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Default New story..


They say, Fights bring you closer!
You say things, you hear things!
You give blows! you get nasty bites..

You get looks!,
you get "huhs",
"haaa" (said in silent killer decibel level, with a deep breath_exhale),
and the "sighs" (Your brain processes information with speeds exceeding your imagination!) <only if you can listen>

Its like playing minesweeper (on expert difficulty)..(with a lot of distraction!!).
One wrong click, can tick it off!

Say something, just a shade out of course..and you pay!
You pay, for all that.. (with interest rates that could put the credit card rates to shame!)

So, whats the trick? What do you do!?
Can you stay aloof from it?

you think!?



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Default Difference of opinion..

I have a clear recall of almost every little “difference of opinion” we have had (read: fight).

Every time, I remember, when I start with,
“Let’s sit down and talk like adults..”
We do not sit down (read: you do not sit down),
and, we definitely do not talk like adults (read: you do not talk like an adult)
& I am more than sure of one thing, that, if we go by technicality, practically every argument we have had did never exist (read: I was right!).
Really, the kind of discussions we have (read:talk_like_war) after any difference of opinions (read: fight) is really funny!


Scene 01:

I am late, and I forgot to call (to say I was going to be late) Oh.. damn!
Fact: I was with friends
(My workmate bought PS3, we all had to check it out!)
Presented Fact: My work mate had a problem at home
(somebody was ill – couple of months back, but still, that’s not a lie!)

You: So..
(You carry a look which says, “was the secretary good!?”)
Me: Ya..
(My look becomes like I was told by Clint Eastwood, “You’re dead, punk”)
You: Really! You want me start?
Me: What!?

( By now, I am thinking about a million things at the same time!
Even though I have studied mechanics and dynamics better than you, still, your practical knowledge of projectile motion and aim, both are impeccable.
“You have right to remain silent, anything you say may or may not be used against you in the court..”
Blood and honour..> man, that movie was nice.. >>now’s not the time mannn!..)
But, these are only the thoughts in the background!)

You: We talked about this the last time, and you promised that you would call, if there was any need to stay late..
(Now in this situation, be warned, be cautioned, be one thousand % clear, that the facts stated from across the line have administrator set attributes <attrib fact _r_a_h>
( for the non-techs > the attributes are readonly/archived/hidden!).
Under no circumstances, even think of challenging the fact that “the promise was made”)

Me: Yes dear, But, ..

(Rookie Mistake>DO NOT use any conjunctions when counter-stating the first time in an argument!
The sentence would be cut short with immediate effect, and only the first part of the sentence would be considered as “that’s all you have to say”)

You: Don’t start with the Butts and Ifs,.. what yes dear ??
.. killer shark fierceness meets match in the killerness' of the sigh received _here_
(complete disregard to any words that might have been uttered by me after the “but”, and quick exit to the adjacent room)

When you are trying to put up an argument with the fairer sex, (understand that) you are fighting an almost-lost battle!
Now, when She goes in the adjacent room, if you think that the fight_has_been_adjourned! Then .. you are soo wrong!
This will continue within a couple of minutes/hours

One thing, that you will spend years to master is “When to talk!!”

Believe me on this one, it’s like we never know when to talk or if we get the time right, we don’t know, what exactly to say..

For all the kids/dudes/guys/smart ones_not married_singles!

At some point of time, in your life, you will always come across such a situation. No amount of mental preparation can help, that’s another thing. But, you should not go in the unchartered territories without a fair idea of what lies ahead. And, for the moment, I am stepping forward!

Scene 02:

She: I just need some time/space! <<<Stop right there! OK?>>>
<RIGHT there!>

to be contd...


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Default Re: Difference of opinion..

Originally Posted by driverace View Post

to be contd...
I'll be waiting Ace.

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Default Re: Difference of opinion..

Originally Posted by Sam Kapasi View Post
I'll be waiting Ace.

That means a lot!
(I am resisiting the urge to put in so many filmi dialogues here!!)



