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Originally Posted by DCEite View Post
Guys what about Giveindia.org ?
Seems to have a wide variety and even choice of Tax exemption (80G v/s 35AT)
Our office has a tie up with them. So if you are interested, an amount will be transfered from your salary each month. It will be in your GiveIndia accout. Now you can decide whom to support from vast list.
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Originally Posted by subscrive View Post
Helpageindia is an org dedicated to help the elderly.
How can I forget this, it includes most embarrassing moments of my life.

These guys used to give us a form in school every year and we had to go door to door at the age of 8-18 and beg people to help the elderly with cash. Whatever money we used to get, hand over to the teacher.

I still remember people banging the door on my face saying "Koi faayada nahi, tumhaara principal saara paisa kha jaayega" (no use, the money will not reach the needy)

So My question. Does this money really go to the charities? Or I was begging for money for someone else?

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Well i did use GiveIndia and happen to make a small donation towards Gram Seva Trust.

Giveindia promises that they will send a detailed feedback on whom and how my money actually used in 4-5 weeks.

That sounds good.
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I almost forgot about to mention these guys; I'm so embarrassed that I've not mentioned about them earlier.

I received a set of 8 greeting cards from Indian Mouth and Foot Painting Artists. These guys send something like calender/card/bookmark upfront at free of cost & have a obligation free request for some donation.

The first time I received a set of 8 greeting card was sometimes during Sep 09 & I completely forgot to pay them. Then I received another set once again during Dec 09 & it was then I decided to pay for both.

This evening, once again they'd sent me obligation free payment for a set of greeting card, bookmark & gift-tag. I find their products to be very beautiful & all the more what I liked on their motto is - "self help - not charity".
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Originally Posted by DCEite View Post
Guys what about Giveindia.org ?
Seems to have a wide variety and even choice of Tax exemption (80G v/s 35AT)
I have been using GiveIndia for more than 3 years now. Earlier they didn't charge a fee separate from the donation amount but now they do (about 9.1%). They provide a number of options to support a cause of your choice. I get regular feedback reports as well from them. They also have a payroll-giving program which has some of the largest corporates in India on board which I guess is proof enough that they are a clean setup.

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Originally Posted by download2live View Post
Another option is this:
Make a social investment today
The website explains it all.
Guys I have my doubts about this site, I filtered based on state (Kerala) all the results are from same town (Palakkad) and most of the names have "Mery" in it, and all of them need Rs 7500/- no matter what business they plan to do!

Look at this search results page to see for yourself.
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Default Save the children - is this genuine?

What surprises me is, first time I get a call from such an organization asking for donation; I don't know how they got my number.

What's even more surprising is, they're saying they've presence in more than 120 countries, but, they're making marketing calls to ask donation. They said it takes only Rs 300 to provide education & food to a child per month. I could not stand to the fact that donations are routed through tele marketing services. I simply asked for their website & told them I'll make an online payment. Here's the site - Save the Children NGO | Child Rights Organization | Children Rights

Has anyone donated or heard about these guys?
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I saw a documentary film about these guys recently. I thik that they're doing some fantastic work for animals.

Welcome to Wildlife SOS
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We have started a group which works towards the welfare of anti-poaching watchers in our region. Most of the APWs are tribals who have to survive on meagre pay, 2000 per month, paid once in 6 months. These brave men give their lives protecting wildlife from human greed, in the process losing limb or life.

We have helped one tribal who was trampled by an elephant when on duty. With a few broken bones, he will be unable to work for at least 6 months.

Last week, two APWs were attacked by sandalwood smugglers. They managed to nab one but one of them was badly injured. We are collecting whatever sum we can to help such unsung heroes.

Our details are here.

Login | Facebook

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If anyone is interested in helping children (typically teenagers, trying to complete their high school/Pre-university years) by taking care of their monthly expenses, please PM me.
My wife & I were sponsoring one such child, brilliant student from a poor family.We supported her for one year, and are so thrilled as now some firm has come forward to coach her in computer related jobs, so placement is ensured at the end of training. Its a worthy cause, and sure to do someone good by spending as little as Rs 2000/ month.
The organization is called Headstreams, headed by a close friend in Bangalore.
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Default re: Helping the needy - Donation / Voluntary Work / Charities

Max relief society

General Secretery-Dr. Tarique Saleem

Some info about him:
  • National Award "THE SPIRIT OF HUMANITY 2010" winner for research work on Polio and Disabilities.Developed some new techniques to cure polio and other disabilities.
  • Gen. Secretary: Max Relief Society(Regd.)
  • DIRECTOR - Max Relief physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre

1-Rajiv Sharma (International Wrestler).

