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Originally Posted by kphilip View Post
, hey i forgot to start the engine.poor guys had to push the car in the middle of nowhere..
hahaha... The Funniest I have read so far. So what did your friends say when they found out? Or did you start and feign ignorance? ;-)
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Old 16th October 2010, 17:34   #17
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Thanks guys that was all genuinely fun to read.
Super silly. Super fun. Just goes to prove that I'm and now we are not alone.

Originally Posted by alexkrish View Post
Good Naration 1Maverick.

This silly thing happened when I took my B-I-L's Octavia and on the way home thought of filling up fuel. I had always been used to Petrol Vehicles and never went near a diesel pump to fill up fuel. That Octavia being a Diesel vehicle, I obviously had to fill up diesel.

I went to the fuel station, filled up fuel ( without even knowing if I filled a petrol or diesel ) and was returning back home. All of a sudden it struck me that the Car am driving has a Diesel engine And here comes the Question !!

"What would happen if I filled Petrol in a Diesel engine Car ??? "

I didnt tell this to my wife to avoid panic and I called a good old friend of mine and a service stations guy whom i knew. He started telling me that If you had filled up petrol on a diesel engine, the Engine would cease and stop functioning and would cost me a lot to repair it. He asked me to bring the car to the service station, If i was anywhere near his place.

I went back to the fuel station where i filled up the fuel and to my surprise, the guy had mistakenly filled up diesel instead of petrol. That car didnt have a 'P' or 'D' marked on the fuel tank lid. This mistake of the fuel station guy saved my day. sometimes, its good to forget things, but not like this
@alexkrish the petrol-diesel game was funny and suspenseful

Originally Posted by jinojohnt View Post
Forgetting Car Keys is nothing - Dad once came back home from Church in a friend's car, because he forgot that he had driven his car to Church.
@jinojohnt- the blessed car left at church was too funny.

Originally Posted by kphilip View Post
This was when i was a bachelor and was coming back after a late night party.It was 3 am in the morning.There was one of my female friend and a gud friend of mine.The alto car belonged to the female friend.I pushed the accelerator and there was no response from the car. i told my friends that the car has some problem with the batteries , so told them to push the car to start it in gear and @ 3 am they started pushing it, it was moving..Then suddenly i came to my senses, hey i forgot to start the engine.poor guys had to push the car in the middle of nowhere.That was one of the silliest think which happened in my life.
@kphilip - push-the-car-at-night has great potential to be a super practical joke.
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I have on more than one occassion shifted to second while reversing on my 800. The reverse and second are kinda of opossites , slot it left for second and slot right for reverse.Due to this i made the car move forward while looking back as i was thinking i was doing a reverse.
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Back when I had purchased my first car, I had got central/remote locking installed. One evening I came out of the office and got into the car. I started the engine and then got out to clean up the windshield. Out of habit I closed the door and voila, the doors got locked. I was stuck outside with the car engine running!

I desperately searched for a mechanic who could put me out of my misery, but the only one I found wasn't willing to come over to help. It was raining quite good. I had no option but to return to the office building and make a fool of myself in front of the watchman. Finally I called up the dealer from whom I had purchased it, and he advised me to use a flat tool (like a scale), insert it through the door lining near the lock and unlock the door. I fetched a metal scale from the watchman's cabin and after trying for about fifteen times, managed to unlock the door. Heaved a huge sigh of relief.

After this I always make it a point to remove the key from the ignition when I am stepping out of the car and am alone.
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During those initial days, when I had got the power windows with the "up-module" fitted on the Bolero. I engage in the Sunday morning cleaning activity and completly lost in it. Had kept house keys, my wallet phone and everything inside the vehicle. I crank the engine, close the doors and slide underneath to replace the broken exhaust bush. There it goes. The doors get locked and the glasses roll up. That was a horrible day.

A friend gets a mobile charger to be fitted onto his RE UCE Electra. I am happy to do it for him. Planned to take the lead from the one of those switches on the handle bar. Disconnected the connector and was checking for current from the switch side for a good half an hour, until the friend who is an electronics engineer himslef exclaimed "Dude, you really think the handle bars generate electricty? "
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Default Re: Silliest Things You've Done With Your (or someone else's) Car

Originally Posted by MX6 View Post
We were incredulous as to how he managed to engage the reverse gear.
Then the driver told us the hint. There's a small lever kind of attachment on the gear stick which needed to be lifted up for slotting the gear in reverse. It was a safety mechanism to ensure that you don't accidentally engage reverse gear instead of overdrive.
I gave a sheepish grin - like a perfect idiot.
My friend's last words. I always knew I'm an idiot. Now I'm confused who's a bigger idiot. You who didn't know this thing but said you can drive any vehicle, or me, who let you drive!
I had the issue with my dad's Palio several years ago. Dad never let me drive that car and he never had told me about that ring just below the gear knob which needs to be lifted before trying to engage the reverse gear.

Twice it happened when I had to call my dad as I was stuck while trying to reverse. The first time he did not tell me and said that I was better off with my 118NE and M-800

Second, time his chauffeur taught me the trick.

