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Default Kasab gets what he gave - death

Finally the Mumbai court gave a death sentence to Ajmal Qasab for his heinous 26/11 act. IMHO he should be bumped off within a few days of his arrest, the govt could have saved the fortune spent on protecting him, used that money to get some good equipments for Police force. Instead the govt kept dilly dallying for so long trying to get international sympathy and strike some deals to push Pakistan to a corner.
My salute to the martrys of 26/11, their sacrifice has been rewarded with the death penalty for the Pakistani murderer.
Jai ho!!!!
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I do agree that it has been a colossal waste of National Resources keeping vermin like this alive.

Better late than never, I suppose. But we need this punishment to be speedily meted out, no more queues or delays please!!
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Already so much has been said about him
does he deserve such an attention ?
does he deserve a a thread here ?

waste of time, discussing it, pl get back to work or cars
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Definetly a welcome judgement. However I think it is still a lesser sentence. I mean you kill 1 or you kill 60 innocent people un provoked there is only one way to suffer and that is death by hanging. That seems unjust. Can the judicial system be in-human in this scenario and probably provide a harsher ruling?
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IMHO, this guy ought to have been released. Yes - set free, but not allowed to leave India for next 10 years.

You know why?

He would known what people in his own country are missing, where even his own father sold him.

People here would recall a video from the jokes hread, where a reporter is trying to record something on a railway platform. People keep on interfering the recording, with little regard fro what is happening. This kind of disregard in rarely seen anywhere in India.

And we do not sell our children to become murderers. (for begging, may be, but murder? Certainly no.).

Hhe would have got an opportunity to see first hand, how (the honest and real) practitioners of his religion fearlessly assemble in public places and offer prayers. He would have got an opportunity to see how all people get an equal opportunity to compete for jobs and public posts.

After spending may be 10 years observing life in India, he should send back (that is, if he wants to go back) to his country. I am sure this would have been a learning experience.

IMHO, we are wasting valuable resources in keeping this guy in custody.

Just my opinion.

waste of time, discussing it, pl get back to work or cars
Let us be fair and show some mercy. He wrecked a skoda!!!

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It is good to see that he got the sentence. But, sentencing is not the end of the story. It has to be implemented as early as possible. Otherwise, the case of a certain Afzal Guru will repeat itself.

I was shocked to hear that Kasab will be the 52nd? in line for the gallows. Is the govt finding it that difficult to hang these dreaded criminals?
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Waste of space (on earth, in the media and here too). It will be years before he is hanged (we can only hope it happens soon) Newspapers have been going bonkers for last few days what with full page spreads on this sentencing. Do not give this vermin so much publicity and just get it done with.

Public prosecutor on tv/papers with V sign and a big smile. I am confused by that -
what the hell did he really do? This crime was so obvious (caught on cameras/seen by witnesses) that what sort of law skills were really shown to get him convicted?
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Kasab or any terrorist/naxal should be given a painful death!

what shocks me is the money spent on him "35crores" if am not wrong?
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Originally Posted by addyhemmige View Post
I was shocked to hear that Kasab will be the 52nd? in line for the gallows. Is the govt finding it that difficult to hang these dreaded criminals?
Please read this article - Who will hang Ajmal Kasab?: Rediff.com India News
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Whoever the hangman is, he wont require the Havells CFLs. He wont feel bad hanging this guy.
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Old 7th May 2010, 12:35   #11
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I doubt whether he will ever be hanged. take Afzal Guru, even after a Supreme Court directive to decide within three months - zilch.

The appeal will drag aon for ages, and he will in the meanwhile be released in exchange for some neta's poodle taken hostage.
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Old 7th May 2010, 12:35   #12
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Was shocked to see the public prosecutor and the media together celebrating that moron's judgement. What the hell? He should have been shot then and there or should have given some 3rd degree torture to death in solitary confinement.
Instead he spend his time lavishly in his jail room and in the court throwing out new tantrums every now and then. Our govt has spent 32 crores on that sick animal!

Should hang him first or stone him to death.
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Actually he does not need to wait in queue for pardon. Law ministry can fast track his hanging, and that will be done.
Atmost a year more or so.
They will make him jump the queue.
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We've seen a lot on this subject.

We've shouted a lot on this subject.

We've been reading a lot on this subject.

Don't really see any need to discuss this topic here all over again.

I'm closing this thread.
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