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Old 28th July 2010, 01:49   #31
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Most women I know are bad drivers. There, I said it.

This is not my opinion, just my observation.

To their credit though, most of them would agree that they are not very good drivers.

@Sugeeta: I have little doubt that you must be a very capable driver, but I have even lesser doubt that you belong to the minority among women.

EDIT: Most men I know are bad cooks! So I guess that's the way the cookie crumbles

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Originally Posted by AlokSriva View Post
Now that you insist, I have lived in Delhi, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai so far as India goes, but again you would take this as me showing off
And which of the following did you observe there:

1. Women comitting 'hit and run'
2. Women leching at male drivers?
3. Female infested roads
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These three incidents happend within the last couple of days.

No:1-I was waiting @ Adayar signal to drop my daughterin school.The signal to my right opened, So all the vehicles were going fast.I was just looking at the cars, One after the other..Now a lady from my side of the road makes a left, Goes on to the on coming traffic.She makes such a wide turn that one car guy had to stop dead on the road to avoid hitting her and she doesn't even realize that, she just keeps going

No 2: This happend in the morning, My wife and I dropped the little one in school and were heading back home, I was near Malar hospital (Near the Aavin Traffic Circle), I'm heading straight, a few meters from taking my right. I see a car making an Entry into the road and comes directly towards me, At this point I realize, That's going to RAMM right on, I stop dead on track, My heart's in my mouth.. The lady completes the turn, misses my car by a mm (Literally), and keeps driving like nothing happend!!

No 3: This happened, when we went back to pick my daughter back from school, We were on the Besant Avenue road, Abosolutely no vehicle on the road (about 11:30 in the morning) except a Car going in front of me, I see a lady driving @ 20-30kms per hour.I try to overtake, because she was slowing me down. Every time I do that, She keeps pushing me to the right. after a couple of attempts, I managed to overtake her. And the whole time I was honking, She did not have a clue what she was doing.She kept driving like nothing happened!!

And I turned to my wife and said You see "Women Can't Drive" . My wife agrees with me. It's so strange,that I had to go through two such incident today. The one in the morning though was a miralce. I had my 7 month pregnant wife inside the car.
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One for the opening post, and one for the discussions there on!!

I don't think anyone - men or women - need to get defensive at what was said in the opening post, and take it in a lighter vein, move on.

I don't think we need to figure out if men are better, or if women are the better ones - be it driving or cooking. We can quote enough examples, point fingers and kick up a fight - with no conclusion whatsoever.

I don't think, at any cost, should we personally attack individuals participating in discussions, however controversial or otherwise be their words. No, not because the forum's rule book says so, but it is plain decency, minimum courtesy.

If someone can, compile a list paralleling to the thread's opening post saying why men are better. Or why women are not better. And make it not a personal attack at the thread's opener or anyone!

I am going to be following this thread now and then, looks like its going to be fun out here!!!
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LOL a very good and interesting read. Though I may not agree to a few points, the rest mostly hits the nail on its head.

Need to ask my better half to read and give her opinion here

@ Aloksriva: Chill buddy. I don't think this thread is any bad taste. Plus we should try to laugh at themselves sometime. Relieves a lot of tension.
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Old 28th July 2010, 07:11   #36
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Ha, I am surprised to see the development in this thread.

I think the original poster has just put in her thoughts. She never says all men drivers are bad. She just says, we outnumber them as usual in other things.

So, why?
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Old 28th July 2010, 07:15   #37
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The thread has been started with good humor but the points are not at all digestible. With due respect to all women drivers, my wife is a menace on the Calcutta roads. All the taxi drivers on the eastern bypass stretch must know her alto from a distance due to the inumerable hits they have taken from a puny little black car . Hope she does not read this..
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@Married Bhpians with driving wives (I mean car driving wives), what are the "opinions of your wife" on this subject, over the years

My wife is an excellent driver (her yet gleaming Ikon of 8 years is proof of this !).

She has never ever talked to me about women and men drivers as separate entities, just good and bad drivers. I go with her completely here
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Old 28th July 2010, 08:00   #39
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Read all the 48 posts, I think it is a generally known fact that women are bad drivers, but said that I myself had no experience about it. May be in this bumper to bumper trafic, women drivers have to choice to go to the second gear...

