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Default Re: Any poet's on TBHP? Post all your poems here!

Originally Posted by driverace View Post
With all due respect ..

Those are some Coffee time stories and thoughts!
I thought there were no threads to accommodate that! (hence the new thread)

I suppose these are surely not prose form of writing..
(I am sure, since I have written them!)
Sorry to sound harsh.

I sincerely do not think that it was to be in Poetry section.

Thank you (!)


Sure thing, moved back to its own independent thread.
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Default Re: Coffee Time Story

Everybody is with somebody!

It struck me, when I moved to a new place here.
Before, I never really looked outside!
I woke up in the morning,
and there was a certain soft chill in the air, I could feel it (not to be cheesy!),
I really felt it this time.
When I was trying to bring some order to my messed hair in my office elevator,

I saw the calendar on my phone. It said, Today’s 14th February!

It was just another day, till now.. that is..
I just sank for a moment.
(Have you ever felt like this?
Like, something has suddenly really sunk in your heart.
The feeling is very overwhelming, and you cannot get over it very soon, and it leaves you feeling flush-faced..
It’s somewhat similar to what happens when you get embarrassed,
but, with added depression)
Just a few minutes ago,
my thoughts were filled with day’s works, asses to kick,
and more stuff to be labeled pending! And now, all that is gone.
Now, all I think of is, Where am I?

I fiddle with my laptop, really long coffee breaks, some time off,
and post lunch, I decide to take rest of the day off from work altogether.

I always wanted so many “things”.
Now, I can say, I have many of them, and am capable of buying most of the remaining too!

I wanted to be independent, I am. .
I wanted to have a fancy-kinda lifestyle, I have..
I wanted to do whatever I please at whatever time I want, I can..

It's time I understood, I should be thinking, What I need!

I move from the pavement road to next.

I recall, when in school,
having very scarce amount of money really put me off.
(and that too had to be accounted for/ explained),
I thought, having enough money to spend and not care about, “how much” will mean, I have enough.

In high-school, I recall,
I wished so many times, “If I had a bike, It would really set me free..”

When in college,
I couldn’t wait to get out of college and start my career, be on my own..

What I didn’t see, was that,
as soon as I had what I had “wanted” a few years before,
It never occurred to me,
that I actually did have what I wished for..
I know, that’s human nature and everything..
But, now, I suddenly realize all that.

In high-school, I had some decent money, but then, it meant nothing to me.
In college, I had my bike and some more money at my disposal, but then too, both the things meant nothing much.

Now, Its been more than a couple of years, that I have started my career,
and I have some more money, and a better bike, and I am on my own.
And now too, What I have doesn't mean much.

Maybe the reason I even thought about my past, is that, I am, frankly speaking, clueless now.
If I had a genie, seriously, I would need lot of time for me to come up with a wish, because, even I don’t know, what I want..

Its not like I am seeking Nirvana already.
But, I confess, I am having a very transient mind state.

I enter a mall, just around the corner. It had all Valentine’s props all over the place!
For a minute, I thought, I had entered some ceremonial venue!
The decors and glam quotient was really something larger than life.

I just walked in, and I saw around me, A sea of people!
Everybody was with somebody..

Everyone had hands to hold, Everyone had a shoulder to lean on.
I could see in any given direction, and find couples wading their way through others.
I tried to see some similarity,
or a common line between all these happy couples.

But, visually, they all were so different.
Totally different Shape/size/weight/color/race/style was very commonly matched with distinctly opposite trait carrying too!

I too was once, with a beautiful girl..
She was so beautiful, I cannot even begin to describe, how beautiful!

I loved everything about her!

I remember, all those cute things that now are boring!
I remember, how all the smallest of small things mattered, but now they don’t!
I remember, every single time we were together- we cherished it so much,

And now everything’s changed.

Was watching this movie the other day
//for just a couple o minutes after dinner.
The wife says, “..Shaadi ke baad pyaar-vyaar sab khatm ho jaata hai..”

Now, It strikes me.
It’s because what we wanted, and what we have now.

