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Default Re: Carwash & Waxing for Rs.99 at Carnation

I wrote to snapdeal and I also got a refund! I have got a couple of calls from carnation yesterday severly apologizing and requesting to come again.
They even offered to come to my home and wash the car at my home. .

I just refused and asked them to try all these things with the left over customers that they have since I would never go there again.
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Default Re: Carwash & Waxing for Rs.99 at Carnation

We, Me and revved_up went together for the wash & wax thing. I would second his thoughts.

Mr. Khattar has moles in his organization who are religiously destroying it.

What shocked us was, let alone trying to convince/satisfy us, the unit head accepted the coupon booklet and signed the manual gate pass. Why manual? Coz the online one would have taken time and he wanted us out asap.

There was one big bell hung with a huge poster saying "If you are dissatisfied, Ring the bell". We rang it loud and no one seemed to bother.

I once had rang it at a Mahindra dealership and 5-6 managers from different corner came running. Atleast they did.

All in all, we all know how fed up in many different ways we are with the OEM service centers. It could have been a great opportunity to win some customers, which they have lost big time and I do not think they will survive too long.

Mr. Khattar take note.
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Default Re: Carwash & Waxing for Rs.99 at Carnation

Everyone going to carnation be really careful. Here is what happened to another bhpian.
http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/modifi...t-rubbing.html (Just had a Paintjob done. Carwash first or Rubbing?)

Hey thedreamcatcher,
Now that they have extended the wash wax until the 10th of march do you want to go there?
I have 2 more of these coupons with me don't know what to do with them.

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Default Re: Carwash & Waxing for Rs.99 at Carnation

@ Captain Slow - Here it is.
Just had a horrific experience yesterday at Carnation Gurgaon. I had bought 2 coupons just like everyone else when they were available on Snapdeal last year. I had taken our Indica earlier and was highly dissatisfied and had posted the entire ordeal on this thread. I got a call on Thursday saying my vouchers will expire on 28th Feb and I should use them before that. Now with all the rains, the cars had gotten quite dirty. So, thought I'll take the Esteem and this time wisened up after past experience, just get it washed.

Called up Carnation and the lady asked me to bring it in at 12. I got there at 12:30, told the service advisor, no checkups, just wash the car. he said the queue is really long and it would take time. I said OK and I am prepared to wait. He writes down the time for delivery in the jobcard as 6:30 PM. I protest and he says he is just writing it down, but the car will be ready much before that. I agree and he puts the car in the queue for washing which actually is pretty long. Around 15 cars are ahead of me. The queue is actually a very narrow area around the building. I have tried to illustrate it in the figure below.

Now I just hang around for the long wait. While waiting I wander around to the washing bays and there I notice that the service advisors are getting more cars directly into the washing bays from Exit 2. I object to this and one service advisor says that these cars are the ones that came for service and they have to be delivered first. The promo cars have to do the go around of the building and wait their turn. I said how are they ever going to get their turn if you keep getting cars ahead. Upon this, he asks for my Job card, I hand it over to him and he points out that my time of delivery is 6:30PM and I should go inside and wait. I argue with him that my service advisor said my car will be ready much before that. He says that I should talk about it to my service advisor. I let it go. It was around 4:30 PM by now and then I see a couple of more service advisors trying to get their cars ahead in the line by squeezing the cars between the wall and the building. I protest to this as well and they say that these cars had come for service and had to be delivered by 3PM and please co-operate. This way cars which were standing much behind mine in the queue were washed well before me.
After a while, some other service advisor started to do the same thing, and this time I was left with no choice but to raise my voice and express myself. Now they became aware that I was standing there and did not push my car back any further. One of them says "saab ki gaadi aage lagvao" and tells a driver to move my car ahead. Now while doing this, he reverses my car at such a speed that he loses control and scrapes it against the side of the washing bay and there is a big scratch. More of a Gash on the LH rear quarter panel.
I now lose my temper real bad and walk towards the car ready to give them a mouthful. It turned out that the guy standing there was the Service Manager. He very politely apologised to me and said he will get it repaired. I have to give him the credit as I was at the epitome of frustration and the way he handled the situation was really well. He sincerely apologised to me and said he would hand back the car to me as I had handed it over, but I have to allow him some time. I was really furious as to how wrong a free car wash could go. I still did give him a mouthful about what kind of drivers he employs and about the poor service.
He directs the wash guys to wash the car and take it to the bodyshop. The car is now promptly washed and taken to the bodyshop, where a guy immediatelly starts working on it. He strips off the paint, does some welding and applies putty and primer and leaves it to set. All this within half an hour. (These guys can work fast if they have a stick up their behind). The area is then sanded and prepped for paint. It is around 6 by now. Meanwhile the service manager keeps hanging around me to keep me happy offering Tea, Biscuits etc etc. He meanwhile tells me that I will have to come again for rubbing and polishing. I tell him I had no plans of coming again, but since he convinces me that new paint needs polishing, I oblige and say I will come in a couple of days. He says he will have the whole car washed and rubbed and polished. I tell him just get my car repaired as of now. I decided to wait inside the workshop itself watching the work being done. The whole place is empty by 7PM and it is just me and the two guys working on my car and the service advisor. I had by then chatted up with them and found out that the service manager had just joined 2 days back. Finally they paint the quarter panel and the guy also gives a coat on my LH rear door. I ask why and he says there were some scratches and he did it just for me. I pretend to be flattered and nod. The car is left to dry for around half an hour more.
I finally leave at 9:00 PM. Almost 9hrs wasted on a stupid carwash.
The paintwork has been done pretty good. I am a bit confused as to whether I should complain or take it further as in the end I got the car back as I had given it in.
Attached are the pics of the layout, the scratch, the work in progress and post repair.
I request the members to please think twice before giving in their prized possessions to Carnation(at least the Gurgaon one). As for me, I have one more "Last in this lifetime" visit left to Carnation for the rubbing/polishing.
Attached Thumbnails
Carwash & Waxing for Rs.99 at Carnation-ss.jpg  