..contd..coming up ASAP!
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Default Re: Coffee Time Story


Scene 02:

She: I just need some time/space! <<<Stop right there! OK?>>>
<RIGHT there!>

You: What time, space & continuum you need really!?
(you will think of this one if you are really physics guy, or have watched considerable amount of Big bang theory!)
You: You want Continuum too? (OR this one..)
(O.T. when I watch Big Bang theory, I wonder, other than Lesslie Winkle, which girl might actually understand >90% of the jokes in that series!!
I mean you have to be that nerdy, geeky, science_loving, and if you have all that you have to be free enough to watch such sitcom too!,
believe me, In a world where there is a girl like that,
Lesslie Winkle would be a Cinderella !! lol. )
Ohhhhh, If you even DARE to say that!!,
If you happen to Mock this sacred sentence
I need some time/space..”
with some thing as Mr. smartpants like “What time, space, continuum..”

or something as stupid & naive as “How much time..?”

Then, my dear friend, you are in for a ride!
(Which is not so good for your health! With long lasting aftereffects for sure!!)
Typical responses to the above counter-questions would be:
“you just don’t understand..”
(Which is a standard reply in many other cases, may or may not be a serious argument, but, can turn into a major one soon after this statement!)
“Its all a joke for you..”
( you can say something smart here, and get away with this, most of the time..)
“I cannot tell, how much time..”
(with following silence, which makes you think there’s more, but there isn’t!) ( actually, there is, but not at that time itself!)
Let the sands of time roll you back to the moment just before you choose the answer “the” unasked question..

We are wondering what ideal response to the above question!?

For that, understand one thing clearly enough, what exactly does the pretty woman in front of you means by the “plain” sentence.
This statement , “I need some time/space” usually (read: almost all the time!) means you are on your own for quite some time now!
The reasons for such a statement being pitched at you can be numerous, and it would be really very tedious to list all of them
(very much on the verge of being an impossible task to encompass them all).
Reason may be any, Reasons may be many,
but, the outcome is fairly the same.
For quite some time after this, you have to figure out the right thing to do.>> On your own..
Let me tell you, “this” phase in relation (better unseen, than otherwise!),
will test you for the worst of known cases in relationship-history.
This does not call for any childish behavior / desperate attempts / swearing & snapping back.
(If done, will always worsen the situation! Remember she is your girl! not your boss!! >> Ok, she is your boss in a way.. but, you do not hate her, like you hate your boss!)
Hold your calm.

So, the sentence has been delivered,
now, there is nothing much that can be done,
other than take the service with grace, and make it look like a successful backfoot play (read: retreat!!)

If you are still wondering the perfect reply to the “statement”
It Does Not Exist till date!
There is no dodging this bullet. This bullet has to be bitten.

You have to crawl through the situation, soldier!!


Although, On a serious note, I can say one thing for sure.
Do not at all resist at this point of time. I know, you would feel the itch to try to work out the reason of this. You would want to try to solve it. But, believe me, if she’s calm enough to say something of this magnitude,
you are better off without any argument (at least, at the very moment).

Women, are very complex creatures. By nature!
I try to understand their behavior from what I see around, hear from my dear ones, and I observe in general.
I do not mean to offend the fairer sex in any way (like I would dare!)
Please do not get any wrong idea.
I am trying to put forth the way I see it, I feel, with some humor in one hand, some imagination in the other!


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Default Re: Coffee Time Story


How do you know, when you are in love!?

All the songs start to make sense!


Story coming up...
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Default Re: Coffee Time Story


Some Thursday…

I would return home, the clock would be saying its late,
and the door being locked, will say its going to be difficult now.
It strikes me that I was supposed to be early today,
and on the contrary I am 2 hours late, and the door being locked unlike other days when there is an angel standing right there,
welcoming me in our heavenly paradise since we have been together.

I don’t remember last time we had a fight, but today I feel that its going to be a fight.
Now I am cursing myself for not talking properly on the phone in the morning,
not calling to tell that I had to work later today to make sure that I meet my deadline,
but now, its all falling the "excuse" zone!

I am thinking of all the things I have to say to get her back with the smile on her face
and get her to forget that I am late in spite of me being reminded in the morning.

