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Don't want to start a war here. But then I'd really appreciate if all men and women adhere to these points stated above. It makes driving very pleasurable.
This happened to me on two occasions.
I was on the north road - koregaon park. There was this lady coming in from one of the lanes. I stopped and yielded as she appeared to be a nervous driver.
My mistake. She gets ahead of me, goes a few 100 feet and stops bang in the middle of the road. Then I see the most apalling thing. She's reading the menu of a sweet shop and relaying it to someone on her mobile holding up all peak hour crowd.
A biker taps my window and abuses me for letting such a female in front. I shrug and move on.
Another instance, I was getting under the NH4 bridge to join the ramp towards hinjewadi from Baner. I see a lady getting off the exit ramp and trying to take a turn towards balewadi. So I yield so that she goes ahead. Middle aged lady in a Baleno. Now to my surprise she turns right on ramp to join NH4 again towards Hinjewadi. So I thought she must have missed the previous exit so she's taking a u turn this way. So as we are accelerating to join the Nh4, suddenly she stops right at the corner where the ramp joins with NH4 with me behind her. Luckily I never tailgate. I have to slow down and then do a dangerous manouver of getting in to the highway from 10 kph to a 80, merging with traffic, I notice that she's happily chatting on her mobile phone parking her car on a ramp at a junction!
I hate it when I yield to someone who just gets barely a few 100 meters to stop smack bang in the middle. Nevertheless, I do appreciate sugeeta's views. Hope every driver follows it.
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Sorry Sugeeta but I feel women like you are more of an exception than the rule.
Most of the girls I know are pretty bad drivers. They are either really nervous and thus tend to make mistakes, or are have absolutely no perception of whats happening around them (never using ORVM's or checking to see if there is a car on the side.). They drive like they own the road and it's everybody else's job to get out of the way. Not to mention a lot of women are seen talking on their cell phones while driving.
I feel the main problem with most women drivers are a complete lack of awareness of their surroundings.
I'm sorry, I know there are a LOT of horrible male drivers as well, but from personal experience, I feel like I know more bad female drivers than male.
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Originally Posted by Sugeeta View Post
1. DRIVING EXPERTISE : I would like to inform you that we can handle the Steering Wheel and shift gears with as much dexterity as we can stir dal and roll out chapatis

2. READINGS ON THE DIALS : We can comprehend the readings on the dials in dash, i.e., we know what speed the car is running at; how much fuel remains in the tank; total mileage covered by the vehicle; whether the engine is heating up, cabin temperature etc. etc.

:3. CLUTCH & BRAKE & GEARS et al : We know that the Clutch HAS to be pressed while changing gears and to prevent momentum from being broken on lower speeds. We DO NOT enjoy putting a foot on the Clutch unnecessarily (expensive time pass!!). We DO NOT Brake if not required in the middle of the road. We KNOW the positioning of each Gear; and the speed we need to attain to shift to the next one

4. FUEL RELATED : Women play safe and refuel the vehicle before the tank empties completely on a desolate road in the middle of nowhere. By the way, we KNOW the various variants of Fuel available at the pumps

5. AIR PRESSURE & TYRES: We ensure the right pressure is maintained in the tyres for a better fuel efficiency and better engine life. We also ensure regular wheel alignment for longer tyre life

6. EXTERIORS & INTERIORS : Women are more aware of cleanliness; and our vehicles reflect the same sentiment – sparkling exteriors & spick’n’span interiors

7. MAINTENANCE & SERVICE : We NEVER postpone a Service and our vehicles are nurtured in a way we would nurture a relationship

8. BAD WOMEN DRIVERS : Are less common than Bad Men Drivers

9. SPEEDING : We LOVE to speed but not at the cost of being bad mannered on the road. RACING : Hmmm....can be considered occassionally.

10. IN CASE OF AN ACCIDENT : Being invloved in a hit’n’run case is a big NO. Heavens forbid, if we are involved in an accident, we would claim full responsibility for the same and not vanish from the scene like a creep. You see, we have a conscience to live with!!

11. ROAD MANNERS : No matter how much the traffic behind us may honk, we will always let the elderly, small children and students cross the road

12. FLAT TYRES : I admit, we are NOT too good at it; but are learning to do this with minimal help

We would also like you guys to know that we are fully aware and know when………...

a. The guy in the vehicle on the left at the Stop Light has been following us for the last 15+ kms.

b. The Uncles & Aunties of the colony label us “fast” if we speed

d. The mechanic tries to con us into replacing the Clutch Plates each year saying it is a must for women drivers (whoa!!)

e. The guy at the filling station tries to refuel the Vehicle with “Normal” fuel instead of “SPEED”, while charging for the latter

f. The local car buy / sell agent works out “ONLY FOR YOU MADAM” offers on vehicle exchange that would leave us neck deep in debt for the next 5 years ……………..

the list is rather big but I will stop here. We KNOW all these and choose to feign ignorance since we just do not have the time to get into altercations every day. So guys, grow up!! Recognise us for our capabilities…DRIVING BEING ONE OF THEM.

