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It was me, I will stop by to collect the cheque
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Withdraw the money and wait for the bank to call you incase it is a wrong transaction. Check with the PF authorities whether the money is transferred to your wife's account, Things will be clear then.
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See if they have accorded a Overdraft facility to your wife's account. They do it without confirming with the account holder. Don't withdraw the money, they will start deducting interest on it.

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Originally Posted by johnjacob View Post
Similar thing happened to me a few months back. In fact, it is a crazy coincidence - I also have a Citibank account, the amount credited was around Rs. 48K and the money came from SBI Doorvaninagar (if I remember right).
I also need to open a Citibank A/c

In both the cases, the credit happenend after they resigned from their respective jobs, so I guess it must be PF dues.
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Old 2nd September 2009, 11:59   #20
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Did it occur to you it may be tax refund money from your previous company or something like that?

Whatever maybe the case, dont think hard and enjoy the moment. Just remember dont spend the money for a couple of months since you never know they may realize their mistake and debit the money which can be a major cause of depression
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We also had bit of surprise related to PF withdrawal. I had been more than 1.5 years since my wife had closed her PF a/c and requested refund. One fine day I find near the dust bin a wierd looking letter (No envelop also). It said RPFC etc and it did say pls. find attached refund etc. For a minute I was shocked to see that and thought there must have been a check attached but now lost. To our surprise, the money was deposited into my wife's a/c and this was just an intimation.

So, you can expect such letter to what ever address they have on their system and it could as well be lost on its way as it not registered or any such thing. Most likely it must be the PF credit from RPFC.
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Originally Posted by s@tan2s@int View Post
Mysterious credit in my wife's Citibank account

Today Morning my wife happened to check her Citibank savings account and found that there are 2 different credits from State Bank Of India, Bangalore Branch amounting to Rs 48000.

My assumption is, wifey was working for an MNC in Hyderabad for 3 years, she quit the organization in 2007 Dec and applied for a complete PF withdrawal some 6 months back.
Most likely PF withdrawal money. Remember that PF contains two parts namely Provident Fund and Pension Fund. Hence two different credits.

Please check whether PF withdrawal form had mentioned Citibank account number.
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If its indeed PF transfer, then enjoy the feeling that lasted for a day. Else, the donation of God to man can take on very different forms. To ensure donation stays, please close that account ASAP.
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I doubt PF department has ECS facility as they still don't have online statement.

It too doubt it must be income tax refund from the IT department and SBI is the bank which is crediting the accounts if you have opted for ECS. Do check if your tax refund in past two three years + some interest totals to what you got. income tax site also has tax refund status which you can check.
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Chill man. Thats PF money. Had similar experience when i withdrew PF. It doesnt credit from PF office directly. Even i had such feeling when i had two credits from same account. But later learnt that it was from PF office and included amount from my previous offices
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HAd it been wrong credit, it would have been debited by now as it takes hardly a day by bank to realise their mistake. have seen it first hand couple of time with ABN AMRO

so chill buddy, it must be the PF money or you can confirm from PF Dept by citing your wife's PF number.
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99% PF credit. I had such 2 credit transactions one after other on the same day with quite good amount. I asked HDFC bank but they had no information other than the ref number.

If the company head office and/or PF account is in Banglore then you would receive this amount from any banglore bank even though your wife was posted in hydrabad. So check out if the company she left has PF account with banglore. One of my employers in pune had Banglore PF forms which we filled up in pune.
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Originally Posted by pjbiju View Post
When your wife filled for the PF amount refund, did she give details of your Citi Bank account for directly crediting the amount to that account? If not, they would not directly credit that amount to your wife's account. You could get the transaction details and call up/email SBI branch and they should be able to give you the details. You can also get those details from the PF office by going there or by filing an application under RTI which should give you all the details you require.

I have had such credits (somebody else's salary) and of course the bank debited that amount a few days later.
Yes, she did give her Citibak account details and chose the option for a direct credit to her savings account. We called the bank again today and were asked to visit the SBI main branch in Bangalore to get the check details.

The problem is..we are now in Hyderabad and am not sure if we can approach the PF office here in Hyderabad to get the details of the PF account or will the details be only available in Bangalore PF office ?
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As others have already said, it is definitely the PF amount, and as far as two transactions are concerned, it must be the PF and Pension component. So if your wife has worked for that particular organisation for less then 5 years, then she is entitled to receive the Pension amount too.

PF office directly can credit the amount to the bank in case the account details are given, which you have confirmed here.

You could check with your wife if she has got any proof in form of PF slips which a company gets once a year from the PF office. She might be able to get an idea of the amount.

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Request for a credit advice from the bank. That will clarify the matter. Avoid withdrawing the money till it is clarified.

If it is a wrong credit, the bank can simply debit your account back and if you withdraw the money in the meantime, it will be treated as OD.
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