She never complains,
but she sure is unhappy,
and I can sense that without her even saying a word about it.
There is this air, which tells me that she is not comfortable about something and that, really makes me uneasy,
and I cannot rest, till I have made the reason behind that go away.

I need to think fast and do something, to see that she isn’t off because of that.

I slowly try to enter the bedroom,
trying to find her, in a somewhat less angry mood.
(without a gun! or anything sharp!)
Perhaps she has heard about some sale on somewhere! ,
Or, I “hope” in-laws are coming!!
Yes, there are times when you wish this happens!
She isn’t there.
I think I hear her in the bath.

I keep my laptop-bag down, and head to the bath-house!.

Our bath-house like we both wanted it to be,
it is a small suite in itself,
and it is totally designed by us, like we always wanted it..
White marble, covering the entire place,
a bathtub,
not too small for two, but neither so big that we could sit way apart,
if we were in together.

Lights.. very dim,
so only her eyes could shine, and mine could see them shine!

Candle-housing moldings, at least 50+ alongside the tub,
scented ones, beautiful ones, tall ones, fat ones, which are so sensuous, they add to the beauty of our love.

Mirrors around, so we could see us together..
in peace.. in love, madly in love all over each other!
But, peace was expected to be the last thing in here now!!
It was like the anti-peace! like shoot@sight !!

I walk in the bath,
seeing her relaxed in the tub,
covered in foam in warm water, steaming very lightly.
I loosen my tie and come through the bathroom door.

She is very cool and relaxed, with her eyes closed.

Damn, now that makes it difficult for me to talk to her.
But she smiles (!?) without opening her eyes.

I am puzzled,
Is she angry?
Is she soo angry, that she is smiling with some evil idea?
(She had told me once, I look funny with a black-eye!)
Really ?
that she is going to laugh, and bash me up, or may be hit me with something?
“Stop thinking, Dumbo! What do you think, Who am I?
Some angry, wicked maniac, who is going to hit you with something?”
(Oh My God!)
“Just come here baby, and sit here right next to me..”

I cant believe that,
I mean, she couldn't be so cool, is it possible?
That she is not mad at me..
I mean, come on,
I was like 2 hours late,
when I was supposed to be like 1 hour early.
That makes me 3 hours late (relatively speaking!)… and…
Engineers are not always smart,
they do develop better processors, but then load so many useless thoughts in the background, that they end up being graded really lower than the average ones!
Excellent piece of example is above thought of relative_lateness factor!
Really.. how important is it to actually calculate the amount of "lateness..", rather than working on something good to say at such moment!?

“Just come here Shona…”

I go a bit further, and sit right there,
next to the tub, on the small dice shaped stool.
I hate that thing to the core!
I mean, who sits on a dice!? haha..
I just bought that thing, cuz.. well,
She said,
I could sit on it, and talk to her while she had her evening bubble-bath!
I enquired,
it was some 5000 bucks,
next day It was home. That’s it.
She still has her eyes closed, and wears nothing but a beautiful smile.
I am still puzzled and I keep looking at her with an anticipation that she is going to explode any time now.
She opens her eyes, and looks at me with her expression unchanged.
She starts to flow with her eyes, and tries to tell me something,
but I stop her, putting my finger over her mouth,
and I say,
“ Sorry, I didn’t mean to be insensitive today morning when I ignored your talk.
I wanted to make it up my coming early but, this deadline…,
I know, no excuse is good enough, and, but..”

Now she puts her wet finger over my dry mouth,
and tells me to be quiet just for a second.
“Jusht don’t shay anything…”
she says, my finger still over her lips,
“Shut up..” She says sensuously, “and listen to me..”

I utter that with a whisper..
“I wanted to say this since a long time..”

“Say it quick, it’s really is eating me inside.. some guilt…
you know, for not making it upto you..”

“Ohh, don’t you worry dear honey,
I will make you make it upto me any way, (chuckles)
but for now, listen…ok?”

I loosen the shirt a little bit and sit closer to the tub.
“ Say..”
I whisper with a still softer tone..
My hand traces its path from the tub frame to her soft hair.

