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@shan2nu - your more of an simulation racer, if u like prefer GT4 to the NFS since NFS is mainly arcade..
True. But i don't mind trading simulation for some real hardcore track experience. LOL

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Default Need For Speed Most Wanted mods

There is a cult of game lovers whose all time favorite game is Need For Speed Most Wanted. Such people have created tonnes of mods which allows you to add new cars or modify existing elements like cops, cops difficulty levels and environment. You can find them all at NFSCars Need For Speed: Most Wanted Cars. Download any car and you will find instructions to install mods to your NFS Most Wanted (only PC, not Xbox or PS).

When I used to play NFS Most Wanted with mods, I had a habit of taking screenshots. I'm sharing some of them here (Mind you, what I'm sharing here is very little of what's all there in my screenshots collection)

Enjoy the screenshots and their captions (Sorry for poor quality. The game actually looks better than the pics but my laptop is not for gaming.)

Name:  Baja Bug and Monaco Airborne.jpg
Views: 3971
Size:  45.5 KB

VW Baja Bug and Dodge Monaco airborne

Name:  Baja Bug at Finish 2.jpg
Views: 3965
Size:  39.8 KB

VW Baja Bug rear

Name:  Baja Bug Drifting.jpg
Views: 5170
Size:  42.8 KB

VW Baja Bug drifting (love its chuckability and nimble handling, but too slow car)

Name:  BMW and Camaro Jumping.jpg
Views: 5288
Size:  30.5 KB

Chevrolet Camaro and BMW M3 E92 jumping

Name:  BMW M3 E92 2.jpg
Views: 4024
Size:  40.8 KB

BWM M3 E92 drifting (love its sheer acceleration)

Name:  Burnout in Riveria.jpg
Views: 3640
Size:  47.6 KB

Burnout in a Buick Riveria

Name:  Camaro SS At Finish.jpg
Views: 3762
Size:  36.4 KB

Chevrolet Camaro SS at finishline

Name:  Chevy GraveDigger.jpg
Views: 4745
Size:  33.1 KB

Who said you can drive only cars? Here's Chevrolet GraveDigger Monster Truck! I'm attempting to do a burnout here which is fail in a monster truck.

Name:  Chrysler ME Crashing While Drifting.jpg
Views: 7016
Size:  37.8 KB

Chrysler ME crashing into a container truck while attempting to drift

Name:  Corvette StingRay Airborne.jpg
Views: 3687
Size:  45.0 KB

Chevrolet Corvette Stingray airborne

Name:  Destruction in Camaro SS.jpg
Views: 6287
Size:  46.1 KB

Camaro SS destroying a cop-bait building

Name:  Drift in Audi RsQ.jpg
Views: 4649
Size:  43.8 KB

Audi RsQ concept

Name:  Drift in Birdcage.jpg
Views: 3543
Size:  42.7 KB

Maserati Birdcage concept

Name:  Drift in BMW Z4.jpg
Views: 4460
Size:  38.7 KB


Name:  Drift in Buick Riveria.jpg
Views: 3429
Size:  37.1 KB

Buick Riveria drifting

Name:  Drift in DB9 Cop.jpg
Views: 4909
Size:  40.1 KB

Attempting drift in Aston Martin DB9 cop (Yes, front bumper is broken and the hood and rear bumper is gone.)

Name:  Drift in Dodge Coronet.jpg
Views: 3764
Size:  44.6 KB

"No classics?" You ask? Here, Dodge Coronet attempting at drift

Name:  Drift in Dodge Coup.jpg
Views: 3440
Size:  38.8 KB

Dodge Coup, another classic

Name:  Drift in Enzo.jpg
Views: 6188
Size:  44.7 KB

Ferrari Enzo (the best car in NFS Most Wanted mods! It's a nirvana to drive it!)

Name:  Drift in first ever production car.jpg
Views: 8991
Size:  42.6 KB

Why? Yes! It's the Ford T model! The first ever production car!

Name:  Drift in Gallardo S.jpg
Views: 3685
Size:  46.4 KB

Lamborghini Gallardo S concept

Name:  Drift in GraveDigger.jpg
Views: 5896
Size:  45.3 KB

You must have noticed that in the pics, I've posted cars attempting to drift. Can a monster truck drift too? Yes! Well, almost yes. Chevy GraveDigger, here you go!