2-Sanjay Kumar (International Shooter).

3-Ustad Ameer Ahmad Khan Saab Classical singer and Guru of Ghazal Singer Chandan Dass , Play back singer Mohd Aziz and many more.

PHYSIOTHERAPIST : Zonal Football Association (Saharanpur Mandal)

Track record of treating over 6000 patients with various ortho and neuro problems,at MAX RELIEF PHYSIOTHERAPY & REHABILITATION CENTRE Muzaffarnagar.Considered a reliable and competent Physiotherapist in Uttar Pradesh and a result oriented acadamecian.

Address: MAX RELIEF PHYSIOTHERAPY AND REHABILITAION CENTRE, Jansath Road, Muzaffarnagar, India 251001

e-mail: maxrelief@rediffmail.com

facebook profile: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?...539038&sk=info
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Default A day's Joy with special children on 9th Oct 2011 to Muthathi-BLR

This Festive session, find more ways to share joy!

Planning to take the children of KSCCW (Karnataka State council for Child Welfare) on A day's Joy trip to Muthathi, its 90 kms from Bangalore.

Plan is to get some Jeeps & bikes from couple of forums, Leave R.T Nagar @ 6:00 am, re-group @6:30 near Kanakapura Road Metro, later Breakfast @ Kanakapura by 7:30 AM,
pack lunch, reach Muthathi by 9:00, find a SAFE location to play in shallow waters & some games in sand, Have lunch & return to Bangalore by 6:00 pm.

You are invited to come with your family & loved ones, Volunteers are welcome to contribute.

Last time we had a smiler G2G Links below:

Picasa Web Albums - Sunil - BigBazzarG2G
Picasa Web Albums - Sunil Kumar - BigBazzarG2G

Picasa Web Albums - anu - BigBazzarPart2
Picasa Web Albums - anu - BigBazzarPart2

Picasa Web Albums - gurkhaSunil - HalfADayJoy

Date: Oct 9th Sunday 2011
Place Start: @ R.T Nagar 6:00 Am between Ganesha Temple and Post Office.
Wikimapia - Let's describe the whole world!
or At Kanakapura Metro at 6:30 AM

35 kids & 3 wardens will join in for the trip, I have re-confirmed and booked there availability.

All the children in the NGO are either Orphans or single parentís
(who cannot economically support the kids & have left them here)

For people who are not local to Bangalore, but still would like to contribute, the bank info for online transfer is as below:
Bank info : Acc number 026111140015299 Bank: HDFC Jayanagar Bangalore Name: Sajjan Sunil Kumar
I would recommend, find some needy kids in your local vicinity & plan for a smiler outing for them too.

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Default re: Helping the needy - Donation / Voluntary Work / Charities

Hello Folks,

I have many old clothes which I want to donate for some needy people. If someone knows about such an organization in Whitefield, Bangalore - who will accept used clothes (fairly decent condition). Please let me know.
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Default re: Helping the needy - Donation / Voluntary Work / Charities

I do not personally believe in donating money or goods. I feel a donation needs to give something that is not replaceable. So, we donate time.

I teach English to students in a nearby Kannada medium school in the weekends. My wife and me also organize what we like to call "cook-outs". We visit a local orphange and get the kids involved in cooking lunch for all of us. The joy the kids derive for a very simple act of peeling potatoes has to be experienced to be believed.

Also, whenever possible, we go to hospitals and read to the patients. I really enjoy solving the Hindu Crossword with an elderly gentleman with terminal cancer.

Thank God for small mercies.

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Default Information on Voluntary Social services - Mangalore

If this topic is inappropriate please delete.
I have recently moved to Mangalore. I work in KL and every alternate month will be back to mangalore and will stay for a month. Since I get few hours free time during day would like to utilize this to volunteer for any social activities/ organisation's to help for the needy.
I would also like to join any team members participating in such activities.

Seeking all related information from members through reply messages or PM or email
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