“I understand that you have got your responsibilities at the office
and the pressure, and the deadlines..
To strengthen all that, and to assure you my love, my support, and my care,
I want to tell you just one thing,
I love you…”

I just come close to her lips, and brush them with mine.
I see in her eyes, before closing mine,
I kiss her lips to seal the words from her mouth in mine,
my hand still trying to take her hair at the back, clearing from her face,
tucking it at the back of her ears,
and the way I like it.

Lifting her just a little from the tub, I treat her lips with gentleness,
and tender love, slowly making it deeper, and more passionate.

I pull away just for a moment, to say,
“ I am sorry baby, but I don’t ever want to hurt you.. with anything….”

You slowly open your eyes,
they are a little wet, with a tear being born within them.
You say, “ I know, shona..”

Like I always do,
I pull you closer and kiss your eyes, before they get any more wet,
I swallow your tears..
and every time I do that, you adore me so much,
I think you remember the first time I ever did that, when I proposed to you…
I pull you close to me, you still in the tub,
get your chin up,
just so that I can shower my love on your beautiful, bright face..

I kiss your eyes, that makes them more wet than they were before.

“What happened, baby ?”

You look at me, don’t say anything though..
but your eyes say,
you love me so much more, than I could ever know any day.

“Exactly how many years are you going to take, before you join me here in the tub, haa?”
you say with that naughty grin.
I say sliding my shirt off my arms..
“Come in right now, Mister…”

I give you company, right there in the tub, by your side.
Kissing you like we are never going to stop,
like our passions erupt, from the depths of our hearts,
our feelings grow stronger,
and we hug, as tenderly as ever we do,
your lips feel so soft,
you try to slowly crawl into me, coming closer,
and seeing me, getting closer to you, you touch my face,
with your hand, caressing me,
other hand, running through my hair.

You ask me,
“ is there any good reason that you should stop kissing me now!!?”

I don’t have the time to answer that!!

Lips lock,
and my arms, give you the warmth that you tell me you always want to feel,
all the way we are together, you pull me closer, still closer,
( I wonder, if we can get any closer!)
but I want you to still pull me close to you.
You look at me, stop, just for a second,

I love you
I love you too…”

You rest on my arm, and plant a beautiful peck on my cheek, and tell me,

“Next time you be late, when I ask you to be early, and you are dead…”

You smile, and let that smile flow on my face.

The candles flicker,
I blow some away, to dim the light,
and you give me that look, which says,
take me in your arms, and carry me...

Hold me right, hold me like you you hold me,
drive me crazy with your love, my love...

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Default Re: Coffee Time Story

That is an amazing write up! Keep going.

I guess people who are married may be realizing things that were so important earlier have taken a back seat, got to revive all the stuff written here.

Thanks a lot buddy!
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Default Re: Coffee Time Story

Nice, but it's so Chetan Bhagat style
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Originally Posted by Maverick5490 View Post
That is an amazing write up! Keep going.

I guess people who are married may be realizing things that were so important earlier have taken a back seat, got to revive all the stuff written here.

Thanks a lot buddy!
Thanks for the feedback!
Many stories to follow soon.
I'm glad you liked it!

@zaks 12:48 13th January 2011
Nice, but it's so Chetan Bhagat style :-)
Heyyy, Noo!
Don't say that now!
thanks though :(



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Default Re: Coffee Time Story


This is the first letter he gave me!
I remember, he gave it to me in the same year we met.

That particular day, he was very pulpy!
(like you are when you are getting your report card, when you know your papers were just on the edge!)
I did not understand much from his expressions.
I read the letter, it sounded very motivational!
But then, Why would I need something this motivational then!?
( I mean, I was fairly good with spirit and stuff !!)

I tried to read through again,
but it again made only (deeper) motivational sense..
(I have read his stuff for long time now!!, he has his own style. He can play with words really fine!)
I kept this letter (like he had told me to..)

