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I still think this was one of the best threads going on in tbhp. I was just a passive reader and was able to learn a lot of things just by going thro' the posts. I would have appreciated if the members of scorpio yahoogroup had gone thro' each of the suggestions and levelled constructive criticisms instead of making such baseless statements like "my car is better than his". If scorpio is good, these were suggestions to make it better. It helps to know that the gentleman from Mahindra accpeted that M&M itself is doing something regarding this. It means only one thing; they know scorpio's weakness and are working on that. How far they will be successful; only time will tell. Atleast they are trying.
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Just remembered something about the Scorpio expereince. When i was in India, I had the Scorpio for a few weeks at my disposal and I tried to alternate driving the Palio & Scorpio. I & my girl friend have to go somewhere and we climb into the truck. She closes the doors shut and thanks to the soft suspension the whole damn car shakes.
GF : what the hell is happening? why is the car shaking?
Me: don't worry the suspension is totally tuned for ride over handling.
I start to drive, go over a speed breaker at a very very very low speed. The front end pitches and bounces so does the rear.
GF's hand grabs the hand grrip and she says : This is uncomfortable. The palio doesn't shake like this!
Out on the road I start to drive. Take a turn around the roundabout and start going over the flyover at palm beach road. Towards Center one, thanks to Indian roads the suspension is tested quite well so is the handling round the roundabout.
GF: This is like a boat in choppy seas. I am feeling queasy!
Parked at Center one, i get down put my hand on the door and shake the car and the whole Truck shakes like a Maruti 800. It gets worse. GF does the same and manages to shake the whole TRUCK. That had me
Point I am trying to make here:
Even women who aren't known to know much about cars realised there is something wrong with the suspension of the scorpio. That's how blatant the shortcoming is. So the guys at yahoo group need to accept this shortcoming.
And both me and my gf did do a test drive of the qualis and she never said she was feeling queasy. And this was before she sat in the scorpio.
Even I was surprised on how my gf realised the faulty suspension but she said she was spoilt by the built like a tank Palio so she has become ultra sensitive to any pitching and bouncing in other cars. Say cheers to another Palio fan!
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Originally Posted by shuvc
Just so that one bad apple doesn't spoil the others ..
I'd like to mention here , that my experience with the Indica Users yahoo group has been lovely .. very mature and open minded people in that group ..
That got me thinking if there's a relationship between the intelligence of people and the car they buy.
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Believe me, I worshiped Scorpio a year and a half back...... thats caz I liked its looks, and the fact that it was an SUV look alike under 10 lakhs and that too Deisel. I came close to buying it as well, that was before I drove it. My freind happened to buy a Scorpio during the same period, and believe me I was mighty impressed by the vehicle initially. I liked the color, the biege interiors, and even the ride (being driven at slow speed). However with time the facination (honeymoon period) with the vehicle vanished and I began to notice its serious flaws.

Firstly, I hate to say this, but what were folks at M&M thinking??? Create such a big vehicle with sooooo less interior space? You see the car from outside and feel its huge, the minute you are inside you feel where has that space gone. When I say the front is CRAMPED, its an understatement! Secondaly the car's low speed cushioned ride becomes a nightmare at high speed. The handling becomes outright DANGEROUS! We had a nightmare when we went to a stretch with bad roads on a longish drive, and the car had soooooo much roll, that my head went dizzy, thankfully I had the steering to hold on too, think about the passenger???. Like someone mentioned, you can shake the scorpio with your hands. Even I tried this, my Swift and Scorpio were parked side by side, and I couldnt move my Swift, but I could shake the Scorpio.....
All the above experiences have made me realize that Scorpio is not worth my money. I rather buy something else with that money. Scorpio no doubt was a good attempt at catching the aspiration of Indians who want a sub 10 lakh SUV. The engine was decent, much better than the Tata Safari of that time (non DICOR). But I believe that Scorpio now is way past its time, even the engine upgrade doesnt make it a worthy contendar. Unfortunately however Scorpio will continue to enjoy its market, as there is no worthy contender for Scorpio in its price range for an SUV look alike. Tata DICOR has priced itself out, so Scorpio continues to do what it does best, ei providing an under 10 lakh SUV look alike.
I do agree with the Scorpio forum, that most Americans are drawn towards the Scorpio than Accents that we see on the road. The reason is quite simple, Americans like big cars and SUVs. The Accent is a lower middle class car over there, so they are not much curious about it. Americans would be more attracted towards the Scorpio than even Suzuki Grand Viatra, as it aint that big and doesnt really qualify as an SUV in US and Suzuki has no brand value in US. The American curiosity in Scorpio doesnt make it a better car than Suzuki GV, they are class apart. I do give credit to M&M for creating a car that tries to capture the Indian SUV dream, however they have made a lot of money solely for this, now its time they get their act together and focus on fixing the zillion shortcomings of their vehicle, to give Indian buyers what they really deserve. Not just an SUV look alike, but a real contender!