We were together, and we wanted to be together forever, and now we are!
We used to feel bad that we couldn’t meet whenever we wanted to, so we wanted to meet like all the time!, and now we can..
We used to be so glad when we had a whole day to ourselves, we used to talk so much about the future.
We used to spend time doing anything we felt like.
Watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S,
crappiest movies of all times with cloud_boiling_rates and yet came out smiling more than anyone else coming out ! (for different reasons ! ),
We did go biking around the city for no reason whatsoever!
(ya, can you imagine..? No Reason WhatsoEver!, well not “no reason” altogether, as we did want to be with each other !)
We had fights
( If I had a paisa for every fight till date, I would be stinking rich by now!,
and If I had a paisa for every time I lost a fight, I would be doubly rich!!)
I wonder where is all the passion now!
I see all the excitement of having my love in the same room,
in the same bed, in the same shower,
has descended the peaks that once used to be scaled!

It used to be like, I call one time,
and there wouldn’t be more than 3 rings anytime,
and if at all there were more than 3, the conversation would start with,
“ Sorry dear, I was…something something.., Sorry you had to wait..”
And, then, when the call used to get over
(because both the phones and all 4 ears were overheated from talking for really long)
I could hold my breath and bet, that the phone would ring one more time..
just to tell me that I was missed ..

Its like, I call to hear the lady tell me
“The person you are trying to reach, is not responding”
I feel like screaming, “ WHY IS THE PERSON NOT RESPONDING!?” .. , “ Ask her to respond then!”

I sms
“ How are you hun’.. ”
And all reply I get is
“ Your message has been sent. ”
// ya, the delivery report..

Before, We thought we were inseparable.
Before, nothing was more important than “US”

Now, Its different..

It makes me happy to see a couple.
I genuinely wish that they make a good life together,
and not lose the spark, the charm, the magic they have and share.

If you don’t know, what I am talking about,
you are on the right side of the story.
Tell your loved one, how important it is to you, that you are together.
Don’t wait for a day like this to wake you up!
It’s never enough, no matter how many times you tell, how much you love someone..

If you do know what I am talking about,
Well, you are on the other side.. but its ok.
It’s never too late!
Go ahead, take a day off from work. (yes ONE full day.. any weekday even..)

Take your loved one to a super-romantic day out.
Gift chocolates. Eat fancy.
Dress like you used to, when you were going out before.

Gift her a dress!
(they go super crazy, when they know, you have spent certain amount of your time to think that she looks gorgeous in red, and bought the dress for her!)
Let her know, she is the one!

Everybody is with somebody..


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Smile Re: Coffee Time Story

Here is something you can do today, but it will really amaze you after certain period of time.
Its simple.
You write something about anyone you feel strongly about..
whether he/she knows it or not now..

You write down your thoughts and seal the envelope for a furture date.. (has to be at least a year away.. for it to really tell you something about yourself..)

Then, make some reminder of this note, on your calender or your phone (making sure, that you are keeping that phone for more time, than what you have written your note for!)

And, on that date, open your own note, and see what it means to you then!
How you thought, some time ago!

Sometimes looks childish.. but you know what you feel really makes more sense now, tells you more about how you mature with time..

Here is something a guy wrote just after a year of being with a beautiful girl..
and opened this yesterday.. It was addressed to her..

( Looks so impulsive, but really tells how he felt..)


You know something..

If you ask me, I dont even remember how I lived before!
I have gotten so used to you being around, I cannot even think of the times when you weren't here..

I don't think I told you this anytime, but you have changed my world!
You have turned it upside down, inside out, left side right, Convergent-Divergent..

Believe me, I cannot tell you how much I have changed!

I used to be a rag, and now I find a coaster to keep my drink on the table.

Before, I used TV to keep my glasses, bottles, other stuff, and now, I have an actual table (called Coffee table!)!

Before, I had a sock pair for 6 days!, and now, I have 6 sock pairs for a week!

Before, I bought one jeans pair,
used the Jeans for one month as new one,
then another month as an "aged look jean",
then another month as "worn out jean",
Sent it to wash one fine day,
then for a month, "stone wash jean",
then for a month, "dirty stone wash jean",
then again wash one day, then one month, "monkey wash jean",
then one month, "stylish_torn jean"..
and then finally, it was good enough to be worn on all saturdays, parties, & at home!

Now, I have formal pants ironed+creased along the lenght, night suits (some of them, white!!), casual 3/4ths, casual pants, Party pants, Touring cargos :(

You know something,
You have brought order in my chaotic life!

