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View Poll Results: How do you rate your car?
Very Unsatisfied 3 3.95%
Moderately Satisfied 17 22.37%
Completely Satisfied 33 43.42%
Xtremely Satisfied 23 30.26%
Voters: 76. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 4th July 2005, 02:38   #1
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Default Is your car as good as you thought it would be??

After reading the sad news about Jeremy Clarkson having to return his life long dream car (Ford GT "40"). It just makes me wonder, how many of our cars really ended up performing, the way we thought they would, before we bought them.

The choices are as follows :

1. Very Unsatisfied : Vote for this only if you're disgusted with how your car has been performing.

2. Moderately Satisfied : Vote for this if your car hasn't performed the way you would have liked it but, you still feel it's good enuf to live with.

3. Completely Satisfied : Vote for this if you feel your car has done everything you expected from it.

4. Xtremely Satisfied : Vote for this, if you've really been blown away with how your car has performed.

NOTE : Your vote shall be kept a secret. So, please don't hesitate.


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Old 4th July 2005, 02:54   #2
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Honda City Vtec : It's got to be "Xtremely Satisfied" for me. Partly bcoz i never test drove the Vtec before buying it. All my expectations were based on the City 1.5 test drive.

The car has not only proven to be a real power house, it's been very easy to maintain and is very economical to run too.

Suzuki Wagon R : I'd say that we're completely satisfied with this car. Though there isn't anything mind blowing about it, it has succeeded in meeting all our expectations.


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Old 4th July 2005, 03:27   #3
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Well i think for the 1st week or so almost everyone who gets a new car is xtremely satisfied...once the problems pop up the satisfaction drops. Well here is what i feel for each of my cars

Mercedes :- Was more than xtremly satisfied when i got it coz it was the first merc in the family and it always is an ego boost......then i got my accord a year later which made me feel that my C180 is really underpowered compared to my accord so the satisfaction level became completly satisfied....then started a few series of problems over the past 4 years or so which basically sums it all up to as Moderatly satisfied.

Honda Accord :- I already owed an accord 6 months before i got mine on my birthday but the previous one is used in my poona factory. the only reason i picked the accord again is because i was sold on it the day i drove it. The sheer power delivery and spacious interiors with ample space to fit an elephant made this car Xtremely satisfiying.

Ford Endeavour:- The first true SUV to be made in India is what made me pick this beast... killer looks...decent interiors .... 7 seats and a turbo charged engine is what attracted me the most about this car.....the only drawback would be that i feel its underpowered at times and suspension isnt upto the mark either...which mades this one notch below to Completly satisying

NHC CVT:- A value for money car imo.....got this a year back and the one thing at brings a smile to my face is the average it gives even tho its an automatic, 10kmpl ....interiors r more than what u can ask for in a car of its price....only drawbacks would be its looks and underpowered....which overall makes it completely satisfying.
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Old 4th July 2005, 05:47   #4
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Originally Posted by Shan2nu
It's got to be "Xtremely Satisfied"

The car has not only proven to be a real power house, it's been very easy to maintain and is very economical to run too.


this one car has proven to be cheaper than a meagre hatch when it comes to running costs.....excellent piece of human engineering.
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Old 4th July 2005, 06:54   #5
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it varies from car to car.

Fiat Palio - Completely satisfied. Would have been xtreamly but 2 bad times with Shaman got me mad because they gave the car back dirty twice and the driver didn't know what to do but the car is performing really well. The only problem i have faced is the left front power window switch getting stuck.
Really impressed with its strenghth and looks and safety .... (should i go on?)

Honda Accord - Xtreamly satisfied until i sat in a Mondeo but still hovering between completely and Xtreamly satisfied.
Got the car with 3K on it with a 4L discount so for less then Sonata money it was the best buy ever. It has given no problems and we knew what we were getting into. Just the Bland doorpads but the ride and space and size make up for it.

Mercedes Benz E class - completely Satisfied. The ride and Space of the car is worse then the Accord but i am quite happey with everything else cept the humid weather which caused Fungus to grow resulting in a sweat smell every time the a.c was switched on but it dissapeared.
Just the ride and Space and quality of a few stuff.

Toyota Corolla -
Extremely satisfied. When we bought it we knew what we were getting into and i got a real nice test ride. That time it fit our needs better then any other car in the same price, though some of the competition is better, they were not present that time.

Mitsubishi Lancer - Moderately Satisfied. I liked all the 5 lancers that i sat in till date but then this came along with a so-so ride (in comparision to the other 2001, 2002, 2005 lancers. Do not really know why. Any help?), crap build quality and small niggling problems.
Though it is slowly proving itself and if it continues with no hassles for another year i may consider giving it a raise to completely satisfied.

Ford Ikon 1.6 - Been through 2 personally and i was extremely satisfied and still am with the car.
They both carried out their roles perfectly and since i was too young to test ride cars, the cars performed above my expectations. Ditto with teh Siena TD60 and Nexia.
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Old 4th July 2005, 07:31   #6
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HM Contessa Classic - This car is almost 9 years old now and I can say I'm completely satisfied.
The brakes are rubbish and could have been better. Electricals have been something of a mixed bag, but then, I had been warned about this point. Ride and space are good. Fuel consumption is not great, but it's better than I had expected it to be. The body didn't rust for 8 years - an achievement considering it's a Hindustan and the location of my house. The windows, doors and locks have all worked well. I love the car's cruising ability and stability. With regular servicing, the engine's doing fine. The AC is very good too. Power steering coupled with rear wheel drive is a recipe for fun if not great handling. The sound of the engine is cool, but vibrations could have been better insulated.
A design from the 70s and an engine from the early 80s....... still going strong in the 2000s.
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Old 4th July 2005, 08:32   #7
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Thumbs up