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The Scorpio, in my opinion, is a good vehicle, considering the fact that it is a true ingenious effort by M&M. The placement of the vehicle is apt as far as the Indian market is concerned.
It does have its share of shortcomings, as any other car; maybe that share is a bit bigger.

As far as the forum goes, IMO most are just wannabes, who, quite contradictory to their own postings on Hyundais and VTECs (thats as bad as questioning the BAR-Honda F1 technology), are considering having a Scorpio as an RR or a Pajero.... theek hai... khush hone do bachche log ko

My stand: I dont bark back at dogs, if need be, a kick in the correct place helps.

@Ananth: that was a really good reply.

@GTO: The right end needs to be present in order to deploy it, failing which the next default end starts working
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Very well said Ananth (AK), and excellent post there, Steeroid.

My 2 cents:

- Freedom of expression is a right guaranteed by our constitution. The Scorpio fans were criticizing TBHP in their user group. They have a right to do so.

- Why TBHP? Because TBHP is growing, in terms of both in quality and in quantity. Growth will always attract attention, and attention will always invite criticism. So, the criticism that we are now receiving (unexpectedly) is a side effect of our growth. We must learn to understand and accept/reject it in a proper way.

- We must respond, right? AK, being an active TBHPian, responded magnificently. I think that is the way we deal it. When we encounter criticism about TBHP in other forums/groups, you post a reply. That is it.

- What have we achieved? Thanks to the efforts of AK (a TBHPian), M&M has (indirectly) acknowledged that the Scorpio requires more tuning, as far as handling and cornering are concerned. A good company, no doubt about it. They were looking for constructive criticism and not fan mail. Guys, we have done our job very well yet again.

- So what should we do? Let us continue our work. Drool on great engineering and identify all those lemons. If, one day Ferrari makes a car that is horrible than a Tata Estate, we must be the first to tell that. That is our mission.

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That got me thinking if there's a relationship between the intelligence of people and the car they buy.
- 'Nuff said!

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I would say the same thing I said about the Pulsarian case ... This is just an indication that T-Bhp is growing both in terms of popularity as well as character/respect ....

One or two Pulsarian cases or a thread on some other forum does in no way demean or take the sheen off T-Bhp. And add the that the great reply from Anandkamath ...hats off !

I am very proud to be a T-Bhp'ian . But the best part is that I know there are much more prouder people here ....

If you ask me , this is THE BEST automotive forum in India.
I admit , I am addicted to it ...
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Originally Posted by shuvc
Just so that one bad apple doesn't spoil the others ..
I'd like to mention here , that my experience with the Indica Users yahoo group has been lovely .. very mature and open minded people in that group ..
I agree! And the point that most of us (and them, as the case may be) need to bear in mind is that model specific Yahoo groups are not the answers to enthusiasts' dreams. They are very specific forums wherein people post their queries or problems and get a response.

True, there are groups wherein any criticism is not taken in the right manner but to give the benefit of doubt to non-TBHP people, it is not easy to separate the serious posts at TBHP from the frivolous ones at first glance. The same applies to other groups as well.

Any forum, be it Yahoogroups or TBHP or anything else, requires one to "silently" observe the goings on, spot the serious posters and then contribute.

I mean no offense to anybody here.
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