When I look at you screaming/shouting/howling at me for doing something out of the line.. (like buying blue bucket, when I was told specifically to buy a red one).. I cannot help but get terrified! (chukles)

The rate at which you make the mercury rise in the thermometer, is phenomenal <smile>

The pitches you use to talk <smile>

Can't really pull any more jokes..

Have you ever seen two perfectly meshing gears?
They can have totally differnet PCDs,
they can have different no. of teeth,
they can be of different materials,
they can always be difrerent, but,

they move together.
The one drives the other, and so can the other drive the one..

There is a reason why opposites attract.

I, for that matter, never thought of life, and me falling in love..
But, you, my dear love, brought life with a new meaning.

You made my life, feel richer.. Rich with intense love and happiness.
I am grateful to you, my dear Senorita!

And, When you look at me with those beautiful eyes of yours..
I start to feel so light, I feel I could just fly ..
Your heart and mine, together we beat, together we flow in each others arms..

What do you really see in me?
You could get really anyone you kept your finger on..

I have been so bad to you at times, so arrogant.
I have had my share of bad days, and made you a part of them too..

But, I simply can't help but think, how you stand by me..
How you stand by me, like a Rock so hard in a storm.
Like the strongest soldier in a war..
Like a Candle which shows way after everything is down.

You have been there with me, so unconditionally, so pure, so divine.
I always wish, I would be yours, and your heart would be mine..

There is no sight sweeter than you in my arms,
There is no touch softer than your body wrapped around mine.

I trust you, with all my heart, with all my soul.

You know something,

I dont tell you often..
But, I love the way you have filled my life with all the happiness I can ask for..

Just be with me, like the way you have been.
Look into my eyes, and Come closer than you are..
I want to show you what I have seen,
When I look at you, my angel, I see..
My life is beautiful, and the beauty is you..



The fact that they are married and happier than ever, tells a lot more..


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Default Re: Coffee Time Story

Hello All!

Now, I think, I have settled down in my new place well. (And add to that, the new place is awesome!)
I will be able to write some more, and get better!
(and, boy am I getting tonnes of thoughts everyday!)

You can expect an article in a fortnight or so. (I will try to post on a Friday, so, you all can read at leisure)


You don't realize, but you hurt me when you..

So many times, we see/hear our fairer sex say it.
"It hurts "..
Soon after you are in a pronounced relation, that's the first thing you really feel sad about.
How much it hurts, when you are hurt, and your loved one has no idea!

You might be soaked with honey of love, but the stings sometimes sting more!

Story coming up~




P.S. Ya, and I like feedback too!

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Default Re: Coffee Time Story

You don't realize, but you hurt me when you..


So many times, we see/hear our fairer sex say it.
"It hurts "..
Soon after you are in a pronounced relation, that's the first thing you really feel sad about.
How much it hurts, when you are hurt, and your loved one has no idea!

You might be soaked with honey of love, but the stings sometimes sting more!

There was so much unsaid, even though the mobile bills read a different story!

"Talking" sure is one of the phases in any relation.
You see, virtually any relation, there is a phase where we 'talk'
The talk part I have intentionally highlighted, as it means a lot!
If you look back, its really the time, when we made a special-conscious-effort with the relation.

When you started talking, right from when you learned to talk-
Talked with your mum (and drove her crazy with the jajaja-gwuvuu sounds!) for quite a few years,
Talked with your dad for many more years, asking him for many things, demanding/pleading/ground_work to buy toys, and so much more,
Talked with your grandparents, perhaps when you went at their place, to get bedtime stories quotas overfilled, or just to get piggybacks around the house!

Talked with your new friends to get run-in with them..
Talked to the girl for hours on phone, (the first time, you talked to any girl, after being friends I mean)
even when you didnt know much, what you wanted !

The long, never ending conversations with your chosen-one , from meeting her/him, even before anything was decided..
Right from, what happened this morning to how she hates when somebody comments about her nails not matching her dress or earings!
You listened too!
Intently, and patiently until the ears were red with heat, or the phone got cut off, or it was 3 am already..
You talked about the smallest things that didnt matter to anyone else, or you talked about something very very intimate, or something sweet..
But, the thing is, you talked..

