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Old 21st October 2005, 18:48   #61
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I have a suggestion. We sell a service or give it for free to other sites so that they can show our reviews on theirs. The more presence we have, the more fear one will have to copy the content. Also when one googles (when did this become a verb and a synonym to online Search) for a review, there will be a few links for the people to know that is a copyright material.

I see the same review about an electronic item on many sites and they also show a link from where it is sourced.
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Old 21st October 2005, 19:23   #62
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This is shocking. Is there anything real about this person? maybe he is lying about his age too! I hope he realises someday what he has done and can't look at himself in the mirror.
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Old 21st October 2005, 19:31   #63
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Whats wrong with everyone suggesting to find him and beat him up??? Don't let the moment influence and inject wrong ideas into your head... This is obviously an act which is shameful, and we should try to think of a workaround, as the effort put by someone in writing a reivew should not be allowed to be so easily ripped and put elsewhere and showcased as a result of exercising the their left brain.... unacceptable

I doubt we can do something by banning him, he can login via another id as khaadu pointed out, but we need to protect the content... For a start, we can think of disabling the right click feature on the site. But then, how long is it going to take for one to see and type, if he/she is determined to copy content.... Lets think of ways to protect the valueable content we members share...

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Old 21st October 2005, 19:35   #64
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I think the guy wanted to get himself noticed...Well, he certainly did! Why don't you mods kick him out? Clearly he has no more that a passing interest in motors, and wants to drop by just to make a name. In the meantime he could start practicing writing reviews, maybe on his copycat behaviour, for starters! LOL
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Old 21st October 2005, 19:36   #65
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i've sent this moron a PM ...this is a bleady act of theft man......pasting the posts from here onto mouthshut.com is really a sad thing to do.....
wake up u bleady pulsarian.....I'll take the ****t outta ur pulsar!
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Old 21st October 2005, 19:38   #66
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Post copyright

how about putting up a copyright notice on team-bhp?
eg. the comments posted by members are property of team-bhp.com and should not be copied without proper credit/reference, etc. etc.

its nothing solid but it might help deter certain individuals from plagiarising.

also, as team-bhp isn't a registered trademark nor an organization, it probably will not hold up in court (were it to get to that stage).

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Old 21st October 2005, 20:45   #67
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This is so disgusting atleast he could have used the name TEAM-BHP
such cheap act he should be banned from this fourm
Pulsarian you a**hole you suck....

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Old 21st October 2005, 20:53   #68
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its is a very nice idea.... it can control such things to an extend
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Old 21st October 2005, 21:28   #69
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Galee galee mein shor hai, Pulsarian baccha chor hai!!! Jaa beta mu dhole...
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Old 21st October 2005, 21:45   #70
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The need of the moment is to ensure security for the material here so that no more plagiarism can happen. Even if this guy gets banned from Mouthshut, he can have another identity on some other equally popular site; and then carry on with his nefarious activities.

Pulsarian (whatever), young as you are & foolish as you are, I think you have too much of a high from being popular on Mouthshut. Your brain is getting too much adrenalin instead of blood. So your brain functions are compromised. May I suggest:

1) you get a life.

2) stop posting everywhere for a while and think about what you have done.

3) write back here with a public apology.

I am sure with these three easy steps, you will find that you may be able to gain back some of your lost respect & be a part of the Team-BHP family again.
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Old 21st October 2005, 22:39   #71
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Dude, this is one sick thing to do. Get a life dude..

Off Topic
If someone gets banned, can't he visit and post on the site thru a different nick(i mean by registering again)???
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Old 22nd October 2005, 00:02   #72
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Mouthshut still has the ripped-off review on Octovia RS 1.8 from GTO.
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Old 22nd October 2005, 00:58   #73
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Default Creative Commons License

Check this out guys: http://creativecommons.org/text/ This creative commons licensing seems to be an easy way of trying to get some copyright protection...

BTW My first post. Heard about this awesome forum thanks to Samurai. Regards.

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Old 22nd October 2005, 07:53   #74
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Thanks vishwas ... that was a good information.

I am sure we cannot stop such shameless people. The only thing we can do is let people know where the original is. Also he will create another id and come back again and do the same thing. His profile says that he is "trying" to complete his BCOM in the given 3 years .. i am sure with such a "trying" attitude, nothing matters to him.

Anyways lets give 2-3 days to mouthshut to bring it down or atleast put team-bhp acknowledgement in all the posts (link to the original) , there are quite a few other mail ids visible where we can escalate this issue. But since these are commercial kind of websites they will take time to respond. They are surely doing their part of investigation.

But dont let the spirit down, this only goes about to prove that team-bhp reviews are the best :-)

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Old 22nd October 2005, 09:41   #75
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We may have caught such a jerk..but there are thousands of such people all over the web..we'll do our bit always to keep such offenders from joining and spoiling communities..but a 100% cure rate..well,practically not possible.
Anyways,as long as we are true to ourselves,it doesn't matter..pulsarian - get lost man,you suck.period.


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