After 3 years now, he tells me to dig up this letter and read it again!
He said think about the time we have spent together and apart since we have met..
Well, In these 3 years,
we have fought so many times and every time, we thought,
" Well, I think this is it.. WE have HIT the rock BOTTOM!! .."
We have had our moments,
we have had our fair share (must say, more than fair share!) of love and happiness.
(No doubt about how much he cares about me..)
After everything, I can say, we have grown together now..
( I am really avoiding this cliche', but it seems original stuff now !
few years together, but feels like more..
a lot more than just the time we shared..)
He has been with me through everything.
It is not easy you know..
Like he says.. " If life was so easy, everybody would have the highscores!!"
I adore him..

Here is the letter:
Make it all the way…
In this journey, the way a ship feels when it faces & deals with the storms willingly,

dreaded otherwise, the stormy night slowly puts the calmest season to an end,

over the lull, the soft cushions of water, and right winds swaying past the distances,

nonetheless, the turbulent within comes to surface, turning the bright skies dark..

turning the wheels of fate, twisting the story, bending the pious souls; so much, they just

want to give up, in the half run, the ship misses the rocks hiding beneath the waters, But

are the gods willing to smile with any kindness, and avoid the ship from running in to

nascent troubles, with sharper edges & harder faces it has ever seen. Is there any mercy?

truth has its credit, & so does fallacy. The purity is the spine for the ship going through the

tempest world, the way it is build, the way it is driven, the spirit, the feel, the hope…

orphans of the era need to know that they belong somewhere, the sails need a wind, a wind that

lights the way through the times of test, times of disparity, times of devastation, and helps

infer at a destination much anticipated. Its only when the journey, the destination, and the time,

vows that are given and taken with valiant intentions, with truest eyes, and deepest feelings.

even the path is full of torrents, currents, the waves like, each one could sweep you off, if you

were without the strength of faith, of truth, of your conscience being with you…

in all of the possibilities, the one of making the journey to the destination seems to be a unreal wish,

too good to be true. As when you are tested for so long and such intensity, you

highly deserve the destination that you set out to achieve. Just when the ship is like, loosing

overall control of itself, its tread, is it behind or ahead? But that’s when it is the moment that

utter grit and will, carry you through, and make the ship sail like it did in calmer waters, or

times better than it ever did in the past, again, as it was tested and found worthy of the path

yearned & longed by it. Making it through, would be a feeling worth having at the cost of the

occurrences as hard as they might have been, and that’s when the ship wont regret choosing the

ultimate path, as its known now, It was made for the hardships and pleasures of grade no less..


He tells me to read the footnote.
"I see none!"
He tells me to check the inside of the envelope!
(Its like a treasure hunt now !!)
It says:

This is my first letter to you.
How important are first letters to you?

You are precious!

I read the first letters again.
The first letter, now makes more sense..

Thank you for being with me..
You are my strength.

Our journey is indeed meant to be..


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Default Re: Coffee Time Story

Not a story actually..
But something to read by the coffee mug!


He is crying, tearless...

He is not expected to give up any point of time,
He, however broke (as he might be), is not wanted to tell how broke he is..
To whatever words that he might have been told off in anger & rage,
Irrespective of the number of times that he wanted, but couldn't say anything.

There is no need for him to be angry,
There is no need for him to be frustrated,
There is no need for him to feel unwanted,
There is no need for him to sulk,

As his turbulence, is all to be handled by him, alone..
He has to pity himself,
He has to somehow, not feel down,

He has to prove everyday,
that he is the "same" "guy" that he says he is..

Every single word he says,
he has to prove that he means it.

He need not tell, that he is not really able to walk,
He need not tell, that he feels weak,

He need not tell, that he is weary,
He need not tell, that he too needs some shoulder,sometime..

He need not tell, that for "once" he needs to be cared about,

He need not wonder,
whether anybody is giving it a thought, about him..
whether anybody is wanting to hear any thing from him,
whether there is any softness that he can fall back on.

He is a nice person,
may not be an angel altogether,
but never gives up any opportunity to be a better person.
Not like, he wants to be labelled as a hero, a gem heart, or any thing fancy,
just that, he wants it;
just because he wants to..
no other reason..

