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Default In Case Of Emergency Use Your Car Key

Let this message spread to all the automobile lovers

Dear Members,

If your car is with remote locking and security alarm. You can use it for emergency alarm if you park it with in the remote sensing reach. In case if you have 2 keys keep one key in a place which can be access to all. The other one can be given to the sick person who needs attention of others in case he or she cannot physically reach the other members in odd time.

If a thief or starngers noise is heard immediately you can press the Alarm on hearing that he may run away or the neighbours might rush after few seconds of disturbance.

If the sick person keep the key with him or her she or he can press alarm if that person has breathing prooblem,Chest pain etc. So that others at home can wake and take care of that person.

It might help to save from the thieves as well as to save some lives. So all our members can reach it to all the car people who has Remote lock and security alarm at their cars.
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Well thought out sir. Just one question, if a person in a family or home is sick, wouldn't other people be attending the person?
If it is not the case, the alarm can be a real life-saver. What if the people run to the car instead of the person on hearing the alarm?
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Old 4th January 2010, 13:37   #3
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Actually there are remote alarms specifically for these purposes - more easy to use and more practical than the car alarm.
However your car remote alarm could serve in an emergency situation to draw attention when you have nothing else.
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Old 4th January 2010, 13:43   #4
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I would rather use something like this.

Name:  MiniRemoteControlDoorBell884217.jpg
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No offense, Navan but using a car alarm for this is not gonna work out.
In fact, if you unlock the car by mistake, its going to make life for thieves much easier. Most of us keep Glasses, Money, ICE etc in the car. If not the car itself, these things will be easily stolen.
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Old 4th January 2010, 13:53   #5
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There are devices for this purpose. My grandmom uses it. It is like a computer mouse with one button on it. If she has problems yelling through she can use the switch on the mouse. It generates an alarm and alerts everyone in the adjecent rooms.

Before this she got the electrician and got a regular switch connected to a bell (like a door bell ) near her bed. When she used to feel the need of calling anyone, she pressed the switch and the door bell rang. The bell had the same effect as the regular door bell except that people would rush to granny instead. Of course the bell has to be different to the regular house door bell. No branier. You don't want people running to the other end of the house in case of an emergency.
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Old 4th January 2010, 22:24   #6
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You are right cartman. It is possible people might run to the car too. Others will attend if the patient needed. In my case a BP patient and sleep in other room. In case of sudden chest pain they can use. There should be an understanding with the family members. One can check the elderly person and the other can go to car. The opening of the car depends on your locking system. Mine locks immediately once u switch off.
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Old 5th January 2010, 18:24   #7
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What if the car is not at home...
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Old 7th January 2010, 23:33   #8
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Then you use some other method, Einstein.
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Thats a well thought out idea buddy, but its not at all practical. Its better to use those equipments which are made exactly for this purpose.
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Old 29th April 2010, 12:01   #10
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One question:
How do you trigger the alarm using the remote?
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Old 30th April 2010, 10:59   #11
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^^ In Autocop / Piranha systems, you press the lock & unlock buttons at the same time.
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Old 30th April 2010, 11:21   #12
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This can be used if you have an emergency inside the car itself and want help. If you are in your flat, I doubt if the remote will reach your car and even if it does, it may not be of much help.

P.S No one actually bothers if your car alarm goes off. People keep walking by as if nothing has happened.
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Old 30th April 2010, 13:47   #13
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It is definitely a novel idea and may work primarily for those who cannot afford to buy a dedicated device for such purposes or mainly for big families who live in independant houses. So, when someone is on the first floor and gasping for breath, they can trigger the alarm and then probably people can go up to check.

But, as many have put it, it is not practical at all. This will never work in high rises, as faulty alarms are a frequent occurence, and apart from a few verbal abuses at the guards to see whose car it is, no one bothers to come out.

But, anyways, someone some where may have a use to this. So thanks for sharing it none the less
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Old 30th April 2010, 18:01   #14
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What happens if suppose a passer by or another flat owner thinks the car is being get stolen and calls the police

will it not become a law & order problem if suppose a neigbour complains of regular noise or alarm waking him it at odd hours

what happens if the car is parked in the road and gets unlocked helping someone to stole the car

will the regular use of car remote use for other purpose other than its intended use cancells the warranty or reduces its life time

will the frequent use reduce the power of the battery needing frequent replacement of the battery

Is it wise to lend a spare key to aged or ailing patient leading to absentmindedly they place it some where

What happens if the car is not within the key remotes reach, will it not be grave situatiion to the patient
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Old 28th May 2010, 14:25   #15
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what about waking the neighborhood?
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