracked these points, then there won't be any racism related incidents anywhere. Remember overall people are friendly and sociable, except for a few bad apples here and there.
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Default Suppression of facts by Times Now

I quote the report "An Indian journalist was first threatened and now attacked after she exposed a migration and education scam in Australia, of agents who dupe international students, including those from India. "

Spl: ABC reporter attacked while shooting scam-The Newshour-TIMESNOW.tv - Latest Breaking News, Big News Stories, News Videos

Nowhere have they mentioned the fact that the Indian journalist (belonging to Australian Broadcasting Corporation, not Times Now) was exposing a migration agent of Indian origin and the people who threatened/attacked the journalist, allegedly were of Indian origin.

Looks like our own people are exploiting poor Indian students and section of the Indian media is exploiting the situation and suppressing facts for their own purpose.

Edit: Link to the original ABC program -> Four Corners - 28-Jul-2009

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Intrigued by spadival's post, I dug a bit deeper into this 'racist' attack news and found this. The article speaks for itself. Quite shocking to see what some of our news channels are doing just to get viewership. How can new channels suppress facts and promote wrong ideas? I'm really disappointed in many of our news channels.

Source: The Australian
My attacker was Indian, says victim of 'racist' assault

An undercover reporter assaulted after covertly exposing migration scams says she is sickened by Indian media claims that she was targeted in a racist attack, insisting her tormentor was a fellow Indian.

As the Indian media's response to the dangers faced by Indian students and migrants to Australia reached a new level of hysteria yesterday with Kevin Rudd called a racist, the undercover reporter said Indian commentators had "no right to speak" because their own country was classist and racist.

"I'm just very, very appalled with the Indian media assuming that this was a racist attack," said the reporter, a 28-year-old long-time resident of Australia who covertly exposed migration scams for ABC TV's Four Corners.

"It was absolutely not. My attacker looked like an Indian person and I was threatened in Hindi."

The reporter, who had previously received two threatening telephone calls, was attacked in an inner-city Sydney street on Saturday afternoon when a man wearing a turban came at her with an "almighty elbow to the right shoulder".

The young woman had gone undercover for Four Corners during an investigation that aired on Monday night, exposing widespread corruption within the international student and migration sectors.

The Indian media seized on the reporter's attack and during a special half-hour edition of its popular News Hour program, entitled "Yes, It's Racism", top-rating Indian news channel Times Now claimed the assault was racially motivated.

But the reporter angrily disputed this, saying India was a far more racist country than Australia.

"I know it was not a racially motivated attack," she said. "Most sane Indian students in Sydney and Melbourne don't think these are racist-motivated attacks at all.

"Every country has a bit of racism here and there. And really, with the classist system in India, we have no right to speak. Certainly we have way more racism in our country than here in Australia."

The combative Times Now 24-hour news channel yesterday launched a bizarre attack on the Prime Minister, accusing him of "shocking" comments that "trivialised" so-called racist attacks on Indian students.

Mr Rudd told a delegation of Indian reporters, hosted by the Australian government last month following sustained coverage of a series of attacks on Indian students: "The Indian community has made a vital contribution in cinema, music and food. We have deep affection for your cuisine.

"Imagine if we didn't have Indian food, we would have had 100 years of English food -- would you subject anyone to that?"

But Arnab Goswami, the fiery host of Times Now's News Hour show, on Monday night labelled Mr Rudd's comments "shocking" and accused him of trivialising the attacks.
"Kevin Rudd goes on air to talk about how much he loves Indian curries," Goswami said during a panel debate over the role of education agents in misleading Indian students who pay thousands on dollars to study in Australia.

"That was supposed to be proof of how much they were for India -- that's absolutely shocking. That's denigrating this entire issue."

It is not the first attack on the Prime Minister. In May, Hindu nationalists burnt effigies of Mr Rudd during angry protests outside the Australian High Commission in New Delhi.

Yesterday, Goswami denied he was accusing Mr Rudd of racism, but told The Australian the Prime Minister's comments to the Indian media were "ridiculous comments to make at this serious time".

