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Default On behalf of women drivers !!!!!!!

PROLOGUE : This had to happen one day!! I HAD to write about women drivers (in the Indian context). So here I go.

Hi Guys!!

I would like to take up the cause of women drivers on our roads.

Kindly note:

1. DRIVING EXPERTISE : I would like to inform you that we can handle the Steering Wheel and shift gears with as much dexterity as we can stir dal and roll out chapatis

2. READINGS ON THE DIALS : We can comprehend the readings on the dials in dash, i.e., we know what speed the car is running at; how much fuel remains in the tank; total mileage covered by the vehicle; whether the engine is heating up, cabin temperature etc. etc.

:3. CLUTCH & BRAKE & GEARS et al : We know that the Clutch HAS to be pressed while changing gears and to prevent momentum from being broken on lower speeds. We DO NOT enjoy putting a foot on the Clutch unnecessarily (expensive time pass!!). We DO NOT Brake if not required in the middle of the road. We KNOW the positioning of each Gear; and the speed we need to attain to shift to the next one

4. FUEL RELATED : Women play safe and refuel the vehicle before the tank empties completely on a desolate road in the middle of nowhere. By the way, we KNOW the various variants of Fuel available at the pumps

5. AIR PRESSURE & TYRES: We ensure the right pressure is maintained in the tyres for a better fuel efficiency and better engine life. We also ensure regular wheel alignment for longer tyre life

6. EXTERIORS & INTERIORS : Women are more aware of cleanliness; and our vehicles reflect the same sentiment – sparkling exteriors & spick’n’span interiors

7. MAINTENANCE & SERVICE : We NEVER postpone a Service and our vehicles are nurtured in a way we would nurture a relationship

8. BAD WOMEN DRIVERS : Are less common than Bad Men Drivers

9. SPEEDING : We LOVE to speed but not at the cost of being bad mannered on the road. RACING : Hmmm....can be considered occassionally.

10. IN CASE OF AN ACCIDENT : Being invloved in a hit’n’run case is a big NO. Heavens forbid, if we are involved in an accident, we would claim full responsibility for the same and not vanish from the scene like a creep. You see, we have a conscience to live with!!

11. ROAD MANNERS : No matter how much the traffic behind us may honk, we will always let the elderly, small children and students cross the road

12. FLAT TYRES : I admit, we are NOT too good at it; but are learning to do this with minimal help

We would also like you guys to know that we are fully aware and know when………...

1. The guy in the vehicle on the left at the Stop Light has been following us for the last 15+ kms.

2. The Uncles & Aunties of the colony label us “fast” if we speed

3. The car cleaner gives us a dubious reputation in the neighbourhood since he discovered a harmless beer can in the dashboard after a picnic

4. The mechanic tries to con us into replacing the Clutch Plates each year saying it is a must for women drivers (whoa!!)

5. The guy at the filling station tries to refuel the Vehicle with “Normal” fuel instead of “SPEED”, while charging for the latter

6. The local car buy / sell agent works out “ONLY FOR YOU MADAM” offers on vehicle exchange that would leave us neck deep in debt for the next 5 years ……………..

the list is rather big but I will stop here. We KNOW all these and choose to feign ignorance since we just do not have the time to get into altercations every day. So guys, grow up!! Recognise us for our capabilities…DRIVING BEING ONE OF THEM.

Relax....don't stare at us on the road. Do you see us staring at all men on the road??

EPILOGUE : I am not a feminist or a women’s rights activist. Just a professional who drives to and from work on the male infested roads of Delhi.

DISCLAIMER : If this post sounds familiar, this is a modification of my thoughts shared on a different site some 5 years ago.

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Its good that you are standing up for women drivers who suffer from views which are mostly in the over-generalization category.
The post would have been more appropriate if you would have spoken about yourself rather than generalizing about the whole women-driver population.
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Well, how does this feature in Indian Car Scene? I guess it should come under "Shifting Gears" . And more over, I have seen some women/girl drive a car! 85% of the above mentioned points dont even come close. *no offence ment*
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Thumbs up

[EPILOGUE : I am not a feminist or a women’s rights activist. Just a professional who drives to and from work on the male infested roads of Delhi.

My best friend's ( tbhp member) fiancee drives a palio, and she does drive very well in mad hyderabad traffic, with regular shifting of gears based on the rpm , and a perfect reverse parking in some of the tightest spots even we cant park. Its because of drivers like you , that the age old perception of woman drivers is changing. Way to go
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Nicely put

One important thing you missed out...

