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Continued photos from last post....
Attached Thumbnails
Taking up Home Makeover Project-027.jpg  

Taking up Home Makeover Project-026.jpg  

Taking up Home Makeover Project-025.jpg  

Taking up Home Makeover Project-024.jpg  

Taking up Home Makeover Project-023.jpg  

Taking up Home Makeover Project-022.jpg  

Taking up Home Makeover Project-021.jpg  

Taking up Home Makeover Project-020.jpg  

Taking up Home Makeover Project-019.jpg  

Taking up Home Makeover Project-018.jpg  

Taking up Home Makeover Project-017.jpg  

Taking up Home Makeover Project-016.jpg  

Taking up Home Makeover Project-015.jpg  

Taking up Home Makeover Project-014.jpg  

Taking up Home Makeover Project-013.jpg  

Taking up Home Makeover Project-012.jpg  

Taking up Home Makeover Project-011.jpg  

Taking up Home Makeover Project-010.jpg  

Taking up Home Makeover Project-009.jpg  

Taking up Home Makeover Project-008.jpg  

Taking up Home Makeover Project-007.jpg  

Taking up Home Makeover Project-006.jpg  

Taking up Home Makeover Project-005.jpg  

Taking up Home Makeover Project-004.jpg  

Taking up Home Makeover Project-003.jpg  

Taking up Home Makeover Project-002.jpg  

Taking up Home Makeover Project-001.jpg  

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Default Photo viewing sequence - Problem

Last time when i uploaded photos i uploaded last first to view it first. This time i did same thing but sequence was totally opposite. Anyway, please view the photos from 7th page last photo first and then towards up and then from 6th page last photo to upwards.

Thanks !

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wow man! the transformation is awesome. kudos to you and Joy.
I like the way the kitech have done up - neat way of liberating lot of space in the small kitchen.

the wait was totally worth it.
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Originally Posted by RVG View Post
Last time when i uploaded photos i uploaded last first to view it first. This time i did same thing but sequence was totally opposite. Anyway, please view the photos from 7th page last photo first and then towards up and then from 6th page last photo to upwards.

Thanks !

Awesome. The color co-ordination seems fantastic.

Pls go thru this link for uploading pictures in a better organized manner.
http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/announ...tml#post976063 (Uploading photographs directly to Team-BHP)
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The transformation is splendid!!
Can you please share the expenditure on this?
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RVG, was waiting eagerly for the snaps. Now that is what I call a transformation. Your narration on your wifes' feeling seeing the modification for the first time is really heart warming.
Have a happy life at your renovated residence.
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Old 31st May 2010, 01:40   #97
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Hi RVG nicely done, without any intention to sound critical just a few things that will enhance the whole thing.

1. Next to your entrance door you have the common duct opening. You could get Joy to design a simple two panel door if access is required or cover it with a framed plexi sheet other suitable material. Nothing fancy but neat and practical.
You might feel that this is common space and society should do something but go ahead and take care of it. It will be well worth the money spent.

At the moment the opening is eye jarring next to the good looking door.

2. The internal side of the entrance door is again a big omission on part of Joy. Please ask him to finish the look using a veneer or ply similar to the one used in the rest of the living space.

3. The two panel cabinet in the kitchen under the island like counter top. It has smears of fevicol/adhesive material. Get this cleaned as quickly as possible otherwise you would have to live with it for ages.

Enjoy your beautiful home!

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Old 2nd June 2010, 13:23   #98
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Thanks for sharing the photos. The work looks nicely done though final touches look still pending. Really liked the colors used in bedrooms and the curtains. What brand / model is this chimney? How much did it cost and also please share the total cost for the make over.
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Old 10th July 2010, 11:39   #99
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Default Flooding Solution: Preventing water from entering the house


Apologies for hijacking Your thread, couldnt find a better thread to post this.

My mom lives in Chennai and being a 33yr old house, the house sits about a feet lower than the road and is prone to flooding. The 2005 rains saw the worst with the house submerged under 1-2 feet of water.

Reason for flooding:
a) Water entering from the front and rear doors.
b) Water entering from the toilets.

I was trying to figure out a solution to these problems.
1) Using a pump to drain water:
This is more of a cleaning-up process and doesnt really help when the house is already surrounded by water.
2) Installing removable flood gates at the front and rear doors.
Taking up Home Makeover Project-floodgate.jpg
3) Installing a valve in the bathroom sumps, to prevent backflow.
Name:  valveanimfin.gif
Views: 565
Size:  30.6 KB

Is anyone exposed to these utilities? I tried enquiring in Chennai and bangalore, but the few rings came up blank. With me sitting in Bangalore, its very difficult to find out who will fabricate this in Chennai.

Help please.
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Old 22nd November 2010, 16:04   #100
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Sorry to hijack this thread too but I needed some help. We need to lay some flooring in our house and really like the look and feel of In-Situ mosaic flooring (Marble Dust cast in white cement and then Diamond Polished). The total area of flooring required is about 6000 square feet.

We are unable to find any local high quality artisans who can do this kind of work as it seems that this kind of flooring is out of vogue.

Can anyone recommend any local artisans or companies preferably in Eastern India (Calcutta, Bhubaneshwar, etc.) else anywhere in India that do this kind of work?

Also, we have used very large French windows in the house (7 Feet to 10 Feet Tall) through out the house. We want to secure these windows but don't want to ruin the facade of the house or the natural light flowing in by installing security grills. Bulletproof glass in an option but it is very very expensive. Can anyone recommend any other options?

Can anyone also recommend any India specific home construction \ architecture forums which has a good membership base to discuss home building ideas?

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