Within an hour of Goswami speaking to The Australian, a prominent link to Monday night's News Hour debate on the issue -- tagged "Take this Kevin Rudd" -- was removed from the Times Now website.

Times Now has led the at times hysterical coverage of the Indian student issue, and features a link to a series of reports on the story under the banner Racism Beyond Shame.

Commenting on the latest attack, India's Minister for Overseas Indian Affairs, Vayalar Ravi, said assaults on people of Indian origin were now "very frequent in Australia" and that the issue should be taken seriously by both governments. But he added: "I am not sure that there was a racist agenda behind the attack. Nowhere has it been reported in such a way."

The Rudd government has scheduled a series of ministerial visits for the remainder of this year, with Mr Rudd due to arrive in November and his deputy, Julia Gillard, in late September.

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Originally Posted by DriverR View Post
Within an hour of Goswami speaking to The Australian, a prominent link to Monday night's News Hour debate on the issue -- tagged "Take this Kevin Rudd" -- was removed from the Times Now website.
I can attest to this. The link I posted earlier is now pointing to a blank page on the Times Now site.

Not only do they resort to tabloid reporting in the name of NEWS, they are intent on cover up when things don't go according to plan.

Breaking news.. my foot, feel like breaking Arnab Goswami's neck .
Every time they cry wolf, they are weakening the case. So when a real racist attack takes place, nobody will be around to listen to you.
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Ok so now Times Now seems to be working just like how TOI works but ofcourse what else could have been expected.
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Hi ,

Let me know what you think about Indian Bashing in Australia , after these 2 posts, which I am sending you.

Link 1 - (Man 'sold his passport to killer driver') , if it doesnt load then copied below is the same story - ( you can check for the link / story / I havent edited anything )

Man 'sold his passport to killer driver'
19:39 AEST Tue Oct 13 2009

Killer driver Puneet - Puneet celebrated with friends in the days before he fled Australia on a false passport, a court has heard. Puneet paid fellow Indian student Sukhcharanjit Singh several thousand dollars for his passport, police allege. He used Singh's name to purchase an airline ticket and held a going away celebration where there was drinking, a court has heard. On June 12, just three hours after reporting for bail, Puneet was on a plane to New Delhi, the Melbourne Magistrates' Court has heard. Singh, who is charged with providing his passport to Puneet and has been in custody since his arrest in August, applied on Tuesday for bail. Police fear he too will flee Australia if released.Singh has no ties to Australia and his accommodation options if freed are living with a distant relative in Adelaide, or sharing a bedroom with a fellow Indian student at his Melbourne home, the court heard. Sergeant Chris Carnie from the police major collision squad said there were no guarantees Singh would not be issued with a new passport and he feared he would flee. He said a friend of Puneet's made a statement to police saying "everyone knew he was going" and that Puneet had paid someone $2,000 or $3,000 for the passport.

The court heard Singh's parents, who live in India, have offered to help find Puneet.Singh's lawyer Scott Johns told the court his client gave his passport to Puneet so Puneet could fill in paperwork for him to get a credit card. He said his client was not a criminal, but a student who hoped one day to become a permanent resident of Australia.
Puneet had pleaded guilty to culpable driving over the death of 19-year-old Gold Coast student Dean Hofstee. Puneet had a blood alcohol reading of 0.165 and was speeding at 148km/h when his car slammed into Mr Hofstee who was walking on a footpath in central Melbourne in October 2008. He initially blamed a cat that he said ran in front of him. Puneet was reporting for bail five times a week when he fled Australia.
Singh was arrested on August 20 this year, the day Puneet's pre-sentence hearing was due to be held. The court heard on Tuesday that Singh had begun working with Puneet in February doing door-to-door sales for a telecommunications company. Police say the pair called or messaged each other 55 times but contact between them ended on June 1.

On June 1, Puneet used Singh's details to purchase a return ticket to New Delhi over the telephone, it is alleged. Three days later he changed the ticket to one way, the court heard. Police say Puneet used Singh's passport to leave Australia and wrote his details on the outgoing passenger card. Singh will remain in custody until the bail hearing resumes on Thursday.

