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Default 21/12/2012 Doomsday (End Of World)

For those who are unaware of Doomsday,here is a short intro.
Mayan civilization was said to be the most advanced in predicting the future.
They had made a calendar which ends on 2012 (mostly said 21/dec/2010).The end of their calendar indicates towards the end of the earth or a beginning of new era.

The reasons for earth's end by different people vary.
1) Planet Nibiru is said to come & crash on earth.The term Nibiru means "Planet of the crossing", and it's cuneiform sign was often a cross, or various winged disc.
2)The famous Nostradamus,predicted that in the year 2011 there will be a global revolution that will change the face of the planet and the country with water on 3 sides will be the super power. That predicts about our country India.He also states about the conflict that will rise between the Center world and unknown underworld.
3)According to Hindu philosophy kaliyug is going to end on December 2012 and begins the golden age of krishna.According to this there will be a great change in life or life may start from beginning.According to Brahma-vaivarta Purana Lord Krishna spoke to Mother Ganga just before the beginning of Kali yuga (the age of quarrel and strife) that the earth will be completely purified.
4)Some other reasons are said to be like Nuclear WAR,alien invasion,etc.

According to nuclear physics every particle has a vibrational impulse within it. It has its shelf life and is bound to change in course of time. Taking into consideration about the present chemical state of our Earth's core and inner mantle.It is bound to show a slight change by then(2012).

Are the current calamities such as unexpected rains,lightning,floods,Global warming,temperature change indicating something ?

We all know the world will end one day. But will that end be 21/Dec/2012 ? Or will it be a new beginning ? Only time can answer.

----SCIENTIFIC EXPERTS from around the world are predicting that five years from now, all life on Earth could well come to an end. Some are saying it’ll be humans that would set it off. Others believe that a natural phenomenon will be the cause. And the religious folks are saying it’ll be God himself who would press the stop button. The following are some likely arguments as to why the world would end by the year 2012.----

Reason one: Mayan calendar

The first to predict 2012 as the end of the world were the Mayans, a bloodthirsty race that were good at two things -- building highly accurate astrological equipment out of stone and sacrificing virgins.

Thousands of years ago they managed to calculate the length of the lunar moon as 329.53020 days, only 34 seconds out. The Mayan calendar predicts that the earth will end on December 21, 2012. Given that they were pretty close to the mark with the lunar cycle, it’s likely they’ve got the end of the world right as well.

Reason two: Sun storms

Solar experts from around the world monitoring the sun have made a startling discovery. Our sun is in a bit of strife. The energy output of the sun is, like most things in nature, cyclic and it’s supposed to be in the middle of a period of relative stability. However, recent solar storms have been bombarding the earth with lot of radiation energy. It’s been knocking out power grids and destroying satellites. This activity is predicted to get worse and calculations suggest it’ll reach its deadly peak sometime in 2012.

Reason three: The atom smasher

Scientists in Europe have been building the world’s largest particle accelerator. Basically, its a 27 km tunnel designed to smash atoms together to find out what makes the universe tick. However, the mega-gadget has caused serious concern, with some scientists suggesting that it’s properly even a bad idea to turn it on in the first place. They’re predicting all manner of deadly results, including mini black holes. So when this machine is fired up for its first serious experiment in 2012, the world could be crushed into a super-dense blob the size of a basketball.

Reason four: The Bible says it

If having scientists warning us about the end of the world isn’t bad enough, religious folks are getting in on the act as well. Interpretations of the Christian Bible reveal that the date for Armageddon, the final battle between good an evil, has been set for 2012. The I Ching, also known as the Chinese Book of Changes, says the same thing, as do various sections of the Hindu teachings.

Reason five: Super volcano

Yellowstone National Park in United States is famous for its thermal springs and old faithful geyser. The reason for this is simple -- it’s sitting on top of the world’s biggest volcano and geological experts are beginning to get nervous sweats. The Yellowstone volcano has a pattern of erupting every 650,000 years or so, and we’re many years overdue for an explosion that will fill the atmosphere with ash, blocking the sun and plunging the earth into a frozen winter that could last up to 15,000 years. The pressure under the Yellowstone is building steadily, and geologists have set 2012 as a likely date for the big bang.

Reason six: The physicists

This one’s case of bog -- simple maths mathematics. Physicists at Berkely University have been crunching the numbers.
They’ve determined that the earth is well overdue for a major catastrophic event. Even worse, they’re claiming that their calculations prove that we’re all going to die, very soon. They are also saying that their prediction comes with a certainty of 99 per cent; and 2012 just happens to be the best guess as to when it occurs.