When i purchased my Nissan bluebird 1.8L i didnt even drove it...
i saw it on a jack getting repaired...i liked it and i bought it 3 weeks later...without driving it...
but when i drove it, i was a monster when compared to other cars i have driven...real power i was happy like no other person...
i had few races in which i lost once only...
other's no question...

i will go for "Xtremely Satisfied"
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Old 4th July 2005, 09:03   #8
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Completely Satisfied with my Tata Indigo LS. All the things described by the dealers/company about the car are true.
1: Great Space Inside
2: Excellent Fuel Efficiency
3: Cheap to run
4: Precise steering
5: Not so good gear box
6: Silent diesel engine
My car actually has given me results much better than what I expected it to do.
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Old 4th July 2005, 20:06   #9
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completly satisified with the gypsy king... it definately has delivered more than what i have asked for:-) the skoda rs... well if only it would not scrape all the speed brakers on the road :-(
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Old 4th July 2005, 22:26   #10
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my mpfi 2001

the performance it gives with my mods is terrific.its simply mind blowing.
i have driven other cars .of which i was a fan of the baleno till very recently and used to always think that it woul dbe my next car whenever i upgrade.

but after driving a friends brand new e-3 baleno i was disappointed.

the 993cc engine in my zen is superb for both city as well as highway driving.it does mumbai -mangalore 1000kms in about 14 hours and also gives atleast 17kpl and that too at speeds of 120-140 wherever possible.
no other car except the OHC will give such terrific figures.

if this is how you feel in 2005 with so many more modern cars around,imagine what one must have felt in 1993 when it was launched.
infact it was the first indian car to do 150kph those days.

if only it had slightly more space in the rear and came with better suspension it would have been the best.mabbe with better footwear and legroom .....
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Old 4th July 2005, 23:15   #11
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Maruti Esteem LX - I've had this car since past 6 years,and has provided excellent performance all these years..I've been maintaining it will too..like Vitesse Service Centre Services every 5-6 months.Car gives an excellent mileage of about 12km/litre in City and 18km/litre on highways.Only downside - it's the LX base model,so,I don't have power windows,power steering or MPFI engine..it's normal 66bhp carb engine.I have fitted in Autocop DX,which makes it with central locking,and a good MP3 Pioneer system..
I would say I'm completely satisfied with it.

New Honda City CVT - Just got delivery of this car 9 days back,and it's working really well.I just love the interiors,and I also love the exteriors,unlike many who hate NHC exteriors.It's an excellent VFM car..and with excellent features.Power is 77bhp,but can take on a 90bhp+ Accent anyday..Trunk space is more than Toyota Corolla !..!..mileage of this car is 10.5km/litre..and company people told me it will increase by about 2-2.5 km/litre after 1000kms/first service..so,hopefully expecting around 12.5-13km/litre in City..which isn't bad at all considering it's an automatic !
Xtremely Satisfied with the car.

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Old 4th July 2005, 23:25   #12
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Topic Title: Is your car as good as you thought it would be??

Ans : YES

I was tempted to go for Xtremely Satisfied however nothing in life is perfect so chose the second best option
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Well, I picked completely satisfied. I stopped short of Xtremely since I am bothered by the lift problem at 130KM. Once it is fixed, I may grade it higher.
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Old 5th July 2005, 03:07   #14
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Hi Shan

Please change my vote (if you can) - I wanted to click on "completely satisfied" for my car in India (2002 Hyundai Accent GLS) but a finger-slip on the touchpad has resulted in an 'extremely satisfied'.

I shouldnt click on that because the car is not one that blows you away - either with any single attribute or as a whole. However, my first experience with Hyundai has been very very satisfying and in the last 3 years I have been converted from a moderate skeptic of Korean vehicles to a well wisher who would gladly recommend one to friends.

Reasons for my decision:

1. At this level, the car comes with extremely high levels of quality. At 50,000 kms 3 years down the line, there is not a SINGLE squeak or rattle from the vehicle and I have punished it on quite a few occasions.

2. For a small car, everything falls to hand so naturally for a person used to bigger vehicles. This is more of a shrunk big car than a stretched small car.

3. The car gives decent performance, comfort and economy levels without any one of these attributes compromising the other. And it is SMOOTH for a small car. The suspension setup is something an 'enthusiast' may hate, but for our roads it provides good insulation from adverse conditions.

4. I have not had to use the back seat !!!

All my other cars abroad, except the Ford Mondeo get the 'Completely Satisfied' vote. I have no complaints with the Merc or the Smartie. I got rid of the Terrano or else I would've had some very strong words for it...

The Ford gets 'Moderately Satisfied' for niggling troubles and for irritating rattles/sqeaks in a car that has just done 13,000-odd kms on the silky smooth roads of DXB and surrounding areas. This is even more galling when compared to the Accent in India that has been through some punishing terrain. I cant vote "Very Unsatisfied" because I'm not thoroughly disgusted with the vehicle, yet 'Moderately Satisfied' seems to be a compliment when compared to my disappointment with the vehicle.

Perhaps we need a 'Unsatisfied' between the two levels - thats where I'd put the Mondy.
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Mitsubishi Lancer(tuned)

1. Excellent ride quality.
2. Comfortable interiors.
3. Decent Fuel Efficiency of around 10kmpl in city.
4. Not too expensive to maintain.
5. Fast.....really fast.

Overall,im Xtremely Satisfied with the car.

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