Believe me here, when I say, that, "that" talking from both sides, is the period where you are at some kind of peak in forming the relation!

When you talk, you express..
You agree,
You pretend,
You reveal some and conceal some,
But mostly,
You really feel the need to bond.

And you do bond..

Ever wondered, about the time when it was all pink and beautiful?
Well, sure, times change, and the more/less you know about someone, it sure changes the way you look at some other things..
We all have some preconceptions about almost all things!

Once you know your better half,
you know somethings, you assume some, and the rest you take granted.

1. Its fine with knowing things
(some might be easy, and acceptable, while some may be a tough-bit to accept, but, thats on the table already- so sooner or later you make-do with it)

2. Its fine with assuming things too!
(you get to know, that the way you pictured your sweet-heart is in alignment with the reality, or there might be some revisions in the original assumptions..
but then, you must be ready to do that, as they are called "assumptions" in the first place!)

3. and the rest you take granted
this is a potential show-spoiler.. ^^ right here!

Ok, again, take my word 'for-granted' ! lolz
The more of lines you have in the category 3, the rougher ride it is going to be!

There has to be a balance between everything, only then the rope is going to be strong.
Reaching some place where you see the 'granted' part is seeping in and occupying the place, is where you should see that you have reached a potential cliff with a ridge in between, and another cliff from where you can move ahead.
You never know how deep the ridge is!
you may fall and reach the bottom in a foot, or a meter distance.. you can get up, and climb up on the other side, and continue (with some bruises, and heart beating bit faster.)
or the fall may wound you with considerable impact, still leave you good enough to get up (with shivers), and continue after a 'while' catching up
or worse could happen too..

All depends on the ridges you have, out of luck, or just plain ignorance.
Whatever be the reason,

I know one thing for sure,
bridging the gap is the better way of crossing it, rather than attempting to jump over it!
And, for bridging you dont need rocket science!

You just need the bridge- from one heart to another.
Can be as simple as talking..
Express more often, how you feel.
Exchange more often, your thoughts on things that matter, and even on those which dont!

Silence is sure golden, and Speech is sure silver..
But, you dont want to be Midas, do you!?

It's when you are in a relation already, and there are some "uh-ooh" moments,
you get to know the grit of the relation.

How well you can fall back, get hits and keep going strong.
for that you need motivation!
There are tons of things in life, that can hit you so hard, you need some serious guts to stand up again.
Rocky had his Adrian by his side,
We all have our Adrians too!

Real problems are rarely external (you can always conquer them).

Its, when the unrest is within, that is when your strength matters.

(Prologue complete~story to start)

(to be continued )


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Post Re: Coffee Time Story

You don't realize, but you hurt me when you..

The Story~

I saw you drive up to the parking.
I did not feel like talking to you, after what was going on in my mind for the whole day.

I know, so much has changed.
We are no more carefree-fun-loving-living-for-the-moment kind of people now, neither we are some super-planner-super-saver kind of people yet.
Somewhere along the way, we sure have lost something, though.

I remember, all the times when we used to talk endlessly!
Everytime there was any problem at my end, or yours, we were there - together.
I never thought we were ever going to stop exploring each other.
I never thought that, you would be any less of a listener, and me any less of a talker!

The buzzer rings - indicates something's cooked now~
Clock says its just short of midnight, and I say, you have no room for food - let's see how well I guess!

You know, we havent have had a comfortable time, lunch, brunch, or even a coffee together, since a long time now..
I always thought of us as different from the stereotypes,
and guess what, now we are - the mods of stereotypes forum!
I wanted to talk about a holiday together.,
I wanted to go on a drive the other day, just like that..
And, there was this funny thing at the kitty party I wanted to share with you,
but, you have been so 'busy' I even forgot, what was the funny thing now..

Buzzer rings again.
I take out the veggies and replace them with steamed rice to resteam it.
I still know, that you are straight going to living room with your laptop-on-hibernate ready to boot up quick, to occupy your time all ready!

I open the door, and make the light just a bit more than the romantic type, but not enough to start reading the newspaper.
I try to put on a happy face, to welcome you.

"Hi, you look tired, let me bring some juice - orange with pulp?"

"ya.. that's ok."