Relax....don't stare at us on the road. Do you see us staring at all men on the road??

EPILOGUE : I am not a feminist or a women’s rights activist. Just a professional who drives to and from work on the male infested roads of Delhi.

DISCLAIMER : If this post sounds familiar, this is a modification of my thoughts shared on a different site some 5 years ago.

1) Impossible from what I have seen and observed. And men too know cooking.

2) How much fuel remaining in the tank ? Wow, next time I will ask my sister to inform me how much ltr. of fuel is remaining in fuel tank. To the best of my knowledge, in most of the cars sold in India, only approximations can be made. And the fuel gauges are not linear.

3) Depends upon the person driving the car.

4) Apart from having information about types of feul IMO its better to know more about the pumps also. Most prefer COCO.

6) Most of the cars driven by women have scratched up exteriors ( again from what I have observed ).

7) I dont agree with you here. And nurture a relationship ? Lets keep that away.

8) Women drivers better than men ? Lets work it out with number of driver and how many bad drivers per 100 drivers. I think men are better drivers than women.
Scientifically it is believed that women are better drivers than men, but practically I am yet to witness such a scenario on roads.

9) Racing is not preferred, atleast on Indian roads. But driving at speed is OK.

10) Wow, I have been rear ended by a Zen driven by a lady. She actually raced her Zen after I pulled over. Wanted to give a chase, but I am not that kind of a person. Another TBHP member whom I met in Vadodara meet had similar experience of a woman driving car rear ending and as soon as the Tbhp-ian pulled over, the woman drove off despite the traffic constable asking her to stop.

11) Manners?! I havent seen good manners from women drivers. IIRC, road manners include parking the vehicle in best possible manner so that it causes minimal disturbance to traffic.

12) Its not a good thing to happen irrespective of male or female driver. I have seen male drivers believeing that one wheel change = 1/2 hour or more.

a) What exactly you mean ? May be the person is actually going in the same direction. If not, then he is a loser. BTW its nice to use RVMs.

b) They have nothing better to do. Its not only women. Men are generally labeled fast and rough.

d) Depends upon driver.

e) That's why I mentioned type of fuel stations.

PS : No offense meant.

But my general observation says that women drivers are either over confident or lack confidence. Its just what I have observed.

@mods : I think that the topic is very controversial, so its best to lock the thread.

One more incident witnessed by my parents. My parents were returning from A'bad on NE-1 i.e. national expresshigway 1 between A'bad and Vadodara.
My father spotted a Scorpio driven rashly at high speeds. My father increased his speed a little bit so that the Scorpio will not have chance to do to tailgating.
After speeding upto 110, my father moved into left lane giving space to Scorpio for overtaking.
That Scorpio must be doing around 140. Just as the Scorpio overtook Baleno my father was driving, the Scorpio steered into left lane, lost control and hit a stranded vehicle.

The person driving the Scorpio was a lady. At the time of crash i.e. Scorpio rear ending the stranded vehicle, all tyres of Scorpio were OK. None of the tyre went bust at high speed. And there was no braking done by the lady.

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Happened today morning :

I was on my way to work on the NH4, when I catch this beige Innova swerving in and out of lanes in my rear view mirror. Only moments later, it was right behind me, honking and tailgating dangerously close, and sort of half sticking out of the lane as if it would squeeze through the non existent space from the left.
'Darned Taxiwallahs', me thinks.
Only to see the Innova pass me after some time with a lady at the wheel, still driving as before , one hand on the wheel, other calmly twirling her hair.

This really surprised me,because normally on the highway, women are some of the sanest and safest drivers I see. No mad overtaking, no urge to get back at the Indicab which just swerved into your lane.

PS: I think this thread is going to be locked soon.
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Originally Posted by rajushank84 View Post
Well, gender-based generalizations are not in good taste in my humble opinion, and that goes both ways. If saying that women are bad drivers is an unfair generalization about women, then everything Sugeeta mentioned about men is an equally unfair generalization.

MY REQUEST TO MODS: Please re-read this as a man generalizing about women, calling them "creeps", saying women are bad-mannered, implying that women don't have a conscience etc etc. And take the same action you would on this thread that you would have taken, if a man had written this instead of a woman.
Completely agree with you. The original post is in bad taste and against the spirit of the forum - respecting fellow members.
Request mods to take necessary action.

No, I am not an MCP which impacted folks would obviously brand me as. Its just that the OP took things a bit too far by a complete generalization. I respect other drivers on road purely based on their driving ettiquettes, irrespective of their gender.

