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Originally Posted by prince_pervez View Post
Till that time you can watch the 'The Mist'. and give us a review on how it is. Usual filmy bakwaas or something else.
just finished watching - its a good movie, really shows a different side of what happens when disaster strikes - the human side.
The ending did not go down too well with me though!
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Removing my post to someone's comment as it doesn't worth replying to such personal attacks.

Originally Posted by jassi View Post
i think i will just watch the movie '2012' whenever it comes out!
I'm really waiting for that movie, the promo looks promising.

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Originally Posted by jassi View Post
The ending did not go down too well with me though!
Its based on a book by the same name - Stephen King.

The ending though well... not very happy; is thought provoking.

Remember the last time there were mass suicides when such an end of the world prophecy was announced - i think it was 2000. The movie depicts why we should not fall for all this.

The Human Spirit is to fight on. Not give up.
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Coming back to the topic. I heard/saw this sometime ago and glad I could find it again. Includes some natural calamities, interesting calculations and most importantly some dates. Some can believe others can gauge and the rest can continue to be ignorant.
Importantly, the possibility of all the hard work into getting 'modern' and 'technologically sound' and 'ahead' by the human race can be wiped out by just one asteroid. Very interesting.

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Just see this article on 2012 Science Mysteries - Solar Flares and 2012 Doomsday

Also about Kalyug and stuff, read this article... World Mysteries - John Anthony West
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Old 14th November 2009, 18:48   #66
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Just felt tremors in Mumbai a little past 6:30 pm. The whole building shook mildly for a few seconds. As the OP said, these things certainly seem to be getting more common!
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Originally Posted by Edsel Rulez! View Post
Just felt tremors in Mumbai a little past 6:30 pm. The whole building shook mildly for a few seconds. As the OP said, these things certainly seem to be getting more common!
Correct, here is some news .

Source : Earthquake in Maharashtra: Quake jolts several cities :: Samay Live

Article :

Mumbai: Severe quakes jolted several areas of Mumbai and Satara this evening, causing panic among the people.

Jolts of the quake measuring 4.75 on Richter scale were experienced in Kolhapur, Satara and Mumbai.

Epicentre of the quake was near Koyana Dam in Satara, said a met department official.

No causality has been reported so far. However, quake caused cracks in the walls of houses in the areas where jolts were felt.
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For a long time now Koyna is not in the news and I was anticipating some instability considering the number of quakes around the world. Hope it has gone by with this minor quake.
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he he.. the movie 2012 is going to be happen...
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Default Friends!!!!!! sone one please talk about preparedness measures too!!!!!!!!!

My dear friends, I was looking at various replies, it appears that most people look towards GOD when we either experience a small earthquake or hear about 2012 propaganda and similar other issues.

Strangely no one asked about how can we be prepared for an impending disaster!!!!!!!!!! It is true that we are sitting on an active seismic area. Chandigarh and most part of Uttaranchal, Himachal and J&K and our national capital region is seismically in Zone 4, which is highly vulnerable for earthquakes. In this area, earthquakes of magnitude 5.5 or more can occur. Even an earthquake occuring in Himalayas can also effect this region badly.

Let us talk a bit about Japan. It is one of the most vulnerable countries in the world for earthquakes. Very frequently earthquakes of different magnitudes occur in this country. But, do we ever hear about casualties (deaths and injuries)?????? Even if they are there, they are quite minimal. Their life comes to a standstill for 30 minutes or an hour and get back to normalcy.

The very reason is very simple - they are well prepared for earthquakes.

Already we have experienced major earthquakes in the last decade starting Gujarat Earthquake and J & K Earthquake. We have also experienced the human and economic losses. Can we afford to have one more earthquake of like that of Gujarat or J & K????

Are our past experiences still not sufficien to wake ourselves up and take some preparedness actions? Instead of talking about dooms day and end of kalyug, let us take some preparedness measures so that at least we keep our generations alive or we will again see a repeat of Gujarat.

Following are some of the reasons for lack of preparedness:

We do not follow building code and construct unsafe constructins in earthquake prone areas,
Lack of awareness on various preparedness measures,
Lack of awareness on hazard and vulnerability profile of our country,
Lack of political will to take up pro active measures,

It is difficult for the authorities to respond to an emergency of Gujarat earthquake magnitude. However, if the communities are ready by forming task forces within communities and also train themselves in first-aid, search and rescue methods, fire fighting, a lot many shall be saved before we receive any specialized response.

Incident Command Systen and coordination of emergency support agencies by district authorities, disaster management planning and identification of hazard and vulnerable areas and take appropriate measures to reduce impact of a disaster shall definitely reduce the number of casualties.

We also need to strengthen our existing communication systems and also response and rehabilitation schemes and bring in systemic changes across board.

Thanks to Disaster Management Act, 2005 that has brought in some proactive changes - courtesy Orissa Super Cyclone, Gujarat Earthquake and Tsunami.

Do we need to wait for another disaster to take place to implement these proactive measures??????

We Indians need to change our attitude and question our representatives and ourselves too.

There is a long way to go ahead, and I am sure, the way we have exploited our environment, we will have to pay for them during corrective measures in the form of earthquakes, floods, cyclones, etc.


Some facts about Gujarat Earthquake:
  • 971 school children and 31 teachers were killed.
  • 1,051 elementary school students, 95 teachers seriously injured.
  • At least 1,884 school buildings collapsed.
  • 5,950 school classrooms were destroyed.
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Are we heading towards a major seismic disaster?-eq_damage_2.jpg  

Are we heading towards a major seismic disaster?-eq_damage_6.jpg  

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Yesterday i visited at chentrapini beach and i was startled at what i saw. The beach had drawn back a lot, and there were peopl fishing. The last time i had seen something similar was when the tsunami was building up. Luckily nothing like that happened this time.
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Default Re: Are we heading towards a major seismic disaster?

Nature's fury unleashed again,and this one has been a massive one in recent times.
Just heard that earth's rotational Speed has increased by a certain amount(Forgot the exact figure),and all the GPS systems\Satellites need to be recaliberated.
I again wonder,if we are heading towards a major disaster.
Had India faced a Quake of this magnitude,it would have been a different story alltogether.
God bless us all.
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