I walk in the kitchen thinking, maybe you are tired, so I better not say anything to upset you now.
Out I come with the juice,
and your Laptop lid asks me to keep the juice on the table and shut up!

I mean that's the most of you I see!
Your head, neck and the laptop lid.

I agree, that you being the one person earning now,
you need to push it a bit more than before.
I also agree that, the stress that it puts is something that is really a matter of concern,
and so is the time that it consumes.
Even after the discounting the comfort the earned money brings in,
it still is very clear, the holes that it is putting in our lives..

I know you do care about me and you want the best for us to happen.
You want us to be financially secure, and at the same time,
you don't really stop me from doing things, and buying stuff!
I appreciate the way you have taken up everything.

But, you know something,
I absolutely 'HATE' the way we are living at the moment - like strangers!

Do you know, that I had to visit the doctor for my headaches?
Do you know, that I cut my finger last week?
Do you know, how I feel when you come back at 2 am and I don't have a clue why it is so late, when you said, you should be back by 10?
Do you know, I am hurt..
What do you know about me?

I feel, we need to 'pretend' - when we have people over for dinner,
or for holidays when my parents come over.
You are like the moon then too-
barely visible during the day,
even at nights you are in fully there like once in a fortnight!

"I have eaten some at the office, and not so hungry.. so nothing for me.."

There we go- I won the bet! (I was playing bets with myself!)
I smile (sarcastic),

" I know, I warmed the food up, just for the heck of it!
You know.. we have a oven, and we need to use it .. "

" Oh-come on don't start now.."

"I don't want to.."
When I start getting mad, I don't really know what to say.
And you getting all technical then, really pisses me off.
I try to say something that's on my mind, but then, you are tired, aren't you?
I have this anger within me..
I cannot stand being like this.
I will not accept you being like this.

I went to our bedroom, and you didn't have a hiccup before diving into the screen again!

I cannot control my tears.
I don't want to.

I mean, please tell me,
am I too controlling,
or I am like some wretched witch who has made you miserable?
Do I not share my passions and my feelings with you?
Don't I try to spend all leisure time with you?
And, It's not like we are not compatible or anything!

I mean, sparks flew when we met!
I still remember, we were the owners of the awesome couple zone, anywhere we went!

We were so perfect together, back then.
We walked together and walked so close,
all the wives nudged their husbands to stop staring! (lolz)
(while they secretly wished they could too.. I could read that!)
shared a million footlongs, ate the same single-scoop-Icecream-chocolate-cone,
I remember the crazy night drive that we did together!
boy, some things we did when we stopped at the waterfall, and the hilltop still never fail to make me blush,
and the way you say them, makes me blush "red"..
We were so passionate about everything,
It was like we could read each other's eyes, and tell what's the thought.
Tears roll down my cheek, marking the beginning of the end of the day for me.
I try getting some sleep, while my eyes are pushing tears down my cheeks, wetting the side of my cushion.
the sandwiches, and single-scooped-icecream cones we shared were much better than the 7 course meals we have today or separate caviar-studded-icecreams we eat in fancy 'bowls'.
The freedom and risk of driving all night on motorcycle with you, was much sought for than the safe and sedate drives we do in our car.

We don't stop anywhere now.

We are in a hurry to reach somewhere.
All the time.

It's all pre-planned now.
There are no surprises.

I feel sadness within,
and I feel lonely sleeping in the bed.

Please let us not drift apart like this.
Let us not lose the charm we had, we have..

I have loved you intensely, I still do
My heart still beats faster on seeing you dressed all nice.
We are not too old (yet) to try new stuff! (If you know what I mean.)

I just saw this movie "Just my luck"
and it was enough to bring mush back to my heart!

I remember you used to be lady-luck's anti-favourite! (chuckles)
You used to get at the edge of so many opportunities, and fall on your face! (< well, you said it very differently. hehe )

I love every single stupid thing you did!
The time when you came all the way 100 kms, just to give me a goodnight kiss (which you couldnt! remember that time?)
But, we more than made up on that the next weekend,
when I came all the way 100kms to return something you left back (intentionally, I know..)

You couldn't just keep your hands off me, could you?

With smile tracing up on my face,
and tears drying up on my cheeks - I fall asleep.

