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Opinions are going to diverge for everyone, what is the point of the thread? All I can see here are some 150+ posts full of personal attacks.

Kudos to the ones protecting womankind's dignity, but you must remember that everyone is entitled to an opinion.

My take on this would be to avoid stereotyping drivers on the road, they are all individual cases. But then yes, personal experience says that most women make poor drivers.

The OP came out with a long post generalizing something (which isn't even a correct generalization) which was clearly going to lead to a flame war. Why hasn't she been infracted?

The day this thread was begun, a lady in her Wagon R drove over my foot and when I complained, the unapologetic lady ignored me and rolled up her window. I was in a very civil manner telling her to be careful when she did this.
A much higher percentage of women drivers lack driving sense as compared to guys.

But then again, I try not to judge a driver on the road by their gender.

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Originally Posted by ajman28 View Post
On the other hand, the male drivers come in many forms:
1. Top notch
2. Extremely good
3. Good
4. Bad
5. Ugly
6. This is not my car and I own the road!!
Number 6 caters exclusively to the deranged indicab drivers!
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Originally Posted by download2live View Post
Long scratch on my Punto today. Thanks to an excellent driver having absolute control on her scooty. Car travelling slow taking a left turn. As I give indicator I spot an excellent driver in rear left!!!! Should have stopped dead in tracks to let the Excellent driver pass. The excellent driver on scooty behind me obviously does not know the meaning of indicators. Or maybe thats too lowly a detail to be remembered.

Result is a nice scratch (Thankfully the speed was very less). And "You should look before you take a turn".
Yes master excellent driver. I will. MORE POWER TO YOU.

Should be declared a one off incident cause women overall are excellent drivers.
Seeing them the vehicles sing....Women, the best we can get!!!
Driving is in their blood. They eat driving, they drink driving, they sleep driving. They are not much into racing so that we men can win. Those who think otherwise are ignorant, egoistic, stone headed, burden on mother earth, good for nothing, left overs of bygone era, totally uncool, savage, hairy, stinky, cave dwelling, Anti Metrosexuals MCP's.

And Yeah.....Some More Power to Women.
So you met a BAD driver/rider.

Is this the only bad driver/ rider you have encountered?

I have had a male scooterist smash into my car waiting at the signal. Almost 20 seconds after I had stopped.

In my close to 15+ years of licensed driving, I have not been involved in any accident involving women.
The only time was when I as a foolish 18 year old ended up almost hitting an old lady's chauffeur driven Fiat.
She though me a very valuable lesson.

Mistakes happen. Sometimes a heart felt sorry is all that is needed.

Our traffic would be so much better if we could just be a little more nice to eachother.
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Default Views are purely personal

I read the OP the day it was posted, I have followed the replies and counter replies which have been going on over the last few days in this thread, to be sure I read the OP once again today. Even after a couple of reads it did not strike me as written with humour, I felt it was written more as a rejoinder to the stereo typing of women drivers, with some stereo typing by the OP. Unfortunately some of the responses have bordered personal attacks, I think both sides need to look at their thoughts with a fresh mind.

While I know of a few very good women drivers / riders, I also have been privy to some not so great ones from the fairer sex as well. In my estimate you can divide women riders / drivers into three categories.

Ones who are scared of driving at most times and behave like deer in front of headlights in the first instance of trouble, the next category comprises predominantly of the Scooty / Activa riders who have a care free attitude to driving that they are the winners of most traffic light races and are seen riding at insane speeds with those small wheels. The third category are those who are very good drivers / riders with mature skills, active road awareness etc. Unfortunately from my personal observation the last category are a minority.

Having said that the only observation which I can generalise is the last category mentioned above is a minority irrespective of gender. Now my request to all concerned is "lets move on" no point arguing our hearts out with stereotyped views.
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Please close this thread. THis thread is going nowhere.
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Default Please lock this thread

Originally Posted by SirAlec View Post
Please close this thread. THis thread is going nowhere.
Totally agree. Request mods to lock this thread before more ugliness is exchanged unnecessarily. The point of this thread has been made IMO, and nothing new can possibly transpire.
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We, in the forum should discuss only good and bad drivers if we want to discuss. Driving has nothing to do with gender. I am also of the opinion that thread should be closed.

@download2live : What makes you think that the accident happened just because the driver was a woman?
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Originally Posted by WindRide View Post
Since this thread has turned extremely silly, not sure why the mods are and not locking it up for posterity.
A lot of otherwise sensible people have been exchanging pretty amusing and empty arguments for and against a subject that absolutely doesn't deserve this long a discussion.

Continuing to pity the poor horse .... If it had life, it would have bolted.

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Note from mod: Thread closed
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