Just recollected this post elsewhere on this forum (http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/suvs-m...ml#post1992236 (Views invited from all SUV experts & women drivers))

Though I would definitely put most of the blame for the accident on the shoddily managed Commonwealth Games road divider renovation projects of the Delhi Administration
A bad carpenter always blames his tools. Er, did I hear someone say taking responsibility and owning up somewhere?

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I have own doubts on this thread.

1. Its out of the blue , not responding to any particular thread, event ..
2. I dont think anyone can be so detail in generalizing . I know women drivers who drive really well. Neither do i bilieve that this forum has any discrimination felt any where before. What really is the ?

Might be there are cases which prompted such a thread to be initiated, but yes it an opportunity for us to convince the might of the people and the freq of thought of this forum.

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Too good! it was a very refreshing read and may your breed multiply! I notice that you have an iKON 1.6, me likes!

Welcome to TBHP have a great stay!
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Default Why are women bad drivers

BBC NEWS | Health | Bad driving 'linked to hormones'

Spatial skills such as map reading and parking may be difficult for some women because they had too little testosterone in the womb.
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Just to clarify I meant that I have seen yardsticks to be different in life as general.

Now where is that email which had women drivers crashing their cars in most innovative ways.
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Come on guys be a sport and let the fun continue till the rule book hits one of the mods. But where is the thread starter? No responses yet? Why go silent after stirring the hornets nest.
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Originally Posted by Samurai View Post
Can you please explain what is that you are finding so shocking? I am really scratching my head here.
@Samurai, one simple question to answer yours: If I start a similar thread bashing women-drivers or the female gender, will it be entertained the same way?

I am objecting to referring to men as creeps, implying we don't have a conscience or implying that we do not have manners. If we are going to talk about anecdotal data for that, anyone can come up with 'n' number of incidents with male/female drivers with their own perceptions and generalizations.

Just like race, caste, color and religion, gender-based quarrel is something should not encourage. The theme of the thread itself is exactly that.

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Originally Posted by rajushank84 View Post
@Samurai, one simple question to answer yours: If I start a similar thread bashing women-drivers or the female gender, will it be entertained the same way?
This thread is started by a woman, who has written it with a great sense of humour. Men generally don't take offense to such ribbing/teasing and laugh it off. That is exactly what Jaggu did.

Originally Posted by rajushank84 View Post
I am objecting to referring to men as creeps, implying we don't have a conscience or implying that we do not have manners.
Are you kidding? Lots of men are indeed creeps, I have known many of them myself. Ask your wife or sisters regarding their experiences while going to college in buses.

I have never been a creep, but I can't deny the existence of lots of them.
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Originally Posted by Sugeeta View Post
9. SPEEDING : We LOVE to speed but not at the cost of being bad mannered on the road. RACING : Hmmm....can be considered occassionally.

EPILOGUE : I am not a feminist or a women’s rights activist. Just a professional who drives to and from work on the male infested roads of Delhi.

with views like these how can Anyone let alone a mod appreciate it .i hope types like these never multiply . driving fast is one thing but racing ? better go take your racing desires to a racetrack /rallys . there are humans on road that need to reach their families .
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@Alok, buddy, I guess you are reading too much in between the lines. Cool down, it's not that bad a post by the new member. I've read and re-read the original post and it doesn't sound feminist to me. It's just that one member is trying to break a generalization that we normally have in mind about female drivers. Take it in a good spirit( atleast till the point OP replies back with some stronger words or something like that) as of now and keep the spirit of the forum (allowing newbie's to be comfortable with the community).
All I can say there are two types of drivers on our Indian roads, Good drivers and Bad drivers and gender just doesn't matter while categorizing them. And I hate taking the road with a Bad driver driving, no matter what gender that person is.
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Excellent read. And that was after I had read Harry Potter 7, for what, fourteenth time. :P

From personal experience, I've never seen a woman wearing a helmet. Except Kareena Kapoor in 3 Idiots. And maybe a few ads, but none on the road. My own mother defends her behavior by saying that she'll be unable to think while driving if she wears something as suffocating as helmet.

What's somewhat popular with them is the tinted visor like thing with an elastic band, presumably to prevent sunburns. IMO they actually make driving more dangerous.

Talking on phones is something, I think, they begin when the turn on their vehicles, hoping to devote the commuting time to something productive. Believe it or not, I actually saw one (girl) browsing her phone, like reading SMSes or surfing the net, while driving, something that made me utter things my mom'd chuck me out of the house if she hears me say. :P

Alright, maybe I'm being a little unfair here. Calling & Driving is not a gender specific activity. But helmets is. Atleast men wear them for the fear of mamus. They turn a blind eye to helmet-less girls, at least in our city. Talk about gender discrimination.

Absolutely agree with you on:-

We would also like you guys.....

....men on the road??
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