(Part 1 of 2)



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Default Re: Coffee Time Story


I saw you standing up, while I was driving up to the parking.
I saw you were very disturbed, and I know, things have not been so smooth since quite some time now.

I know, the situation has changed a lot! but we havent, have we?
I still feel the same way about you, I did few years ago.
I feel like I am responsible for us now.
I can tell you, its really a different feeling -
when I see us in the making of a new family, all by ourselves!

You know, how we talked like crazy for hours!
I still feel like making calls, when I am at the office!
but you know, I am not quite the 'apprentice' now..
Even then, I still feel the same way at heart, just that I don't say it that often..

"Kuick Kuick" , the car locks.

I was thinking since many days now, we ought to go for some holiday!
Or just some getaway from these hectic schedules!

I have been accumulating leaves for nice two years or so!

But, I am not sure.
I don't see you in best of your moods these days.
You seem different!

I walk upto our door, and you are there.
You are wearing, somewhat made up smile for the moment.
You know, I hate it when you pretend!

If you are unhappy about something, just say it.. you know!

I am too tired to start any 'discussion'

I crash to the sofa.
While you are getting my Orange- with pulp,
I get a damn message!
" Sir, please review the spreadsheet, the due date for submission is tomorrow. But I need to send it to Manager for approval, by tomorrow morning!"

I lash out my laptop, and try to open up the file ASAP to finish it, so we can talk about the holiday, I was thinking about..

And, just then you come back with the juice, and have that look on your face!
That look simply puts me off!

I am back from work, all hell's tournaments go on at the office - whole day, treacherous meetings, deadlines and reviews, and on top of that, some more work-pile that is still there to be handled for tomorrow!

On top of that, there are some morons, who have deadlines, that they are "suddenly" worried about, for whom we have to cover, sometimes..

And then, you with that look!

I just lost my appetite for anything at all!
I haven't eaten anything at office, saving up space for our dinner today, but, I am just not feeling like eating anymore!!

I remember, before (when we had just gotten married), all you could cook was the "Pulao"! (grin creeps on my face, unknowingly!)
I used to make a ton of jokes over that!
but, the beauty of that time was, the way we ate your legendary "Pulao"..
Do you remember?

And, now I come home, and have to take your looks!
Doesn't matter really, what you have cooked.

Just let it be!

You know something,
I want the best of all to happen.
I want "us" to be comfortable all the way long..
I want you to understand that, this is the time for me to make it big.
and, I want the woman I love, to stand beside me, be my strength!

I want us to be together in much mature sense.
But, you know something..

I absolutely 'HATE' the way we are living at the moment - like strangers!

You are totally clueless, of what I think, and feel!
You don't know, that all I want after coming home, is to spend some time alone.
and, then, have a feeling of togetherness..
I want to spend time with you.
I agree, I am at work for so long now, and all..

But, I haven't changed at heart dear!

"I have eaten some at the office, and not so hungry.. so nothing for me.."

And, I am the one who is sarcastic.
But, the way you smile..

Oh, that's enough for me to rip my heart out of anger!

" I know, I warmed the food up, just for the heck of it!
You know.. we have a oven, and we need to use it .. "

Oh great! Just what I need after a long day..
The way you talk these days, with all the pointed words..

" Oh-come on don't start now.."
I try to be at my silent best, but, I know, If I dont say a word here, you will storm at me like crazy woman!

"I don't want to.."

I know, when you start going all high-temperature, you lose absolute sense of anything, basically!

You rushed into bedroom..
But, I gotta finish this moron's work!
I try to concentrate and finish it really ASAP, with all the thinking that's left !

So many things run on my mind, even when I am at the office.

Its not like I don't at all think about us!
But, you being so difficult sometimes, puts me off!
Especially after I am dead tired, and work's sitting on my neck..

You think it's easy to be on my side?

You dont understand me anymore, do you?
You dont want to, do you?

(Part 2 of 2)



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Default Re: Coffee Time Story

You don't realize, but you hurt me when you..

Made for each other.*
Ek duje ke liye.*
Forever together.*

*Conditions Apply!

For every love story that begins or moves ahead in very different path than known before,
Or for every die-casted love story,
Or for every story that weaves love around it..

there comes a point of time,
when these stories converge at a stage from where,
a delicate path leads to continuation of the story seamlessly.

Easier said, than followed.