Reason seven: Earth’s magnetic field

We all know the Earth is surrounded by a magnetic field that shields us from most of the sun’s radiation. What you might not know is that the magnetic poles we call North and South have a nasty habit of swapping places every 750,000 years or so -- and right now we’re about 30,000 years overdue. Scientists have noted that the poles are drifting apart roughly 20-30 kms each year, much faster than ever before, which points to a pole-shift being right around the corner. While the pole shift is under way, the magnetic field is disrupted and will eventually disappear, sometimes for up to 100 years. The result is enough UV outdoors to crisp your skin in seconds, killing everything it touches.

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frankly the way we guys are going around killing everyone and everything and literally destroying our own environment, I wouldnt be at all surprised if poor Mother Earth decides she has had just about enough of all of us!
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According to me it would be begining of new World rather than end of world. One can see lot of warning calls about end of earth but I am sure people understand reality rather than hype (which is best tool at present to make quick money or get a brand name). Take any industry If you really analyse and study them you will know what I mean.

By 2012 end this slow poision recession will end and people start giving value to truth rather than hype! Industry will grow with decent rate rather than sudden surge. So all in turn lead to less pollution and less stress on earth.

Mayan are talented people but unfortunately we are taking their view wrongly

Also please note that big fight is around the corner to fix this recession. So such events might lead to sudden damage to earth but it would handle it very well. Those who didn't understand what I mean will know by end of 2012.



PS Take one best example of Y2K BUG how business cheated so many clients!!

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I was watching a documentary on Nostradamus (2012), and the scientists had found an ancient book written by him in which he predicted end of life.

The page they showed in the documentary had 3-eclipses drawn on the top(signifying it as year 2012 as three eclipses are going to take place in that year)

- The dark rift(sun aligns with the centre of the milky-way galaxy)
- Total lunar
- Some eclipse related to Venus

And in the same page he had drawn a person with a book in his hand(believed to be the book of life) with nothing written on its pages.(end of life?)

(whereas the previous pages showed the same picture, sans the eclipse and the 'book of life' had something written in it)

Here's a link to the video showing Nostradamus's lost book - The Lost Book of Nostradamus | Watch Free Documentary Online Video

I found it interesting as many civilizations have predicted the end/major calamity in December 2012!

( there might be some reason to it, as multiple civilizations from different times and areas cant reach a same conclusion if it was baseless to begin with!)
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Oh good lord, let me do my all india trip before this!

I completely agree with shankar, with rising temparatures and depleting resources at some point of time human species will descend to a war and that just might be it. Doesnt need mother earths intervention itself.
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2012 or not, the way we are treating the environment -
cutting down trees, huge release of co2 and co, melting down of ice glaciers in arctic and antartica, polluted water bodies and atmosphere, nuclear reactors etc - is not good news to the human race and someday this world is going to be doomed and as shown in the movies 2012, all the coastal countries are in major trouble

on the brighter side,
we don't have to pay loan EMI's from Dec 2012 onwards.
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No, the world will not end on 21-12-2012. May be it will end by 21-12-2112. .

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This is just another hoax like the Y2K theory which claimed that all computers would go bust on Jan 1st 2000. Last i checked, my desktop bought in the early 90s is still up and running.

The world has to end some day, but 2012 is too early for that to happen.

We might expereice temp changes, earth quakes or even tsunami's but not to an extent shown in the movie.

And even if its gonna happen, why bother? Theres no way out of it anyway. So enjoy your life while it lasts.

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Do they sell sports cars on EMI's?
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Originally Posted by moralfibre View Post
Do they sell sports cars on EMI's?
Go the whole hog & get yourself a Jet too.
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Go the whole hog & get yourself a Jet too.
Buy a space ship instead. It'l come handy on doomsday. hehe

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Originally Posted by Shan2nu View Post
And even if its gonna happen, why bother? Theres no way out of it anyway. So enjoy your life while it lasts.
That says it all !

Why bother with the unknown. If it will happen, it will, there is no way out (unlike stupid 2012 film). If it doesn't, cool. What we can(more than us the goverments) do though, is to take climate change very seriously because even if the world doesn't end soon, there will be huge scarcity of water and other resources if we do not act fast. Let us build a livable enviroment for our new generations.
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Seriously, are we bothering with this 2012 biing bing? Is that what we have come down to?
This is insane! everyone knows the world is going to end in 2020 not 2012!!
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Can't end yet. Jesus (peace be unto him) has yet to come back. 2012 should be the time when the One who identifies him would come and announce himself. This is purely according to religious calculations.

Apart from all that, keep the young-uns at bay, otherwise there are going to be nasty surprises round 08/2013 - 09/2013
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Just read this link on what's in store by 2012. Introduction Ask an Astrobiologist NASA Astrobiology
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