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Mostly at home. I keep it in my wives hand bag when we go on a long drive.
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Originally Posted by navin View Post
I use a screw driver and hide this between the rear number plate and car's tinwork. This way if my key is misplaced I can get any flat object unscrew the rear number plate and retrieve the key. This way the key does not drop off if I hit a bump or two.

Since I know a thing or two about magnets I intend to retrofit a NdFeB magnet into this box. The glue that holds the magnet to the box does deteriorate with time so re-fix the magnet using with a good epoxy cement like Araldite.

For the ICEers the second link provides the more dead (least resonant) chamber. The ones I have are posted on the first link.
Wow Navin, very very innovative sir
Its actually an ingenious method of keeping the key hidden and at the same time handy for such cases.

I guess more frustrating than the issue of lost keys is the case of lost auto cop remotes with the key. The only thing to do I guess is to keep the spare remote with you.

Now where did you say the cars are parked ??
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the spare keys (with remote) to the Palio and the Getz stay in my Mom's locker.

the Padmini has 6 keys in each set (1 ignition key, 1 boot lock key, 1 fuel lid key, 1 driver's side door lock key, 1 driver's side door lock reinforce key, 1 glove box key ) - the spare key set stays in Mom's locker.

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Originally Posted by sudharma View Post
If you are an expert locksmith (or know one), you could re-arrange the pins in the locks to suit the single key. ie if the vechicles are all the same types as the key design changes with different manufacturers / models.

Another point.
A very strong magnetic case to hold the spare key used to be awailable. You could stick the case to any convenient point under the vehicle ( hidden).
Thank you very much for two good tips.
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I have been locked out more than once without keys.
once in pheonix mills with mark knoffler playing away.
a coulpe of times below my home.

so have made a spare flat key and always keep it in my wallet. safe bet rather than getting locked out in some stupid place.]

The flat keys are hardly any hassle carrying in the pocket. as big as a couple of coins of "chillar"
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Originally Posted by sammyboy View Post
Wow Navin, very very innovative sir
Its actually an ingenious method of keeping the key hidden and at the same time handy for such cases.

Now where did you say the cars are parked ??
Another idea I came up with to protect the black rubber gaskets on the top of the car and on the side windows is to cut the head of the screws and epoxy glue them to the gasktets. This way i do not break the paint and give rust a cause but a thief will assume they are screwed down and leave them alone. You can use the same technique for the side rubber door protectors.

To protect the OVRMs remove them from the housing. You will see a plastic mould on their rear. lightly apply a very thin layer of epoxy glue to the outer rim (3-4mm) of this mould (the part that hidden when the mirrors is in the pod) let the glue partly dry then sprinkle some glass dust on the glued area and carefully (with gloves) put the mirror back. Now if anyone tried to try the mirror off (most theives use their fingers) they will get tiny pin pricks. It is not harmful but uncomfortable enough to deter the thief.

Epoxy glue (araldite) in outdoor envrioment has a lifespan of 2-3 years.

You still want to know where my cars are parkerd? Dont say you were not warned!
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When driving around the town, the spare key stays at home. While going out of town, the spare key is in my trouser's pocket (not in the wallet). There are two keys in each bunch- one for the car and the other for the gear lock.

Anyway the swift gives a warning beep if you switch off the car and open the driver's side door without removing the key.
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Originally Posted by nitrous View Post
I have more than 1 one spare key to lower my risk of going keyless!
Thankfully, I don't have a CATS or DOGS key with an RFID.
I miss my old Alto which had the normal keys. I had three spare keys at that time. Regarding my current car which is iCATS protected, the spare is safe at home.
Actually when travelling out station, I never took the spare with me. Going forward, will do the same.

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I drive a Omni. The sapre key is hidden in the Rear brake light / indicator console.
I also hide a screw driver near the spare tyre just in case i need t open it up & retrive the spare key. After writing this post I think I will have to change the location.
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Default Some doubts regarding remote locking.

I keep the spare car key at home when I am within the city. I keep the spare house key with a trusted friend who lives nearby. If I happen to loose the car key, he would have access to my spare car key (kept at home) through the spare house key.

I give the spare car and house keys to a (responsible) passenger when going on a long drive out of the city.

Anyway, I have remote central locking in my car. I lock the car by pressing the remote button (the remote is the key ring) when I come out of the car, so locking the keys inside the car is out of the question.

My dad used to lock his Maruti 800 with the keys inside, when he was still new to the car. He had to be rescued by supplying the spare key or using the ruler trick. Later he learnt to lock it from the outside using the key. Also, mom keeps the spare key in her purse.

I have some doubts regarding remote central locking. These come with 2 remote controls. Now lets say that I am on a long drive outside the city and I have both the keys (and both the remotes) with me. Following are my questions:

1. If I lock the car with Remote#1 and happen to loose Remote#1 (and the Key#1), is it possible to unlock the car with Remote#2 ?

2. If I can't unlock the car with Remote#2, I can always unlock the car with the Key#2, but the Remote Central locking alarm will go off if I do so. How to stop the alarm ?

3. My remote locking (Autocop Cobra) comes with engine immobiliser. Does it mean that the engine will be immobilised if I try unlocking the car with Key#2 ? What to do in such a situation ?

4. So, what is the way out if I loose Remote#1 (which was used to lock the car), especially if I am away from the city ?

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If you are in urgency and your key is broken in to two pieces?

Last Sunday, I used my friend's car in Kochi for collecting my return ticket to Bangalore.

Being on a last minute rush, stopped car just near to the booking office in Vyttila Jn (sure, not in parking area !!) and collected the ticket. The ticket was for the bus which leaves in anther 45minutes and as I had to leave the car to my friend's house in Kaloor, I rushed to the car in rain, tried to open the lock. But unfortunately, the key broken into two pieces!!!!!!

Being a Sunday, all the buses were full and I had to reach for very important things in Bangalore next day. Lot of ideas appeared and disappeared in my mind. Finally I called up my friend who was on an outstation trip. With all the grace of God, he was returning and was near to this junction and also carried a duplicate key in his wallet !!

I just can't imaging what could have been happened, if he was not around there..

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In Swift, there is warning beep if you leave the keys in the ignition slot and open the door. Once you take the keys off the ignition slot, all the doors are opened.
So I do not find it necessary to be cautious with the key.

The only way to keep the key and lock is:
1. Take off the key from the ignition slot => This opens all the doors.
2. Now deliberately close all the door locks from the central lock.
3. Keep the keep inside the car.
4. Close the door with lock on.

I guess this scenario never happens - may be I should say rarely happens?

The spare key will be at my home inside cupboard. But I realize from the previous posts that it is really nice tip (and safe) to take the spare key on long drives. I'll keep that on mind for next trip.
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spare key in my wallet

I have a non tech ignition (old style, non icats or idogs) & I have a sparekey - like the olden days maruti key - without a plastic head which easily & conveniently fits into the wallet without much trouble.

I again had locked myself out and I could open the door with the sparekey in my wallet instead of depending on anyone else for it.
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