The path is typically very rough,
at times testing your patience limits, at times exceeding them too.
But, keep your calm.
Keep your eyes on the best thing you have in your life at the moment of unrest.

Do not lose your temper for things you have no control over.

I am very aware, all of this looks good on paper ( or on the screen!), but hey,
try to be as close to what seems ideal thing to do in the situation (when you are not in the situation!)

You cannot predict,
but, you can prepare..

You cannot dictate,
but, you can share..

The one you trust, and the one who trusts you - is all you need!

Take my words for granted here -
Listen to your heart, talk to your love.
Sometimes, its just a hug that can set everything right.
Sometimes, its set of tears waiting to roll down her eyes onto your shoulders, for no reason good enough for you! (but, good enough for her..)
Sometimes, you cannot do anything..
But, you should be willing to give all.

Don't hold back.

Love with all your heart, and you shall never be sad, ever.

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Smile It's when you know she is the one..

It's when you know she is the one..


You realize at some point of time, that she is the one for you..
You just know..

Your heart tells you lot of things, you ought to listen.
You cannot figure it out, if you 'sit' to figure it out.
You cannot ignore it, once you get even a hint of fragrance of it..

Nobody can tell you, how you feel!
You have to see the signs..

sometimes, its so clear and right in front of you..
and all you do is ignore!

sometimes, its never gonna happen..
and all you do is chase dreams that vanish like *snap* that!

When you realize, she is the one..
the world is a colorful place,
and life indeed, is beautiful!

Story coming up~

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Default Re: Coffee Time Story

^^ Hey Ace,
nice prologue for your coming up story.
Looks like I have missed a lot of this thread after the start and need to do a lot of catch up.
You continue your story, while I finish up the backlog reading on this thread.
Nice work. Please keep posting.
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Smile Thank you so much..

Dear music of my life,

I am not exactly sure of the emotions running through my mind today.

I don't remember since when I just started believing - this is how it is going to be.

Neither do I remember how I have been before,
nor do I remember how I had imagined my life - otherwise!
I choose not to remember many more things..

The way you have turned my world around & the way you have weaved your love around me.. has left me searching for words to express.

"Thank you so much.."
That touched my heart.
More than the way you said it,
I guess, the context & the way you felt it.

I remember - the way you said it the very first time..

All the songs made sense, violins played melodies & I (kinda) understood the mushiest of the lyrics written (ever!).
When you said the beautiful words & made me feel like I have saved up all my luck, all my life - just to trade it for you..

It's odd - almost every single time I tested Mr. Murphy's hypothesis, I assumed - I was saving it up!
Every time I hoped - The class would start late - and I will reach on time..
The class would have started a bit before time.
IF I hoped that I would be the only one coming late - half the class would have come late
- ensuring that the professor was in a mood to thrash the next lad/lass that turns up.. ( and, I made sure I was the one )

Every time I hoped - things wouldn't go any worse - they did.

Every time I hoped - things would be better now - they never turned out likewise..

Every time I hoped to get a pat on the back,
almost every single time - I used to end up barely making sure I don't get smacked in the face..
But, All this luck was saved up like a squirrel.

And traded - all at once.

I only realised that - it was indeed so, when you held my hand.. and asked me hold yours..

Since then,
Not a single day has gone by - without me smiling, knowing what life had in store for me!

It was only the beginning.

I understood - I was not only the one who was decidedly against tide. (?)
In fact - me being in a "tough" life was really more of a disbelief now.

I took the path more frequently travelled..
Did my engineering - banked on a safe job - and slowly slogged through something I had never thought I would, just b'coz I had it in front of me.

I had a "job", but that's all it was.
I earned a "livelihood", but life-less, more or less..

In spite of considering myself a rebel ( I don't know for what reason ) -- I was still the best example of a conventional being.
For a decent financial security package - I had already made my trade.

I had subscribed to the monotony.

Enter : "You"!

I see someone who "knew" what they wanted to do..
Since they were so young..
( I didn't even think beyond - getting home, eating and being merry - and going to school/college - perhaps looking forward to trivial things like next toy to buy / day dreaming / random stuff.. at the time! )

You freakin' knew what you wanted to do - FOR LIFETIME!