Just that,
he has been touched, like never before,
he has never been so pure at heart before,
he never felt so much belonged to someone before,
he has never felt so beautiful before,
he was never so sensitive before,
he was never such a person who cared...

Just that, he had never been touched like this before...

Wait may take, forever..
It may be over tommorow.

But, he ain't complaining anywhere.

for, all that he wants is some solace...
some comforting words,
to help him strengthen his belief,
belief, that keeps him walkin'
walk, that keeps him devoted,
devotion, that he had within and knew that, it was what he was waiting for, so long...

He takes all the punches, all the blows,
he, with all his might, is prepared for everything he encounters en'route.

Just one thing he wants with him,
is the trust that she bestows in him,
that he is worthy enough to have her, to own her, to carry her through their times together,
that he is worthy enough to look at her like she is the world to him, and she is the one...
that he is worthy enough to be with her, for her to have some respect for him,
worthy of all the care, and feelings that she would have for him...

and, she too feels the same way about him, and she does realise what he means to her,
and what she means to him...

He is ready...
He is supposed to be.

She sees and swallows all his tears even before they are born in his eyes.
that's why,
He cries,
but his cry, it is tearless...

Keep walkin'

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Post Coffee Time Thoughts..


I don’t want anything.

I am absolutely not wanting anything now.
I don’t ever get what I want, and I never learn.

There is something that keeps pushing me to start new,
I am going to push that ‘something’ out of my system.

There need not be any hope, there need not be any expectation.

Expectations make you run even when you have lost your shoes,
& they don’t let you realize, that you are skinning your legs now,

but, expectations, more than practical,
make you run enough to leave your shoes far behind,
and give you wounded heels,
that don’t heal so soon...

Wounds are meant to heal with time,
sometimes they grow deeper with time though.

They lose their face from surface,
make a home within,
and we say we have "healed" and "just-a-scar" is left.

The Scar is the first place that bleeds on slightest impact.

Its only on pages of bestsellers, people grow stronger with wounds.
I get weaker with wounds.
I am weak.

I don’t believe in karma,
as what you do to others, never is returned,
or at least never with the sense you had in your mind.

Or it might be so, that it takes more than a lifetime for our good deeds to return to us.
(In that case I have to wait more,)
There is no such thing as constant.
Nothing is constant.

You cannot decide something and execute it accordingly,
if at all it happens, it’s just a sweet coincidence,
that you disguise as execution of your planning!!

There are so many factors on different levels, that we never even think of in this whole lifetime,
and there might be so many more that we cant ever imagine.
Still somehow, we feel good on seeing something happen the way we thought it would.

The person you know so well today, could be a stranger tomorrow,
and a person totally irrelevant whatsoever, could change your life with the most frivolous decision he makes for himself.
(Butterfly effect! shrugged_shoulders!?)
The most eligible bachelor @ 18 may die a bachelor at 80,
or the person to be voted as "probably_the_last_person_to_marry_in_your_college _batch"
could be amongst first 5 people to get married from your batch!!

Everything is so unbelievably possible and at the same time impossible,
its really a matter of where you are, when your destiny is searching you.

If you are in the right place at the right time you get it all,
otherwise you also can write posts longer than this one,
and let more people like you read this,
and smile by the time they reach here
(thinking about how cynical/sarcastic I am..)
I don’t want anything.



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Default Re: Any poet's on TBHP? Post all your poems here!

With all due respect ..

Those are some Coffee time stories and thoughts!
I thought there were no threads to accommodate that! (hence the new thread)

I suppose these are surely not prose form of writing..
(I am sure, since I have written them!)
Sorry to sound harsh.

I sincerely do not think that it was to be in Poetry section.

Thank you (!)


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Default Re: Any poet's on TBHP? Post all your poems here!

Keep posting your stories here man.Maybe soon there will be so many that this thread will be renamed after your Coffee Time Stories.

Maybe we should have a sticky Thread named Coffee Time Stories.

Because these stories really are very nice to relax after a hard day at work.
Hopefully more such geniuses join in and post even more stories.
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