7. We know how to renew the car insurance that too before expiration.

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Very sensitive topic.

Well, Sugeeta, I guess I have to agree with most of my points.
However, unfortunately, stats are against you.

In my circle, my mom and my sis-in-law avoid driving because they are scared of crashing(they know how to drive, but prefer to be chauffered around ), while my better half and quite a few of my friends are really good drivers. i.e. they do all the points mentioned above.

I guess most newbies make the same mistake, be it a guy or a gal. However, in a male dominated country like india, a stranded lady sticks out like a sore thumb and thus we observe.

Some folks hate women drivers on road, I hate 'L' boards on road. But thats a personal choice. But it surely doesnt mean that all 'L' boards are horrible drivers. Percepetion is a very complex thing.Its an extremely uphill task to change the perception. I guess its only upto us rednecks to get out of this mindframe and look things from a different angle.

I believe that this is more deeeply rooted wherein guys are made to play with toy cars and guns and gals play with dolls. Not sure what the outcome would have been if we had reversed the process...
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No offence but I beg to disagree on most of the points.
And I won't be dragged into a debate on this also.

http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/indian...-pics-428.html (see the nano picture and caption under it)

This is third time I am seeing ladies using accelerator instead of brakes.

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Relax....don't stare at us on the road. Do you see us staring at all men on the road??
Don't know, we are too busy doing our own staring to worry about you staring at us

Anyway, welcome to the forum and yes there can be and are good women drivers. But the We in your post is too general.
For example there are guys who don't stare at women drivers.
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Well written but I am afraid the above points relate to but a minority of women drivers. But anyway its not a kind of argument many of us would like to enter. I love women drivers especially the ones who can DRIVE and not merely hold the car straight in one gear per era. However you wrote this "We know that the Clutch HAS to be pressed while changing gears and to prevent momentum from being broken on lower speeds." while I agree with the first part I didnot quite get the second. Why would you disengage the clutch to maintain momentum on lower speeds, why not simply downshift?

But I agree although the number of good women drivers in definitely increasing and its a welcome change but still they are a rare breed.
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Ya, its generalized statement. But, I was about to disagree with more than one points, but then this answered it.

Originally Posted by Sugeeta View Post
8. BAD WOMEN DRIVERS : Are less common than Bad Men Drivers
And I have seen worst drivers right in the ITPL junction over here. Probably they are counted in this Point #8.

EDIT: Just noticed your interests. Hmm.. offroading. That answer this point.
11. ROAD MANNERS : No matter how much the traffic behind us may honk, we will always let the elderly, small children and students cross the road
And yes, ask about our off-roaders. They too follow this. They follow it to an extent that they take the off-road to allow the pedestrians on the road safely.

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I swear this happened to me today. I was returning from work on the great highway which has never been my friend (NH8), traveling at a fairly high clip, but within the speed limit, towards delhi when the car in front of me brakes all of a sudden. No reason, no car in front of it which had clamped on the brakes, just because the driver felt like it. Managed to climb on the brakes myself in time, looked at the rear view and was relieved to find no car was immediately behind.
So I do the thing which we normally do, overtake, get along side and give a stare to the driver. It turned out to be a woman (Aunty! I thought to myself).

Then it hit me, had it been a guy, I would have just sworn and got on with it. Since it was a woman, the stereotype of women being bad drivers kind of kicked in..
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If only your points were true for all women. But good to see you know your stuff and are a good driver.
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Originally Posted by Sugeeta View Post

Relax....don't stare at us on the road. Do you see us staring at all men on the road??

How come you came to know that we stare at you, if you don't stare at us?

Welcome to forum and have a nice stay.

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Well, gender-based generalizations are not in good taste in my humble opinion, and that goes both ways. If saying that women are bad drivers is an unfair generalization about women, then everything Sugeeta mentioned about men is an equally unfair generalization.

MY REQUEST TO MODS: Please re-read this as a man generalizing about women, calling them "creeps", saying women are bad-mannered, implying that women don't have a conscience etc etc. And take the same action you would on this thread that you would have taken, if a man had written this instead of a woman.

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total flamebait material . too much generalization imo .

Point 3) it is not speed that matters always but RPM in changing gears .
5) how tyre pressure affects engine life may i know ?
8) might be true but % of bad women drivers higher then men .

Also how does the guy in petrol pump charge price of premium when filling normal fuel . each has a separate meter that displays the amount and price filled in .one just has to care to look at the lcd screen .

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