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Default Delightful Customer Service Experiences

Please use this thread to narrate any incident on customer service that made you go wow!
I had recently been to the US on a business trip and was delighted with British Airways on the way back. I had 3 bags, 2 of which I checked in and the other being cabin luggage. I checked in the bags and went to the security terminal to complete the security checks. I had purchased some body lotions on the way to the airport and since my check in bags were locked and in the boot of the taxi, I just put it into the cabin luggage intending to move it to the check in luggage at the Dulles airport. They scanned my bag and asked about liquids. I realized that I had the lotions and asked them what to do. "You can check them in the check in luggage sir", said the security officer. I trudged back half heartedly and inquired with the hostess at the desk. Her name was Cindy. She was not very happy - but didn't show it that much. I was so annoyed at my memory that I was actually just prepared to let her keep those bottles. But she set the expectations - the luggage was most probably on the way to the airplane, let me see what I can do. She came back after 15 minutes hauling my heavy bag! She had actually gone to the trailer, identified my bag and hauled it all the way back! I was so delighted that I went back to check her name again! I sent an appreciation mail to British Airways that they acknowledged. Do let the group know about any similar experiences you may have had.
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This is nice initiative. Would love to hear from others too.

Few great experiences I would like to share.

Experience 1: Fly Emirates

I flew Emirates from SFO to Ahmadabad and return last April. The customer service was excellent on the airport while checking in and later on in flight too. I have bags weighing almost 26 kgs in 2 check in bags, asked me while checking passport what i do, i replied that i am student and continued further with small conversation while the lady finished off the formalities, the lady seemed pleased and without any problems checked them in. I was prepared to throw some stuff away, luckily that situation didn't arise. Same stuff while returning, no questions asked. The visa stamp made by officer showed the previous day's date, as it was already next day (12 am), i was politely asked by Emirates staff to accompany them to get a proper stamp and was ushered back to aircraft as a special guest. felt like king.

In flight, the hostess were polite, always smiled and were very vibrant while talking and serving food/drinks, excellent Indian veg food, superb ICE with 10 inch touchscreens with thousands of movies, usb ports and power outlet. Comfortable seats and excellent traveling times (17 hrs).

Would love to travel again on Emirates.

Experience 2:

Dell Technical Support: All hardware replaced, no question asked with fast shipping. also assisted in installing some hardware like keyboard replacement. Hardware include, keyboard, battery(usually not covered) supplied adapter without asking and not getting into any marketing gimmicks at the end of talk.

Experience 3:

Bajaj Pulsar 150 dtsi. Buying and Service.
Initially was planning on Wind 125, saw 150 in their stockyard, decided to get a black one, was delivered the same day, was told to pick any one of the lot, no excuses, no bookings, no questions asked. At that time it was the latest variant(2003) and was just launched.
After sales service was very good. Till today - 6 years on, getting it service from authorized bajaj service center only, no problems till now, whatever complaints i had they use to solve it. Just had to go back once in 6 years of ownership to resolve a problem that cropped up again (fairing vibration). was solved in a jiffy. overall, good experiences with Bajaj after sales and service so far.

Sorry for long post

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Default HK Airport - mistaken identity

It was in June 2006 that I had to travel to Hongkong on a Business trip.
I was accompanied with a colleague of mine.

At the HK airport, while clearing the customs check, they found my photograph on the passport not matching with my current profile.

I could sense something was wrong at the way the custom officer was staring me and the passport. He dint say anything to me but just asked if the passport is mine.

After a few seconds, two police officers came, told me politely to accompany them.

They took me to a well furnished room. Enquired about my office, purpose of visit etc.

In the meantime, they also made phonecalls to the Indian embassy at HK and confirmed by passport details.

The entire episode lasted for almost 30 mins.

They were convinced about my credentials and were profusely apologising me for the inconvenience.

The two officers came along with me to the baggage clearing area. Cleared my bags, arranged a pre-paid taxi for me and gave me a box of chocolates, USD 200 gift voucher and a letter of apology for the inconvenience caused.

I was so impressed with the way they handled the case. They made me feel at ease and never asked me uncomfortable questions. They were so polite and friendly.

This was in contrary to what we (Indian's) face at some of the Eurpoean/American airports.
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My 'experience' is nothing new for someone who travels to the US frequently or lives there, but for me it was new!

I made my first trip to the US in April-May of 2009. Before that, I had been to Germany, Egypt, Dubai and many S-E Asian countries. In the US, everybody working in the service industry is so cheerful! The guys/girls taking your order at the McDs, KFCs, BKs, Starbucks, the waiters at high end restaurants, the lady in charge of the check in counter, the lady at Portland International who was an officer with the US CBP, and so on.

They all had a smile on their face. Even when our luggage was being searched a second time because we had some powders and spices for our relatives in the US. I havent seen this kind of attitude on such a large scale anywhere in the world. Germans are nice, but a little reserved.

I am not a big fan of the US and it's policies, but this is something I really appreciate.
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My best customer experience dates a couple of years back when I was in UK as a student. I had purchased a Creative Gigaworks 5.1 system through online retailer. I left it in custody of a friend when I visited home for winters only to find it not working when back in UK. Must admit I absolutely loved it and my friend did suffer quite a wrath.

The online retailer refused to shoulder the blame for a defective piece. It was then I approached Creative Labs office in Ireland through e-mail to some person in claims department. Would you believe it that my mater was escalated to right people within 6 hours and I was sanctioned a new piece. The next day itself, I had a call from FeDex of a waiting courier delivery in my name from Ireland. I just couldn't believe it. his was awesome.

No questions asked. No check on wether the system was actually defective or intentional damage. Nothing. In fact, they didn't even take back my old system. BRILLIANT.

Obviously, when I came back to India, I got both the units back and took the defective one to local service centre only to find that couple of resistors had blown up and a bit of circuit had burnt off. Total cost of repair: Rs. 1,500. Actual cost of new system: Rs. 17,000.

Of more consistent good service experiences, I have always liked Amazon.co.uk. I know the Amazon marketplace is a bit iffy but products sold through Amazon directly are usually supplied by tons of free and great customer service.

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apple customer care.
absolutely love their service.
my ipod was not charging through the pc so i dropped it off at their service point.
they checked it and said that there is a software problem . Then they immediately gave me a new ipod(it was inside warrenty).

Worst experience
Nokia customer care.
phone had been bricked with its os wiped out.
i asked them to repair(read repair not replace) the phone under the warrenty .they made false claims saying that the screen is broken , then the next nokia service center people i went to said that the screen is fine but your phone is waterlogged.
all the service centers of nokia gave some crappy reason or the other to void my warranty.
Then i said fine repair it.
the imbeciles at the service center told me it would cost 4500 bucks + one month to repair the phone as it has to be sent to chennai.
I said please return my phone back.
next thing i did was that i took my phone to a local phone shop in national plaza and he flashed the OS back in .It took him 3 hours to do it along with my prefered updates.
he took 500 bucks for the job.
I swear to never go to nokia service again.
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