Name:  Drift in Mercedes Turismo.jpg
Views: 6452
Size:  49.8 KB

Wow! A monster truck can drift? Let's attempt it in a bus too! Presenting Mercedes Benz Turismo bus.

Name:  Drift in Rolls Royce Phantom.jpg
Views: 6563
Size:  52.9 KB

The elephant is watching. She's excited. She also attempts her move at drifting! The Rolls Royce Phantom!

Name:  Drift in Veyron 2.jpg
Views: 5007
Size:  37.4 KB

Enough of lame vehicles attempting at drift! Bugatti Veyron makes her move and silences all.

Name:  E92 and NSX Jumping Together.jpg
Views: 3104
Size:  35.3 KB

Who needs millions of dollars to make a movie? Just get code of NFS Most Wanted, ramp up video quality and you can make an action movie out of it!

Name:  Effect of Motion Blur 2.jpg
Views: 4859
Size:  41.7 KB

The motion blur is quite beautiful effect in NFS Most Wanted. BMW M3 E92 and old Honda Civic (the purplish streak at left) landing after a high speed jump!

Need For Speed - Most Wanted !!-ferrari-enzo-2.jpg

Presenting again, my fav car, the Ferrari Enzo!

Name:  Ferrari Enzo Breakin Thru RoadBlock.jpg
Views: 5396
Size:  50.6 KB

Ferrari Enzo breaking thru roadblock put up by the cops!

Name:  Chase by Zonda Cops.jpg
Views: 3093
Size:  34.8 KB

Cops? Did you mention cops? Let's see what cops you can have through mods. Here're Pagani Zonda cops!

Let's move to the next post which is completely devoted to Pagani Zonda Cops.
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Default Re: Need For Speed Most Wanted mods

The cops of NFS Most Wanted mods-

Name:  A Pursuit Scene 3.jpg
Views: 8216
Size:  38.4 KB

Hummer cops chasing a Lambo Gallardo. The battle tank behind is just a civilian vehicle

Name:  Dance of Cops.jpg
Views: 2976
Size:  36.6 KB

Love to see how far cops can go up in air on ramming them at 300+ kph

Name:  A Pursuit Scene.jpg
Views: 3146
Size:  53.7 KB

Even police chopper can be changed. A dark futuristic chopper flying.

Name:  Chopper At Lowest.jpg
Views: 2799
Size:  31.1 KB

To stop you, chopper can fly quite low.

Name:  Civic Crashing thru Roadblock.jpg
Views: 3213
Size:  43.3 KB

Honda Civic crashing through Hummer cop roadblock. They are quite tough to move away. Speed and angle of hitting is quite important if you want to pass through the roadblock.

Name:  Futuro Carryin Veyron Cop.jpg
Views: 3693
Size:  47.9 KB

Lambo Futuro concept carrying a Bugatti Veyron cop on its hood after crashing through a roadblock. A Pagani Zonda also chases.

Name:  GraveDigger in Pursuit 2.jpg
Views: 3250
Size:  40.8 KB

Needless to say, Chevy GraveDigger is quite fun for ploughing through cops

Name:  GraveDigger in Pursuit.jpg
Views: 2746
Size:  31.8 KB

GraveDigger running away from the Ford Mustang cops

Name:  Heli Hoverin Low.jpg
Views: 2788
Size:  36.1 KB

If land cops can't chase you, the chopper will do its best by hovering low over you and ...

Name:  Helis Attack.jpg
Views: 2690
Size:  34.3 KB

Ramming into your car!

Name:  Helis Attack 2.jpg
Views: 2685
Size:  50.5 KB

And even toppling you over!

Name:  Heli at spikes.jpg
Views: 2749
Size:  57.4 KB

Chopper can also stand at spikes and roadblocks to make sure that you can't crash through the block and pass on.

Name:  Hummer Cop.jpg
Views: 3908
Size:  39.1 KB

You can also drive cop cars. Here's a Hummer H2 cop!

Name:  Lambo Cop Somesaultin over Two Flyovers  Circled.jpg
Views: 2778
Size:  44.5 KB

Look at the trajectory of a cop car when hit at a perfect speed and angle!

Name:  Mass Destruction.jpg
Views: 2686
Size:  38.0 KB

Dunno if you can understand what's going on. In attempt to chase, chopper can create a massive havoc! It just made a huge truck turn turtle and crash through entire army of Murcielago and Hummer cops!

Name:  Monaco Jumping With BMW Politia.jpg
Views: 2919
Size:  31.2 KB

You think cops are too easy in Most Wanted? Try tougher cops mods. They will never give up on chasing you!