You knew - you had to sing,
and enchant every single person listening to you with your beautiful voice.
You went right at it - right after you were done with highschool!
As I have gotten to know you - so far - I believe, when you tell me, that you have never given a second thought to it..
You practically gave music, all your time from young age - through adolescence and till date you are learning- everyday.
Every single day you have been dedicated towards something you always believed you were supposed to be doing..

Not only have you followed your dream,
but you managed to be commercially "successful"!

You started supporting your family since a young age and you have been doing so - ever since!
Sustaining (financially) with your art & taking it ahead with all you have - gets all respect from me, all I could give!
That is definitely what I would term successful
- might be different from what the whole world does.

I don't understand much in the language of music - except how expression of any emotion can be so beautifully conveyed through it.

You have changed the way I look at many things.
I have a lot more respect for all artists - after I learned about the kind of share of struggle each of them have.

There is no way I could not encourage you & be your strength..
It's my duty to do so.
I have already committed - to be there by you, always! (remember!?)
I feel so happy.
Vicarious feeling of living a dream!

I am 100% with you my dear love!
I am like -a solid support to all your efforts in chasing your dreams!

I feel really lucky to have met you - my dear determined-like-crazy lovebug!

In fact - it was after meeting you - that I thought and steered myself towards a job - that makes me feel like I am really doing something I wanted to!
More than a "job", I am trying to excel at skills I believe I better apply.

It would be pointless to end up on some top floor of a building that you don't belong to!

So, really.. there is no reason for you to THANK me!

.. Rather...

I should Thank You.

For coming into my life.
For making me yours.
For being such a "beautiful" person in every sense!

I don't understand why my dear father is not in accord with us being together.
I am not sure - why he doesn't approve of us tying the knot.
I feel really sad to be distant from him.
But - I do know for a fact - how difficult it must be for you.

I would only ask you to believe like I do
- that one day - he understands us.
I have been the most obedient son I could have been - all my life. He knows it & perhaps he might be as disturbed as we are at times!
It gives me no pleasure to have gone and taken the biggest decision of my life without him being a part of it.

But - I have known you so very well,
I could see - what perhaps he couldn't..

He still doesn't talk to me.
That makes me feel heavy.
Him being distant bothers me as much as it might be bothering him.

I just want to tell you - SOON - he will see through the prejudice/preconceptions and more than agree on what I feel about you.

He wishes well.

Let's just be together & help him believe that we are indeed the best things to have happened to each other!

You need to know & keep in mind:

I really believe in you.
I have my faith in you.

With all my heart, I say - you have a very beautiful & a soul touching voice!

You should keep giving all the very best from your side.
I AM RIGHT here with YOU!
keep going STRONG!

Let's shift gears & get ready for launch!

Any time now.
Believe me!
Any time.



P.S. Woahhhhhhhhhhh..
Apparently something has already launched towards the stars - "My" Credit Card bill.

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Post Re: Coffee Time Story

Different choices.
Different shoes.
It's not Right OR Wrong.
Neither is it Heart OR Head.

It's somewhere in between.
There are no perfect blacks or whites.
Greys are common.

You don't "choose" to be away.
You don't choose the difficult thing to do.

You don't give up on yourself.
You don't back out.

If you believe, you do!
If you don't, still you do - just in something else, more than your own self.

At times, you are just plain stupid.
At times, you are just showing resilience.

When do you show you are tough?
When do you cross into arrogance?
When do you become strong?
When does your strength hurt someone?
When do you realise?

If you don't stick to your roots, what does that mean?
If you choose to let go, how do you reconcile?
Do you ever?

Do the gaps close?
Do they close seamlessly?
Will there be a recognizable mark left?
Does it ever become the way it was - before?

Do we learn enough?
When do we learn enough to take control?

Is it okay to deviate?
What if it doesn't confirm, ever!

Will your ego let you talk to me?
Do you really know & understand what I want from life?
Better than I do?

Will you ever understand how I see it?
Will we agree to disagree?

Will you?

Will I ever hold up - and ask you everything I want to?
Will you let me express everything I have to?

Will you?

because -

As I see it..
Different choices.
Different shoes.
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Default Re: Coffee Time Story

Wow lovely thread driverace !!

Keep going strong. Love your write-ups. The coffee time stories are an amazing read. 5-Stars for you Sir
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