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Default HP call centre girl Raped and Murdered


That was horrible. A call centre girl was raped by a man who claimed to a replacement driver, took her somewhere, raped and murdered. The guy was caught later and found to be employed in a travels.
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Saw that in TV news; Feel sorry for her family members.

If there is someone from media reading this message, Please take my point as an advice. Showing pictures of victims and their family members may not do any good to them. In fact you guys are spoiling peoples image in the whole public.

Rest of the people:
Please treat this as a caution/warning/alert call it what you want, but try to get this message across your link and beware of these happening (especially in the odd hours).
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Old 17th December 2005, 15:27   #3
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really shocking to here about that.i feel sorry for her family and close friends.may her soul rest in peace.

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Can't help recollecting what I saw in China. In Xian (interior China), I was picked up from the airport to the hotel, past midnight, by a middle-aged Chinese lady who was the driver of our company vehicle. In a Shanghai suburb, women workers were returning home in bicycles at about 11:30 p.m. after completing their 2nd shift. I couldn't help asking my Chinese colleague how safe it was for working women. 'Absolutely safe... anywhere in China', was his reply.

Why then are Indian cities different? Progress goes hand-in-hand with social culture. Is China more progressive because their 'cultural revolution' preceded 'economic revolution'? Do Indians have an additional (exploitative) gene?
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Old 17th December 2005, 16:34   #5
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I agree with MS Prabhakar. A few of these perverts need to used to set an example to others. Public floggings and lynchings would not be a bad idea. In China it is not uncommon for pimps etc to get a bullet to the head by the state execution squads. In India the cases drag on for years, if capital punishment is imposed the human rights (interfering idiots) get involved.
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Old 17th December 2005, 16:56   #6
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Exclamation Safety For Women

This is terribile...... when can our women feel safe? Some stricter forms of punishments are NEEDED to discourage the trend.

We have lived in Cochin, Bangalore, Delhi and Chandigarh and now in Ahemdabd for the past 7 years. I have nothing against other cities......... we have felt the safest in Ahmedabad. It my sound strange.... people who move from other cities, even Mumbai, find Ahmedabad safe for women folk. In fact, many of our colleagues wives force their husbands to buy houses and settle down here. Hope it stays that way for a long time.

Delhi has been the most stressful place for late nights (ppl get panicky if their near and dears are little late coming home). I hear Bangalore crime rate is also on the raise with the neo culture kicking in.

Now...... Delhiaites, Banglorians and Mumbaites, pl. dont go for my Juglar.... these are my impressions.

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So far this is the first such horrible case I've heard of, so I won't go so far as to condemn Bangalore and its call centers. However, I hope they seriously beef up their safety measures for their male and female employees. I've heard of lots of call centre employees getting robbed on their way back from work.

My condolences to the family. I feel really bad for their loss. I hope the ******* rots in jail.
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Old 17th December 2005, 17:23   #8
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Originally Posted by ramkya1
...I... find Ahmedabad safe for women folk.
Ramkya, You may be quite right (although I don't have much experience about A'bad). Mumbai and Kolkata are relatively safer than Delhi for women. Last year I spent some time in NE India, and two years back in Kerala. I found the culture and attitude (w.r.t. women) surprisingly different from many other parts of India I've seen. If only our politicians can focus on integrating the best of values from across regions instead of on non-issues such as Begaluru, we can truly build a Mera Bharat Mahan...
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Very sad and very unfortunate. After Delhi, looks like Bangalore is being affected too.
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Thats a shocking incident, feel sad about the girl.
Hope these call centres take proper measures so that such incidents don't happen again.
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How desperate can a guy get??...its madness, and according to the newspaper it said that she was newly married. The guy has got to be hanged for this..infact any rapist has to be.
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Old 17th December 2005, 21:53   #12
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Yeah I know, hanged after a public flogging.
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Wow, very sad indeed. There doesn't even seem to be any intent. What a psyco.
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Well, Really really shocking news this is, May the lord bless her soul, I work in a call centre myslef, Well most of the times that the people get robbed is when they take their own transport, Lets us say a two wheeler in a deserted corner with one goy does not hold much against a bunch of people.Till now I thought that taking the company cab is the safest, will have to think differently now. HP will have one security guard in each vehicle from now, However what has happened has happened, I read that this thug took the names of the female employees from the company and acted as if he was the driver for the day, The regular driver after reaching her house discovered that she has been already picked up. One thing that the companies can do is to put up a sticker with the company logo containing a hologram, in that way no other vehicle can be used for employees transportation. All the companies are tightening their security measures including ours

When will this change???
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Old 18th December 2005, 11:59   #15
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Thumbs up Unacceptable

This is Totally Not Acceptable and gone out of control.
Guys getting mugged/ Belted/ Robbery/ Insulted.
Well if that wasnt good enuff.
Ladies abused and murdered.
Where is this all leading us to?

I am unable express how bad and sad I am feeling about all this.
Hope her soul rest in peace and the culprit get what he deserves.
And let this be an lesson to every one so they remember and refrain from such inhuman activities henceforth.
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