Carwash & Waxing for Rs.99 at Carnation-27022011304.jpg  

Carwash & Waxing for Rs.99 at Carnation-27022011306.jpg  

Carwash & Waxing for Rs.99 at Carnation-28022011311.jpg  

Carwash & Waxing for Rs.99 at Carnation-27022011307.jpg  

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Default Re: Carwash & Waxing for Rs.99 at Carnation

^^ Now that was definitely a bad exprience and not something I would have taken lightly. And nine hours is too much to waste in a day on just a car wash

That is one of the two reasons I was not confident. 1. Dont have the patience to spend over 4 hours 2. Not confident to leave the car with them

You still have to escalate the issue. Just because they have repaired and given it, does not mean it should be taken lightly. What about time lost and unnecessary work on a good part of the body. In your case the colour is easy to replicate. WHat if it is a more complex colour, and if they dont know the correct number of coats to apply, it may have a visible difference later.
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Exclamation Re: Carwash & Waxing for Rs.99 at Carnation

Well i understand that this thread is about carnation and what all bad experiences one can have at carnation. I think sky is limit.

I also have one coupon worth 199, not to mention i dont intend to use it now for sure.

But somewhere down the line we are forgetting main culprit "Snap Deal.com". Just give it a thought.

1. SnapDeal doesnt have any mechanism to cross check "Quality of Service" being offered during promo. Probably they just put the deal ON their website and collect their commission and leave their customers at mercy of service providers.

2. Snapdeal.com doesnt have any online user feedback system wherein users can do their PolKhol.

3. Not to mention, their moto" Customer satisfaction is our primary goal. If you ever feel that you were dissatisfied with SnapDeal, let us know and we'll refund your purchase - " is just a marketing gimmick and they do not Stand By it - for sure.

Two days back i sent them a mail to cancel my voucher and refund my money. And received a shocking response that "They Cant Cancel it as per policy" but offered me a "SD Cash of 100" against my payment of Rs 199/-. Where in i am aware that few of members here got their refund. How come policy differs for different users?

Unknowingly i had also bought a coupon for a dentist. Package included

"Consultation with Dentist as well as Gum Specialist, Teeth Cleaning, Teeth Polishing, One tooth filling (if required), X - Ray (if required) and Dental Educational CD"

When i visited said clinic today, cleaning and polishing was done in 9 Mins and i was also advised to Extract my both wisdom tooth on priority eventhough i am not experiencing any problems at all with them.

Costing Rs 2500/- Each. (Any Dentist here -please do comment.)

No X-ray/No filling/ No CD (Never Wanted it) was given however i was advised for "Deep" filling of one of my molar- costing 1000/- . Not to mention "Deep" filling is not part of package.

Word of Wisdom: Stay away from "snapdeal.com" else make your own life miserable.