MORAL OF STORY - No matter whichever country you drive , if you kill some-one or drive under influence or overspeed, you will face the law of that country. Be It Australia , US or even India. No RACISM here whatsoever.

Link 2 - ( SBS Insight ) , Its a new video , cant copy , paste . Basically a live news show , which has Indian Students , Australian Immigration People (DIMIA), Australian Police , along with Indian High Commissioner and some Visa & Study Agents . As one of the Nepali Student says - My Study Agent told me that if i do this course I will get a good job , everything is easy , you get good job , people come in big cars to receive you at airport and you have lot of jobs. Well the reality was just opposite. 1 of the Study agent - advertised " PR Course Available ", & 1 student was fooled when he was shown picture of Melbourne CBD & was told this is your University. 22 Indian students living in a 2 bedroom house, were caught sometime back in Brisbane. Lot of students from neighboring countries of India , term themselves as Indians & give India a bad name - As they cant speak proper English , Do some Pity Crimes ( tell themselves as Indians ) , I guess thats another reason why Indians are getting in trouble in Australia. Also you guys will be surprised to see that we have TERMED Australia as an RACIST country , but the 1st Indian Student to be BEATEN in TRAIN was beaten by 4 people & yes 1 of them was of INDIAN origin . Also to clear 1thing - Australian Born people arent beating Indians, people who have taken citizenship from other countries are beating them.

Then a couple of Indians were caught in Melbourne -

1 A person use to take Au $ 25,000 & rig your IELTS score , ( yes saw it on news ) .

2 - A Indian - dressed up as an journalist - took interviews on streets of Indian students & again the interview was rigged - he had briefed students - to say against Australia / University / etc.

Logic is simple if you cant get enough attention on your own , term it as RACISM & use it as a scapegoat to hide your fault & sensationalize the issue.


[ Mods - I wasnt sure , if I could post an news video , kindly let it stay here , atleast it will clear few people doubts , that after all Australia isnt a racist country. ]

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On purpose I havent mentioned the name of the countries , whose people beat Indians , after taking Australian citizenship. Also I have on purpose used a large term - students from neighboring countries of India - so as not to mention the names of those country & again sensationalize the issue , I dont want to be part of any issue . Just giving the facts .
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Default http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/south_asia/8434559.stm

Thank you everyone

The results are out. Just the way i wanted -

> BBC News - Australia predicts drop in Indian students
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In India, we practise racism in every walk of life in the name of culture, religion, caste, gothra, language, region, pigmentation of skin, etc. In our villages, even now untouchability and apartheid are in vogue. Dalits are barred entry into temples in certain Tamil Nadu villages, Anti-sikh riots in 1984, Anti-Muslim Gujarat pogram in 2002, atrocities against Christians, the list goes on and on. The crime rate in India is much more than that of other developed countries. We do not have any moral right to accuse Australia, or for that matter any other country, of practising racism, IMO.
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i was in Australia for 6 months on a scholarship when this whole thing broke out in the news media here. The truth is (though a bit racist) Australians were really welcoming people. In the 6 month stay there i made a lot of Australian friends, went out with them and they were really really friendly. I never had any complaints, infact some came up to me and were apologetic (though they themselves hadn't done anything) about these incidents. I use to walk at 3 am on the roads to get back home and never had any trouble. The only attack i felt was the constant phone calls from friends and relatives asking if i was safe.
That being said, it's true that these incidents happen, heck foreigners get a lot of racial abuse in our country too, it's just not reported in the same way.
And like someone said earlier, i feel more discriminated against in my own country than other places.
Also a lot of Indians there don't talk to the locals, form groups and shy away from the Australians, to them this is considered rude behaviour. Also try to understand that their countries population is less than mumbai city. The influx of Indian who are willing to work for next to nothing for longer hours etc, has created a huge threat to their jobs. Imagine if you woke up tomorrow and found that white people were holding the jobs you once held and you had no work. It would be an outrage in India too (for example see MNS and Shiv Sena's slightly undemocratic fight for maharastrian jobs, they are fighting against their own countrymen)
I am not saying that any of this makes the incidents right, but only that we should not black list them
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The truth unfolds about the Indian Man being set ablaze by so called Australians.