I had a similar issue with the Hyundai Getz, where to get the ignition going one needs to press down the Clutch.

First few days with the Getz was a nightmare on the signals where usually in Mumbai we switch off the engine while waiting in the traffic. The Getz would not budge without the Clutch being pressed down.
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Default Re: Silliest Things You've Done With Your (or someone else's) Car

We all know the Ford's indicator and wiper stalks are opposite to Maruti's. You wake me up from my sleep and ask, I still can tell you this. When I drove my friend's Fiesta a week ago, I completely forgot about this. After two tries, my friend used to remind me at every turn. Felt so stupid and sheepish
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Default Re: Silliest Things You've Done With Your (or someone else's) Car

hoMe, I rode my trusty 15 year old Bajaj scooter 10kms to play football at a playground, and then came back home by bus completely forgetting that I had arrived by scooter. Was feeling a little heady after the physical exertion I guess ...

Remembered only around 10pm with a startle and made a dash for it on a friends vehicle.

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Default Re: Silliest Things You've Done With Your (or someone else's) Car

My first car was a Santro Zip Plus. I usually press down the central lock when getting out of the car with the door open. Twice I had forgotten to take the keys and locked the cars with the keys inside, once with the engine running. Thankfully the cars I drive now do not lock when the doors are open
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Default Re: Silliest Things You've Done With Your (or someone else's) Car

Originally Posted by PAVAN KADAM View Post
My M-800 - Got my mechanic to come over from 25 kms saying oil leakage, when it was just the A/C condenser water dripping down
I am not the only one then.

So there was this curb stone lying flat in the middle of the road. I thought I can safely go over it, by letting it pass under the car. Oh well, by the sound of it, it hit something underneath. I thought couldn't be serious and continued on my journey. I stopped to answer nature's call midway. After finishing thought might just as well check. Saw liquid dripping down from the engine bay and now I am worried, real worried.

Not knowing Hindi I called my wife and told her to call road side assistance. They couldn't come, etc, etc. I drove on, calling up repeatedly, she calling them, stopping, checking oil level, the works. Reached home and parked the car, and to booth even put a container below to collect the liquid (don't want potential fire and/or mess from leaking oil, do we?)

About half an hour later the service personnel finally reached and proclaimed all is well!
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Default Re: Silliest Things You've Done With Your (or someone else's) Car

Originally Posted by roamingrao View Post
Oh my ! Having got used to a scorpio's engine start, had to move my cousin's swift which was blocking the pathway at a marriage hall. Got the car key from my cousin, and cranked the engine several times - waiting for the vibrations ! My cousin came running - The engine is on !!!

Felt silly initially but sorry later - had i damaged the engine ?
No, not the engine, only the starter motor. Happens to quite a few people this one.
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Default Re: Silliest Things You've Done With Your (or someone else's) Car

This happened just 2 days back. I had been driving my friend's Swift for a couple of weeks and then started using my Alto (which I have been using for 3 years now) again.

Went to DLF IT park where the security guard asked me to open the boot to do the usual security check. Sitting in the driver's seat, I opened using the remote opener below the seat. The security tried raising the boot but in vain. I finally switched off the car and handed over the key to him. All this while I was wondering whats wrong with the remote opener.

I parked my car, got out of it and for some reason came to the left side - only to notice the fuel lid is opened.

Ooops!!!! I realize that its an Alto and not a Swift!!
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Default Re: Silliest Things You've Done With Your (or someone else's) Car

i have done few silly things many a times and even now but different ways.
as i was driving more of a fiats with column shift gears and was driving occasionally cars with floor shift. my hand used to move around the indicator switch to find the gear knob, and many a times i pulled the indicator switch

now i drive modern cars and cars with floor shift more often than my fiat with column shift, and took a great surprise in traffic jams not finding the gear liver on floor. this happened to me twice

and i also get confused between indicator switch and wiper switch occasionally.
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Default Re: Silliest Things You've Done With Your (or someone else's) Car

If there's one country where i am scared of the rules, its SG.
I was visiting, and staying at my brother's place, while my brother was back in india, and planned to use my petrol fiesta(note).
There was a dedicated cab with me in SG to ferry me around.
And did i mention , i am scared by therules in SG?
the huge fines/jails what not?
Hence, I tend to not do something which i am unsure about even 0.001 %.
So my brother call me up, and asks me,"the car is diesel or petrol?"
and my thought process goes off on a completely different path.
I thought, maybe there's some law governing petrol and diesel vehicles too in SG.Maybe they aint allowed inside residential complexes during 3:41 and 59 seconds to 5:34 and 43 seconds.
I dont know!!
I said, "its a diesel."
and hang up.
2 seconds later, i realize, "oh geez, he was asking about MY car.IN INDIA!!"
panic, panic!!
and gues who decided its not on speaking terms with local cellphone network right then?
My brother called again on the landline after 5 minutes(the longest 5 minutes, in my car related history),"are you sure?The attendant here is asking 'sir, pakka diesel?'"
NO, NO NO!!!Petrol, please!!
only premium!!!

He still calls my car bi-fuelled....

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