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Old 28th August 2009, 18:33   #31
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Originally Posted by recshenoy View Post
Moment i saw the Subject i knew this is another Punto story
Originally Posted by pulsar56 View Post
As everyone else, I too guessed it to be the Punto but sadly, could not reply as I was reading the post in a meeting!

Waiting for the second part about the new mistress!
LOL - though I had not guessed the exact model, I knew it was a Fiat. A Fiat a RD350 and a nice 4X4 = motorists nirvana.

@ Pulsar - tut, tut. No thinking about mistresses in meetings.


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Congratulations on your new buy.Great write up brother. If you don't mind please do post some pictures of the Italian Beauty.
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I thought you were referring to the Linea(Admiration leads to betray) ;-)
But I saw one black g.punto the other day and definately it deserves the LOOK.
Actually my wife was there, when i turned around and saw it and she thought i was looking at a good looking girl.(she knows me well enough). But when i told it was a car, maybe she was pleased.
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Old 28th August 2009, 19:05   #34
Awaiting Email Confirmation
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Man your narration Rocks!!!!
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Even i am following the punto's on the road can't stop it ...applied for SBI loan if it gets sanctioned will buy the MJD Punto ,[i am stretching my budget previously thought of buying the swift after a year or so when i'll be having enough savings ,but the launch of Punto[Being a ferrari fan changed things when FIAT launched the beauty] changed everything so desperately looking over SBI as they are the only one giving cheap interest rates hope it'll be through.

I too keep getting dream about the red beauty , and have both my work and home computer wallpapers & screensavers of her. My friends have started thinking that i have gone crazy ,even they are planning to finance me if my SBI loan doesn't goes through [Just on the fun side].
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Wow!! Nice write-up mate! Had it been not in the Test drives part of Team BHP, I would have imagined something else
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The thread title was scary, and the post was more scarier!
Was releived when I saw the word 'Punto' !

Congrats for the new beauty at home!
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That was a superb start. Congrats Man. It's true, every time I see a Punto it's hard to take eyes of her (irrespective of color).

Eagerly waiting for the second part

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Actually I thought the title meant something like your wife wanted some car and you are gonna betray her and buy another car you like LOL! Man! Punto is really something! These Italians are too good at it!
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I am sure it is one of the italian beauties ( either linear or punto )
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To say it again, The Fiat's the beauty Queen of the Indian road.
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Old 29th August 2009, 00:17   #42
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Amazing write-up!

I used to keep a count of Puntos in TBHP, but i have seriously lost count now.
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Default Chapter - 2

I went upto her and gathered all my courage to ask her name, she with a smile, as if she knows that the entire world around her admires her, said Punto....Grande Punto....

I sheepishly asked her that was she available for a (test) drive, but in my mind I was ready for a straight away rejection. She too seemed interested in me and allowed me for the drive.

Everything seems to be sculpted with perfection, the door, the driver's seat, the majestically sportive steering, and everything around it.

I inserted the key and after a gentle purr she roared, she wanted me to do her fast but I was very cautious since there was traffic around, I grabbed the soft gear knob (leather hugged), pressed the clutch, put her in first, gently pressed the accelerator, and she pounced ahead, I thought of giving her some F1 dose, over-revved her in every gear and soon was touching the ton mark and past, then the fifth gear was just bliss, the MJD motor was audible as a deep throated humm.

Then was the time to test the ABS, I pulled her till 80 kmph and then floored the brake pedal, what came next was shock, the car's stability was mind-boggling, it felt like when I was once watching a show on discovery channel on one of the american army's tank, they were showcasing its stability under emergency braking on high speed. And it was not necessary for me to be in that tank, but it was visual how stable it was... I felt the same when I suddenly braked the Punto.

All throughout the drive I was constantly comparing it with my current car, Swift DDis.

Exterior - The more solidly build doors I ever saw in any car was when my dad owned the Premier Padmini and used to frequently tell me to watch my hand before closing the door, just because of the sheer weight of the door, after the test drive I even tried to press the sheet metal with my hands but to no use, and my Swift's sheet is like thick foil. even kids in my society have known to create dents with sheer push. Rest all is italian and only one word comes to my mind...Hot, if the jap is an asian kick boxer, the Punto is a beauty pageant winner who's hobby is kick boxing

Interior - Exterior was too good, interior was too bad. Let me put it this way, how would you feel if you are visiting a house with beautiful drive way and garden, italian tiled portico, but inside done up by "Gupta Furniture Shop" sofas and tables, plastic is not at all upto the mark, but thankfully the things that matter are too good to be ignored, its like diamond studs on wrought iron necklace, the leather "coated" steering and gear knob, AC controls, Music System Controls, the fuel and boot lid levers (even they are crafted in a design) are too good. The seats are very well designed.

Performance - The turbo punch was not as evident as in the Jap but was quite impressive in this Italian beauty considering that its 115 kgs heavier and more solidly built than the Swift.

Noise Isolation - Both have a different type of in-cabin noise, so I would rate them on the same page (when you are a RD350 rider,the ears are used to this "noise")

Suspension - This is where the Punto is light years ahead of Swift. The jap is like a suspension-less rickshaw as compared to Punto. I deliberately took the Punto to some of the damaged roads around my office which I frequent on my Swift. I suddenly stopped cursing the roads for a change in Punto, so this car is also for the people who want to relieve themselves from the "road-is-broken-what-my administration-is-doing" stress. Very Very good suspension

Gear Shift - Swift's gear shift is like a second world war enfield rifle bolt, Punto on the other hand is like a AK-47 cock-bolt mechanism that can be operating with just one finger, the only other car with such super smooth gear shift I ever drove was Hyundai Accent CRDI

Verdict - I love this car and will buy it as soon as I am back in north

I have some questions for you guys in my next writeup, stay tuned
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Old 31st August 2009, 10:36   #44
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Great write-up rajat.

Guess what, I am in love with this beauty too. Plan to get her by end of October if things progress as planned.

I too have a similar problem like you have. (in my case her name is Palio) but I'm never gonna leave her.
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Now its your time guys to speak up, I have done enough of talking here ,

After love at first sight and drive subsided a bit, the practical questions hit me hard, so asking the most knowledgeable auto fraternity here,

I have following questions/doubts -
  1. How reliable are Fiat Products (in India) ? - I read in a thread here at tbhp that a Fiat Punto's alternator got busted. Though this may happen to any car, just asking a honest opinion of Fiat owners here
  2. How is the A.S.S for Fiat products? (coverage, customer experience, support) - Why I am asking this is that I frequently go to the hills and highways and would expect a decently quick service in the event of a break down. I trust Fiat's customer service but doubtful when its being provided by Tata (have heard a lot of stories about Tata guys not as good as the Japs/Itals)
  3. How costly is the regular servicing and cost of ownership as compared to a Maruti Suzuki ?
  4. I will be buying an Emotion Pack with airbags, is there a minimum impact at which the airbags deploy? In case of accidental deployment is the replacement of the same covered by insurance ? What is the estimated cost of the same in case of replacement
All these questions came up in my mind because the customer service from Maruti has been awesome so far, any issue ignored by the A.S.S, one has to simply drop an email, the entire dealership would be running after you to get the issue resolved and "customer satisfied" form filled/signed.

Disclaimer - Fiat/Tata Owners please do not feel offended by my questions/comments, if I am wrong please correct me, thats what I am here for
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