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Old 14th November 2009, 11:52   #1
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Default What does every BUDGET hotel room need?

Hi fellow teamsters. A few friends and me may soon be getting my hands dirty by managing a centrally located budget hotel property. We seriously want to offer the best in class in terms of service and facilities with an intention that the guest leaves satisfied and returns.

We would sincerely appreciate your feedback on the little things that matter to your stay whilst on business/ holiday from a budget offering (tariff: Rs.1,500 - Rs.1,800 per night).

This forum consists of members with extensive international and national travel. I am sure you all have wished for small things/attention to details from your hotel room and the staff, that would have made a world of difference to your stay .There can't be a better forum than this to find out those needs and maybe even incorporate them if feasible. Thanks a lot in advance.

For instance: Toothbrush, a small safe, a snack bar

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foremost i would say is the cleanliness
clean sheets
clean odourless blankets
well appointed clean bathrooms
and obviously courteous staff

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See, it depends from city to city.

For Bangalore, for centrally located and for 1500-1800 per night, I would not really expect much. If you are building or renovating or furnishing the hotel from scratch, I would suggest you put in stuff like an LCD TV. A Small one will do. A 26" one or so. And let the rooms look modern. Modern bathroom fittings, a good shower with good water pressure, etc.

For 1.5k, I would expect an AC as well.

See, irrespective of the budget, you need to provide CLEAN rooms and CLEAN bathrooms. I've stayed in fancy hotels(thank you, Dad!) and some really cheap ones when I go out alone(again, Thank you Dad! for the salary I get paid!).

I dont have any expectations of the really budget hotels except a clean bed and a clean bathroom. Unfortunately, this is missing in many hotels. The bed sheets are dirty, the pillow cases are dirty and the bathrooms are dirty. I cant stand such stuff. It's ok if I dont have a TV, I dont have wi-fi or anything. But it should have a clean bathroom and a clean bed.

Another thing is most people using a budget hotel in the centre of the city would be business travellers. They will not use the room except to sleep in and get ready.

In Bangalore, if you can give Free Wi-fi, it would be awesome. It would cost you about 1000/- per month and an initial investment of a few thousand rupees in terms of routers, wireless access points, etc... but it is definitely a plus point.

This is my opinion. I havent yet travelled as much as many other members here and my experience of Bangalore hotel rates is pretty bad. So, forgive me if I seem a little too greedy!
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What I look for in a hotel:

Spotlessly clean: The sheets, towels, etc. should be freshly laundered and free from spots and stains.

The furniture should not be dirty, dusty or broken.

The bathroom should have adequate running hot water round the clock. All taps, shower etc. to be fully functional and the bathroom itself to be absolutely clean, dry and odour free.

There should be no insects or weird smells.

The premises should be quiet. (No hollering in the corridors esp. by housekeeping staff).

There should be total transparency in rates and billing.

Anything beyond this would be a bonus.

Cheers and all the best for your venture.
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Thanks guys am already glad to see 3 responses. Appreciate your feedback.

The building is a new one, hardly an year old and comes with air con as well as Flat
screen TVs as std OE specs .

We decided to take this venture up as a challenge.The original owners could not really see the potential or opportunity in this space. We believe that good service holds the key and in or quest towards it, we would want to stand out and be counted positively.

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other than what has already been mentioned, if you have a restaurant offer complimentary breakfast and/or discounts.
Although it has already been mentioned the necessity of good service and clean rooms and bathrooms cannot be overstressed.
Some basic toiletries (like toothbrush, paste, soap, shampoo) would also be necessary.
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Pranav - I am thinking of a similar venture ( BUT probably a B&B ) in Agra sometime in the near future.

My suggestion to you would be to go to Reviews of vacations, hotels, resorts, vacation and travel packages - TripAdvisor and check out first hand experiences, likes & dislikes of travellers in Bangalore.

The website is a benchmark in the Hotel Industry, with one bad comment you can plunge several places and with one good review you could gain many places and double your business.

It's helped me chalk out a plan, should help you out also

And yes, Let me know when you open the place - I want my discount when I am in town
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If these are there in a budget hotel room, your business will be good.

A very neat & clean toilet
Neat bed sheets/covers
Minibar (fridge) with beer/chocolates + some snacks (chargeable)
toothbrush + paste + shower gel/soap, neat towels
A small balcony with couple of plastic chairs
Free breakfast
Internet facility - chargeable WLAN
Coffee/tea maker in room with all provisions

Reduced tariff for long staying guests
Kitchenette - if within budget
Call charges not exorbitantly priced - inmates should be able to make calls without exhausting their daily income on a one minute call
A Good sofa & teepoy + a table & chair, power outlets, good lighting (Incandescent preferred over cheap looking fluorescent)

Easy bill pay - when you check out, bill within 2 minutes and every detail on that.
Privacy - room cleaning shouldn't interfere when inmates are in
Local map - places to see , wine & dine
TV + tv guide
Room should smell fresh
Easy availability of hot water in tub/shower

And please give me a real good discount when I am in town!!

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Your venture would need a good website which allows one to check for availability of rooms and if possible a referral from previous guests.
Its better if the website is interactive.

The other members have commented wisely on the other requirements.
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Old 14th November 2009, 13:03   #10
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For 1.5K, I expect:-

Clean rooms.

Natural light.

A/c where I can control the temperature and air flow.

Clean and spacious bathrooms.

Working flushes. ;-)

No stink from cigs and alcohol (from preious occupant).

Toothbrush and towels are not really essential (I mostly carry my own); but soap is.

A/c rooms should not require mosquito repellants, right??

Bug free beds. With good linen and foam / mattress. (not hard stone like or soft blubbery kind mattress).

Hot water at least, during reasonable-to-take-a-shower hours (4 AM to 9 AM; 5 to 11 PM).

Clean drinking water, served in clean jugs / mugs / whatever.

Edit:- 24 hour check out; rather than fixed hours.

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I expect:

Mainly - spotlessly clean everywhere. Nothing ruins the experience more than finding stains on your pillow

Bottled water provided in mini fridge. maybe some small snacks ---> should all be free

Plenty of soap, toilet paper etc.

Modern choice of furniture. The room should feel light and airy, not dense.

Sufficient number of plug sockets placed strategically. Example: If I want to use my laptop on the bed I shouldn't have to stretch the cable all over the place.

Running hot/cold water.

Ambient lighting. Instead of tubelights on the ceiling, get a bunch of smaller lights all over the place, creating a more cosy atmosphere.

No bugs.

Simple, modern, easy to use website - it should inspire confidence. To most customers this is their introduction to the hotel. Should be classy.

Some form of entertainment ie tv, wifi etc.

Finally a catchy name

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Old 14th November 2009, 15:31   #12
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I expect:

1] No frills hotel at rs 1000 per night.
2] Add on like towel, a/c, soaps should be charged if customer requires it.
3] Clean bedsheets and clean toilet must.
4] Simple to use, secure, online booking via website must.
5] Don't give any unwanted, not required extra and pass that saved cost to customer.
6] Everything should be spotless clean.
7] I expect a no frill hotel like tune hotels in Malaysia.
8] Lastly, staff service should be friendly.

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I expect:

1. No frills room.
2. Clean bedddings and toilet
3. Easy booking
4. Parking
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Thanks a lot for your feedback. Some very good suggestions in there apart from the basic need for cleanliness.
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How about WiFi running through the hotel? That should give your hotel a nice solid competitive advantage. Business customers will especially appreciate it. Could also be a good source of revenue for you.
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