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View Poll Results: cause of accidents
Driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs 47 40.87%
fatigue 5 4.35%
Problem related to the car(tyre burst/ brake fail etc.) 5 4.35%
lack of concentration due to extra curricular activities :-) 39 33.91%
Other 19 16.52%
Voters: 115. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 25th August 2006, 01:31   #16
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My reason for accidents are

Road rules illeteracy
Unmonitored traffic
No respect for other motorists
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Old 25th August 2006, 01:31   #17
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There are many reasons. Some that come to mind are:

(1) On the highways -- Major reason is narrow roads in terrible condition, with poor drainage and virtually no maintenance and lack of proper road signs. Our roads are dug up frequently for various trivial reasons, but there is no follow-up to repair the damage caused. And when repairs are done, the job is third-rate. Followed by the fact that vehicles doing a wide range of speeds share the same road --in my opinion if you have a car doing 100+ kmph and a loaded lorry doing 40 kmph sharing the same narrow road (not to mention bullock carts) the situation begs for accidents. And let us not forget the role played by irresponsible pedestrians (especially villagers) in causing accidents -- and then making matters worse by forcing the govt. to construct massive speed-breakers on highways.

(2) In the city -- chaotic traffic conditions, with poor enforcement of traffic rules and lane discipline, terrible roads with massive pot-holes that force people to weave around from left to right.

(3) Many of the drivers get their licenses without undergoing proper tests and so are a menace becaue of their incompetence -- they are basically learning on the job. Today in my drive to the office I was blocked for about 5 mins by two two-wheeler drivers driving in parallel at 30-35 kmph and talking to each other.
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Old 25th August 2006, 10:30   #18
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Highways - 1. Overtaking 2. Fatigue 3. Highspeeds

1a. When there is no clearance (ex in corners)

b. Having the confidence on the upcoming vehicle driver that he will brake or go sidewards

2. Ignoring 15-30 minutes rest & keep pushing to reach the destination (making feel of driving itself a frustrating one rather than enjoying)

3. Just standing on the pedal hitting highspeeds thinking that everything will go fine ( Once in a while we need to ask ourselves, will I be able to stop the car within next "X" mtrs in total control)

City: Rash driving,

No doubt- driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs is accepting the invitation to HELL
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Old 25th August 2006, 12:10   #19
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MAin reason is lack of concentration, negligence, Cummon guy's driving under alcohol can also be classified as negligence of the rules, safety.
This is bound to happen when there is a attitude that, if police gets hold of me my dad will get me out. Just for fun/rush some people risk their and other peoples life in the roads.
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Old 25th August 2006, 13:29   #20
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I would look at not concentrating on the road as a reason for accidents. Alcohol is one of the primary reason for non concentrating on the roads. Hence extra things to be done need be done outside the car and not when driving.

When driving one must remember, that you must take care of yourself, and also those on the road!!
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Old 25th August 2006, 13:34   #21
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Originally Posted by sumitkalindi
MAin reason is lack of concentration, negligence, .

Totally agreee with this statement and just last week i was a victom to such an accident !!

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Old 26th August 2006, 23:51   #22
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As an addendum to my earlier post, I would argue that one of the reasons why India (and I am talking about Delhi in specific) is terrible to drive in, is because there is everything from bael-gaadis to cycles to lamborghinis on the same road. I experience the frustration of getting caught behind a slow 3-wheeler carriage auto or a m800 going at 30kmph on a daily basis, and let's just say I can empathize with people who have road rage in those moments.
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Old 3rd September 2006, 21:37   #23
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Your subject heading states "cause of accidents"

I assume you are talking about "cause of accidents in India"

I think the biggest cause is - Not following the rules, lack of traffic education.
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Old 3rd September 2006, 22:24   #24
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Well according to me ...the cause of highway accidents is also because of overloaded trucks! Overloaded trucks are also one of the main reason for bad roads on highways.
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Old 3rd September 2006, 23:02   #25
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Default a little mathematical


Might sound a little mathematical but its
1. P(Accident) = the positive correlation between all of these factors + the positive correlation between these factors for the other vehicles if they are involved as well.
2. Number of variables is less; include a). weather b) time of day/night c) age of vehicle and other parameters as well.

My 2 bits. The hits I had on my Santro were both in the night due to wreckless drivers on the other end(maybe drunk! dont know) and me not being able to cover up for thier mistakes by sufficiently defensive driving and thus getting hit.
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Old 4th September 2006, 18:11   #26
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Originally Posted by turbo_lover
besides mechanical failure ... DUI causes the most accidents ...
DUI accidents are very common in the US , but not here in india. it is the violations of rules & regulations that cause the major accidents. i wonder why that was not listed as a reason in this poll.
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Old 4th September 2006, 19:14   #27
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In my opinion, Driver behavior is the biggest contributor to the accidents. This includes the DUI, Ignorance, disregard for law/rules and other road users, road rae and ego.

Other causes may be equipment failure, more so by ill maintanance than design. Take notice how many trucks ply on highway on right most lane with out a tail light or reflector.

Then there are bad road designs. I have seen straight road with zero visibility . and met with an accident too.
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Old 16th May 2008, 23:53   #28
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Default Lack of Road Etiquette

In MHO, lack of road etiquette is the primary reason for road accidents. Unfortunately in India, we don't believe in learning driving from a good driving school or by a good driver himself.
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Old 17th May 2008, 00:14   #29
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I belief, it is lack of driving requirements (or knowledge) by drivers and govt, both, is causes most of the accidents.
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Old 17th May 2008, 00:40   #30
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Driving under influence of alcohol is probably the biggest culprit.
Closely following is total disregard for rules and safety (driving in wrong way, violating one way, jumping red signal, stopping in the middle of the road, overtaking on curves w/o visibility etc etc)
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