Man 'faked attack to claim insurance' - Yahoo!7 News ( reproduced below )

An Indian man who said he was set alight by assailants near his Melbourne home last month accidentally burned himself while torching his car for an insurance claim, police allege.

Jaspreet Singh, 29, of Grice Crescent, Essendon, in the city's north, faced an out-of-sessions hearing early Wednesday before a bail justice at St Kilda Road police complex charged with making a false report to police and criminal damage with a view to gaining a financial advantage.

The case gained international headlines among a series of attacks by white Australians on Indian nationals in Melbourne.

Singh, who is in Australia on his wife's student visa, told police he was doused with petrol and set alight as he parked his car near his home early on Saturday, January 8.

Singh was taken to The Alfred hospital with burns to 15 per cent of his body, affecting his face, arms and hands.

But Detective Senior Constable Danielle O'Keefe of the arson and explosives squad told the hearing Singh suffered the burns while trying to torch his 2003 Ford Futura.

Det O'Keefe said arson chemists and hospital staff had concluded the damage to the car, Singh's clothes and his injuries were not consistent with his story.

"Police inquiries have led us to believe that Mr Singh is in some financial difficulty and that he intended to sell his car but instead stood to gain $11,000 from an insurance claim out of this particular incident," she told the hearing.

Police had obtained security footage depicting Singh buying a 15-litre opaque plastic container and 15,96 litres of petrol on the day before the attack.

The container and other evidence was found at his unit when he was arrested on Tuesday, Det O'Keefe said.

She said Singh had been very co-operative but denied all allegations.

His wife had been questioned about her knowledge of the incident, she said.

Burns were still obvious on Singh's face and neck, and he wore pressure bandages on his arms.

Through an interpreter, Singh told the hearing he and his wife planned a holiday to India, leaving on February 20 and returning in late April to visit his child and extended family.

Det O'Keefe said police did not oppose bail but noted that Mr Singh was a potential flight risk.

The bail justice, who declined to be named, granted him bail with strict conditions banning him from contacting witnesses and attending points of international departure.

He must report to police three times a week and surrender his passport.

He will appear before the Melbourne Magistrates' Court on March 15.

At the time, police Detective Acting Senior Sergeant Neil Smyth described the attack as "a bit strange" and said there was no evidence the attack was racially motivated.

Shame on this Indian Guy for burning himself & blaming racists attacks. I mean for AU $ 11,000 , he burnt his car for insurance & in process got burnt .

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Good to see that story posted, after every alleged attack the likes of External Affairs Minister SM Krishna were happy to join the bandwagon but where are these people now? Same with the news channels they are alway happy to report everything as racist but again they are not making as much noise about these idiots mentioned in the article.
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Hey Bigman ,

Looks like only you are reading this lol , I am in hurry , leaving for work , but will post 1 more news , where a Indian guy was stabbed & his body was burnt in GRIFFITH , It is learned that the Indian man was stabbed & his body burnt by fellow co-workers who happened to be from India.

( i will post link - by thursday evening )

It really pains me , to see wrong things been published against Australia , in India. I mean where are we - as Indians , as individuals , As a Parent , As a Nation , heading to ? After all these false claims by Indians , things arent going to be good in Australia for Indian community .

We think we are finishing their economy - as student arent going ? imagine what is the end result , sooner or latter Australia's economy will be back on its feet , ( I dont think its economy will be affected by some thousands students not coming ), but what about the student ? who suffers in the end ? students

As it is because of some bunch of idiots , worth mentioning is Indian Media , have destroyed lives of thousands of students , who after a lot of pain have decided not to come to study & in end their careers take a beating.

just think on the last paragraph , imagine -> a really studious student - what he goes through .

Its really a shame on some of our fellow countrymen, just because of some greed - for some $ , they wont even shy away to do anything thats illegal , thats unethical , thats not thinkable.

According to me - they should be termed as MENTALLY SICK !

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