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Default A kid's perspective on Car designs

Look at what a kids imagination can do to a set of completely irrelevant cars.

We were scanning through pics of various cars when my younger one ( 5 yrs) and elder one ( 9 yrs)commented :

Y.Son : Papa -- the Nano , estilo and Jazz all look like brothers.
Me : no they are very very different.
Y.Son : no they look like brothers. see the Nano is the youngest one like a nursery kid, then when he starts going to Jr.KG and Sr. KG he will look like an estilo.
my elder son understands the conversation is about cars so he jumps in.
E.Son : they are from different companies duffer -- its Tata nano and maruti zen estilo -- so how can they be same?
Y.Son ( shrieks to quieten the elder one and make his point) :
Me: ( to the elder one) let him complete what he is saying. you will get your turn.
Y. Son : So when he completes Sr. KG he will go to Primary and bigger class then he will look like a Jazz.
Me : hmm interesting. So what will he look like when he becomes big like me and goes to office to work ?
Y.Son : I know that too. He will look like an Innova !!!!!!!!!!!1
E. Son: But all these cars are from different companies. Papa -- has one person made them?
Me : No son. they are made at different places. but tell you what, different people can get similar ideas right? ( i am still smiling over my younger sons inference)
Y. Son: No its possible that they just designed one car and then kept making it bigger and bigger to make the others.
E. Son : Like blowing a balloon.
Y.Son : yes exactly.
Me: i dont think thats how they would have made it.
Y. Son and E.Son: lets see all of them together. we will know for sure.

and for sure i started seeing their perspective too. Now i am not smoking anything to make such a crazy conclusion, however have a look at the 4 pics which we put next to each other and saw it for ourselves. Name:  Nano front.jpg
Views: 1408
Size:  40.7 KB

Name:  Estilo.JPG
Views: 1127
Size:  78.9 KB

Name:  Jazz front.jpg
Views: 1907
Size:  74.4 KB

Name:  Innova front.jpg
Views: 979
Size:  5.7 KB

Last edited by Technocrat : 30th July 2009 at 15:30. Reason: Not OT anymore, created a new Thread :)
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Lol! Good one - but i must agree that your younger is a good observer.
i will go with what your younger one has to say
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HA ha ha that was fantastic. Its amazing how kids can provide a fresh perspective to things. Thank you for sharing this with us Kp, really enjoyable.
p.s. I agree with your son too
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That is a good one. Thanks for sharing it.

Your younger son has given a very nice perspective. Great for a 5 year old!!
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Nice one.Yes, The younger onw is a good observer.
I feel all these cars are looking similar to him because of their cab-forward designs.

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really enjoyed the thinking power.

My kids are too young (going to complete 2 yrs.) but they easily identify tractor, truck & auto by sound. but by looking at Tata Ace & Bajaj Tempo (Minidor) they get confused as to are they truck or auto!
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They call it the way they see it. I like it.
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There's another BHPian in the making He knows cars are to be looked at and treated like human beings..
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Calling a spade a spade. Kids can do that as they are unbiased. Unlike us who are fanboys and often loose track of the bigger things. Lol , to one who doesnt understand the inside workings or the meaning of a badge this is what it must look like.

Perfect observation!
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Surprising capability for a 5 year old boy. They are always very different form girls. My 7 year old daughter doesnt even know what cars I drive, forget about other models. She also goes to sleep the moment she gets into as car and she hates its once she gets up. But she can instantly recognize between a Barbie, Rapunzel, Disney Princess and Cinderella, which unfortunately, I cant :(.
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thanks for the comments -- my sons are into cars and video games -- the elder one loves NFS and i just got NFS underground for him ; the younger one loves to play Mario kart races and Cars movie races over Gamecube.

I for one was interested in joining the auto industry ( more than a decade back) to do something revolutionary with the indian auto scene and have got stuck in an IT job instead.
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