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Default A short story

The other day, i was out with a friend, and told him of how i am feeling low these days, because of things not working out for me.

my concerned friend, in turn told me a short story.

it did not change my mindset about things, but did manage to make me think. and in way helped me.
so i thought its worth sharing here.

PS: I've narrated it word to word as i remember it, and this is my interpretation of it. please bear with me on the grammatical or any factual errors.

Hukum Rajai chalana
The story of the king and his mantri.

A king and his mantri are lost in a forest and trying to make their way out.

Frustrated king: Mantri! we are doomed, how will we ever get out of here!?

A calm Mantri: Don't worry your highness, we will get out of here, Hukum Rajai chalana.

Suddenly , the king slips, falls onto a broken branch and fractures his left hand thumb.

The King now in pain, shouts: this is it, we will die soon! nothing can go right now..

A calm Mantri replies: Hukum Rajai chalana..

The king is now furious at the mantri.

A few meters ahead, they spot a well, and the very thirsty king dashes for a gulp of water. however the well has dried out.

The frustrated king again asks the mantri:
Mantri, what do we do now !? i am dying of thirst.. we are doomed.

Mantri: Hukum Rajai chalana

the King is now extremely furious.

King: Hukum Rajai chalana! Hukum Rajai chalana! that wont get us out of here, you are foolish! and with that, he throws the mantri into the well.

the mantri shouts again (from the well): Hukum rakai chalana.

The king continues walking, and a few meters ahead runs into the tribals of the forest.

The tribals hold him prisoner, and decide to sacrifice him to the gods.

but suddenly they notice his broken left thumb and let him go.

(According to the rules of the Tribal sacrifice, the individual to be sacrificed has to be completely fit and healthy)

The king, grateful for his life, runs back to the Mantri resting in the well, and narrates his encounter with the tribals.

The Mantri replies: Thank you, your highness, you saved my life, like i told you, hukum Rajai chalana.

The king is now confused, asks the mantri: how did i save your life? and what has hukum rajai chalana got anything to do with it?

The Mantri replies: well, im grateful to you, that you threw me in this well. if i would had accompanied you, the tribals would have found me fit and healthy, and sacrificed me to their gods.

on the other hand, you broke your thumb, which in turn saved your life.

so whatever happens, happens for the good. Hukum rajai chalana.

The king pulls the mantri out, and they continue their journey and soon are rescued by the Kings army.

Moral: Hukum rajai chalana (Punjabi saying) means :

Whatever happens, happens for the good.

Thank you for your time.

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I dont agree with the story. There are cases of deliberate killing of an individual, does it mean that they also happen for good ?
I have seen many crimes that are not even mentionable in public, but does it mean that they happen for good ?

Its just fate, whatever happens happens because of fate. It can be good or bad for you.
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Abhinav - dont be so negative about life. I can tell you hundreds of story underlining the fact "whatever happens is for good" and in turn you can tell me hundreds of such dreaded stories you mentioned. Ultimately, the point here is, how you look at it. The attitude towards life. Be positive. If the attitude is right, things will be right for you. What do you look at, the roses or thorns. Thats the point.

Sl_ice - i got this in one of the mail forwards. I fully agree with this. Just believe in yourself and do what you should do.
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dude. its a story. fabricated by people. it only serves to keep your spirits up.
nothing happens for good or bad. things just happen. it is YOU who needs to extract good out of every situation. if you just sit there waiting for the 'good' in a situation to manifest itself, youll get nowhere.

live example: yours truly had a major major shunt and thanks to that has made quite a few good friends and has unravelled the arcane mysteries of car tuning. it happened because I decided that whats shot is shot. now Id either make her better than before or die trying. it paid off.
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