In world of customer delight, it is sad that few service providers still believes in - reaping customer in one visit instead of making them revisit.

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Default Re: Carwash & Waxing for Rs.99 at Carnation

I'm Surprised I did not bother looking for this thread before getting the Carnation Vouchers. However mine was not too bad an experience. I bought the Rs.99 Wax and Polish Package and also the 1Yr On road assistance.

Here are things I liked:

1-The staff at Carnation are friendly, polite and seem knowledgeable.
2-The Infrastructure seems good. The Bays are very clean and well maintained.
3-The DC store is a good place to kill some time.
4-You receive prompt mobile alerts as soon as you sign your car in.
5-The wash and vacuum was good.
6-I used the road side assistance for a flat battery today and it went well.

Here are things I didn't like:

1-The entire road in front of the Marathahalli Outlet is dug up!
2-Initially the receptionist tried to convince me that I cannot avail two coupons (wash and on road assistance) on the same day. This seemed ridiculous to me and i spoke to the Service Manager who sorted this out for me.
3-The parking coupon says that CarNation is not responsible for any damage to the car caused while in their possession. That's just stupid!
4-The Wash and Polish took way too long. Left the car at 12, got it at 7!
5-The Wax job was a joke! But for Rs.99 what did I expect.
6-They did not have the expertise to set the idling for my Lancer!
7-After the 25 point checkup, they came up with a list of non existent issues which I proved wrong to the visibly embarrassed service manager!

Overall, I feel the place is trying hard but still has a long way to go. I feel they do not have the staff to go with the setup. The Service manager was friendly enough but at the end of the day an expert technician is what matters the most.

Its nothing to stay away from though. Don't leave your car unsupervised. Stay with it at all times and provide instant feedback. Tell them you want them to improve because you like the place and will come again only if they make the effort to do things well. Thats the only was we will have long term benefits. Else places will come and go. We will crib but nothing will change.

I for one feel Carnation is on the right track. They have the right ambiance, funding doesn't seem to be a concern and they are aggressive in their marketing. With proper feedback we will have a setup worthy of our cars.
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Default Re: Carwash & Waxing for Rs.99 at Carnation

Yesterday decided to use my last coupon at their Sanathnagar outlet. I went in at 11:45am and was out by 12:40pm.

55 minutes flat

A thorough wash, interior vaccuming and a good rub down. Decent job

A few cars started pouring in just while I was getting ready to leave

I got my Rs.99 worth for sure
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Carwash & Waxing for Rs.99 at Carnation-img00136201103061141.jpg  

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Default Re: Carwash & Waxing for Rs.99 at Carnation

There is new offer in Snap Deal for Carnation, wonder who is bold enough!

Keep Your Car Gleaming New All The Time! Pay Rs 1649 for 3M car detailing services worth Rs 4000 at Carnation Auto
Attached Images
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Default Re: Carwash & Waxing for Rs.99 at Carnation

The Perfect-It 3000 is a rubbing compound! If a new person at carnation is doing this then he could easily damage the paint if hes not careful.
I am watching this thread very carefully. So who is going to be the first one to try it out?
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Default Re: Carwash & Waxing for Rs.99 at Carnation

No polishing or waxing done.
No wheel balancing done.
Looks like they have just topped up the oil levels.
No small parts available at their shop, and no calls later to intimate whether they have the parts now in store or not.

Looks like they are no different from others.
Better to get servicing from neighborhood garage/mechanic.
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Default Re: Carwash & Waxing for Rs.99 at Carnation


So for all you people (including me) who took the deal last year, if you happen to open the GOLD booklet they gave you, you will find coupons which expire soon.
One of them is free washing and waxing and the other is free wheel alignment.

So I called their customer service center and found that 2 out of the 3 outlets in Mumbai had shut down.
Sent my driver with the innova to the Kurla one yesterday.

They put it on the lift and washed it (i had explicitly asked the driver to tell them to raise the car and not wash on the floor).
Put some perfunctory wax and half heartedly wiped it with a cloth. (Saying free ka treatment mein itna hi milega/This is what you get in the free treatment)

Did wheel alignment but did not give the reading printout to my driver.

So overall came back with a underbody wash and wheel alignment.

Effect of waxing was: Zero/Zilch/Nada

Now I dont think I will send the palio (which has a coupon book pending) for the same!

Too far away for the effort!

Carnation continues to offer a far from satisfactory experience to its customers...
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