Just take these comments in a lighter note..

I think we should talk about bad drivers irrespective of women or men.

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I'm a bad driver, so I'm sure there would be plenty of women who drive better. That said, neither my wife nor my mother should be allowed to drive on the streets unless there's a marshall with a red flag trotting ten paces ahead of the blessed vehicle.
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Originally Posted by ph03n!x View Post

One for the opening post, and one for the discussions there on!!

I don't think anyone - men or women - need to get defensive at what was said in the opening post, and take it in a lighter vein, move on.
+1 to that.
While the original post was humorous, what ensued is nothing but hilarious!!
One fellow said most women he knows are bad drivers. All men i know are bad drivers! So what?
Another guy said not all men stare at women. Well, they might bend the other way but barring them, ALL men DO stare at women.
Its not easy for a woman to drive on the roads of India. My wife who drives to work every day has the following points:
1. Just because the car is being driven by a female, it is expected to make way for everyone else on the road even if she is driving with the traffic. And when she doesnt move over, she gets overtaken rashly and stared at.
2. If she overtakes a guy moving slowly in a fast lane, suddenly that guy's ego will kick in, he will overtake her in turn and then reduce to the slow speed.

I think this is what we are seeing here. Big time male egos kicking in.
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This morning on my way to work, there was a gal riding her scooty busy talking on her cell phone using hands free with her helmet near her feet.

I could not overtake her because there was a van ahead of her.

As we moved ahead for about 200/300 meters, at the corner there were traffic cops. Because of the van ahead they were not visible.

Seeing this gal not wearing the helmet, the cops asked her to stop which she did and as I was passing by, this is what I heard.

Cop: Madam, why can't you wear your helmet while riding? If you want to talk on the mobile phone, please stop on the side finish your talking and then go riding.

Gal: I have to attend my friends wedding this evening for which I have got my hair set by paying xxx rupees, I can't afford to loose it by wearing the helmet.

Cop: If you don't have head itself if something was to happen to you on the read. what will you do?

Gal: Sir, why are you worried about what happens to me, all you need is fine/money. Take the money and leave me. I am already late for my work.

After this I dunno what happened as I moved ahead on my way to work leaving them behind.
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This thread has made my day. I have read all the 52 posts and could not help smiling ( I have a team meeting where there is going to be a major showdown) and this thread helped me soothe my nerves.

Gosh One post for and 52 posts against. Poor Sugeeta, no second post here after the OT. Must be smiling somewhere having successfully deflated the male ego when so many replies are against Women driving safely.

I agree 50% with women being bad drivers since I have seen my Sis, wife drive and I am impressed by their driving skills. At the same time I have seen some weird driving by women, who give wrong turn indicators, make an attempt to move fast even when the green light starts blinking at signals, absolutely horrendous parking, driving with one door not latched and the list goes on. But women drivers have come a long way from knowing just to drive to learning some things about car itself.

I remember my wife actively interacting with the sales advisor regarding car technicalities when I had decided on buying the Fiesta although am not sure how much was understood but still an effort was made.
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Old 28th July 2010, 10:16   #44
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Originally Posted by Sugeeta View Post
10. IN CASE OF AN ACCIDENT : Being invloved in a hitínírun case is a big NO. Heavens forbid, if we are involved in an accident, we would claim full responsibility for the same and not vanish from the scene like a creep. You see, we have a conscience to live with!!
Perhaps that is because women drivers won't be bashed up by the crowd that will inevitably gather at the scene! But use your discretion, if there is a male companion in the car during such incidents then he will be bashed up instead by our "chivalrous" people! No offence, just a joke!

But I do wish I come across more women drivers with the stated abilities than I actually do on our city roads.
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Originally Posted by mooza View Post
@Married Bhpians with driving wives (I mean car driving wives), what are the "opinions of your wife" on this subject, over the years

My wife is an excellent driver (her yet gleaming Ikon of 8 years is proof of this !).

She has never ever talked to me about women and men drivers as separate entities, just good and bad drivers. I go with her completely here
I never give my car to my wife. She drives "OK" but very capable of taking a sedan from the garage in the morning and parking a hatch back in the evening. tricky! but you need to make reasons why you would never let ladies drive.
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