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Originally Posted by nitrous
CARPOOL!! Dont u think its missing here??
I have thought over it earlier. but i will not be able to keep my cool if i discover that the person who brought me in his car is not planing to leave until midnight (and vice versa).

of course, it can work in places where people have regular work times. but this is the reason why it fails in my company.
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There is another topic on this:

http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/indian...3-traffic.html (Traffic!)
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Exclamation Kind Attn: Moderators

Shall we merge the threads?
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Originally Posted by navin
1. Improve the quality of Mass Transit including Taxis. NYC, London, Frankfurt, H/K, Sing, etc.. can do it why not us.
2. Tax vehicles HEAVILY via Parking charges (Rs.50 per hour, 80 for 2, 100 for 3, Rs. 200 per day) etc...
3. Offer TDR for parking lots and privatise the business.
4. Use the sea. Think Ferry systems. Mumbai esp can benefit from this.
5. Offer Sunday licences (reduced tax for cars that are used only on Sundays and public holidays and off peak hours).
Navin Sir
100% Agree with you..
US & Europe are the WRONG examples for a country like India when it comes to Road Planning...Just because of the Population Density Ratio difference between them & our country..
I have travelled extensively in Asia...Bangkok/ Shanghai/ Beijing/Singapore/Toyko/Singapore are cities which have extensive Broad Road Networks...

BUT..Bangkok is the city of Traffic Jams...Avg Speeds in Shanghai/Beijing suck..
Reason...Expansion of Road Networks can't keep up the rate of growth of personal vehicles...because of the sheer population numbers ...

So a Public Transportation System which can handle millions..is a must...

There are thousands of people in Singapore/Shanghai - who want to buy cars...But..the License Cost/Parking Charges are so exhorbitant..the Entry Barriers to owning a Vehicle So High..that they delay their purchases...

Of course..The bottom line being..the Mass Transit Systems in these cities are so well developed that people dont get a chance to complain much..

So in India..A Efficient & Cost Effective Public Transportation System is a pre-requisite for diminishing the "desire" of people to own a vehicle..
At this pt in India..the entire barrier for ownership of a vehicle are too low...
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None of our cities were designed to hold this many cars. Replacing a bunch of houses with a high rise apartment willl only increase the population density.

Only solution is to encourage the growth of suburbs that have both homes and offices. people who cant afford to drive can live in the city.
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I guess at some point or the other the main reason for a traffic jam is always

1. two wheelers
2. someone parking their car in the middle of a road
3. Auto Rickshaws ( most chennaites in this forum dont like autos )

Guess more than building flyovers, if the police can fine someone on the spot for maintaining any discipline on the road, that will help a lot.

Also agree that we need to widen our roads / get mutli level parking space, etc. but even if we have all that and still have the same old sort of drivers driving around , the very purpose of all the infra structure goes for a toss.

get the discipline on the roads first, all the rest will follow.
But does charity really begin at home
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