Name:  Swarms of Hummers.jpg
Views: 2787
Size:  60.0 KB

Swarms of Hummers making sure that you'll never escape from cops!

Name:  Totallin Sergeant Cross.jpg
Views: 5197
Size:  39.2 KB

Even if you total Sargent Cross' Corvette (which btw can be changed into a Koensegg CCX), ...

Name:  Video of Busted.jpg
Views: 5289
Size:  62.9 KB

You'll still be busted!

Name:  Busted in GraveDigger.jpg
Views: 5958
Size:  74.5 KB

Even if you were riding the GraveDigger monster truck!

So, don't attempt these stunts or mess with cops in real life
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Default Re: Need For Speed Most Wanted mods

Some more random pics before closing my post-

Name:  Two Monster Trucks.jpg
Views: 6121
Size:  52.2 KB

Two monster trucks readying to race your Ferrari Enzo!

Name:  Zonda R Airborne.jpg
Views: 3198
Size:  22.3 KB

Pagani Zonda jumping. You can see a bike in background too.

Name:  Two Ferrari Enzos.jpg
Views: 2595
Size:  22.6 KB

Two Ferrari Enzo's!

Name:  Two Bugs.jpg
Views: 2628
Size:  46.6 KB

Two cute VW Baja Bug's

Name:  The BMW vs the Batmobile.jpg
Views: 3243
Size:  44.7 KB

The Batmobile!

Name:  McLaren F1 at Finish.jpg
Views: 2818
Size:  49.7 KB

A funky green McLaren F1

Name:  Honda Civic Airborne.jpg
Views: 3348
Size:  41.6 KB

A Honda Civic airborne

Need For Speed - Most Wanted !!-lambo-diablo-drifting-rain.jpg

One of most beautiful cars ever! The Lamborghini Diablo!

Name:  Honda Civic Busted.jpg
Views: 3300
Size:  42.6 KB

Running away from cops can be quite messy

Name:  Gallardo at Finish 5.jpg
Views: 2802
Size:  38.0 KB

A badly bruised Lambo Gallardo finishes at last!

Name:  Audi R8.jpg
Views: 3906
Size:  43.5 KB

Audi R8! One of most beautiful cars!

Name:  Audi RsQ Airborne.jpg
Views: 2998
Size:  37.7 KB

Audi RsQ concept jumping. At this angle, it looks like a spaceship flying!

Name:  Carrera GT Airborne.jpg
Views: 3838
Size:  50.1 KB

Porsche Carrera GT is a stock car in NFS Most Wanted. I simply love this car for its high speed handling!

Name:  Carrera GT Airborne 2.jpg
Views: 4537
Size:  45.4 KB

Another view of Carrera GT

Name:  Carrera GT at Finish 2.jpg
Views: 2678
Size:  35.6 KB

Carrera GT crosses a finish line and rams a civilian car by mistake.

Name:  Four Flyin Lambo Cops.jpg
Views: 2533
Size:  39.0 KB

Make the cops dance! Ram through them at an angle (not in real life)

Name:  Futuro Airborne.jpg
Views: 2535
Size:  38.1 KB

Lambo Futuro concept. If a concept has been rejected or is dead. Don't be sad. You can still drive them in games!

Name:  Futuro and Cross Jumping.jpg
Views: 3005
Size:  43.8 KB

Sargent Cross attempting to stop Lambo Futuro in his Koensegg CCX

Name:  Futuro at Finish 5.jpg
Views: 2592
Size:  33.9 KB

Lambo Futuro crossing a finish line

Name:  Scenery.jpg
Views: 2493
Size:  43.7 KB

Love the scenery and the setup to make the cars jump and fly through air

Need For Speed - Most Wanted !!-rockport-city.jpg

All this happens in a fictional Rockport City.

That's all, folks!
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Default Re: Need For Speed Most Wanted mods

Originally Posted by DevilsCry View Post
There is a cult of game lovers whose all time favorite game is Need For Speed Most Wanted.
Originally Posted by nishantgandhi View Post
I'm sorry, but someone please help me see the point of having this thread?
Nishant - The opening statement of Devilscry's first post says it all.

NFS Most wanted is by far one of the better games out of the NFS Series. It has a cult following of people who've probably completed the game numerous times. The mods shared here only add more to the gameplay.

Devilscry - Thank you for Sharing.
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