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Default Re: Help Please : Total Loss or Repair

Thats a scary pic !!

Seat belts prevented you from being thrown into the dashboard . If the seatbelts are designed such that you dont move forward ( not being too technical ) ,you would have been hurt because of the force from the impact and also the seat belt that would have pinned you to the seat ...maybe the whole seat would have broken off .In other words ,the seat belt just saved you from being hurt.

On the repairs,no amount of repairs will get the car back to its original state.You will keep getting problems wrt to tire wear ,alignment ,engine work, paint work,rusting ........ the list goes on.

To answer your question : Total Loss
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Default Re: Help Please : Total Loss or Repair

Hi Raj,
Sorry to hear about your crash and thank God you walked out of the crash unharmed. If you look at the picture its really scary.
I also had a similar experience with my Zen once. The Apron got damaged and had to be replaced. By doing so my resale value of my vehicle went drastically down. If any repair done to the Apron can be easily detected and will be tagged as a accident vehicle in future. Apart from this my suspensions gave me trouble always. I had to go to MASS several times to get it check but for vain.
Frankly saying why take all this risk. Since your never guaranteed to get a perfect repaired car and you know your resale value is going to get affected , i suggest go for a total loss.
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Default Re: Help Please : Total Loss or Repair

Sorry to hear about your accident. After reading about the estimation and looking at the pic, I would suggest you to go for total loss. Reasons are simple,
1. You will never get the same drive feeling, niggles will be there.
2. These niggles will mean more trips to A.S.S = more money, and these expenses will be on you.
3. Reduction in car valuation post repairs, later if you wanna sell it, buyers price will cause you heartburn.
4. The estimate will never be the final bill, when major repairs are involved, labour cost etc, will jack the final bill up.

P.S: I never knew that insurance co's repair TL vehicles and sell them. How can they do that without your signatures etc?
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Red face Re: Help Please : Total Loss or Repair


Sorry to know about the accident but good to know that you did not have any major injuries.

Looking at the Pic, I feel you should claim the total loss and take the 4L. Even if the car is repaired, you still will not have total confidence on the machine. Just my personal opinion.

Please do let us know of your decision.
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Default Re: Help Please : Total Loss or Repair

sorry to read about the incident. it looks like a bad impact. simply go for total loss. even if you get it repaired there are many chances of constant nigles, allignement issues and what not. secondly when it will show a black spot on your service history.

a new car will serve you better.
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Default Re: Help Please : Total Loss or Repair

Originally Posted by dadu View Post
Looking at the pictures, dont even think about repairs, its a Total loss. Take the money and buy a new one. if you have their first assessment report, tell them that you will goto IRDA since the insurance company is trying to make money out of road tax. Or better to avopid dispute let them process the total loss f&f and then demand the RC book back, you are entitled to it.
@rajswiftvdi: Sorry to hear about the accident, but hey, look at the positive side, you came out of it (almost) unscathed. Buckle up, always!

Dadu's advice above is spot on. The insurance company is trying to make money out of your misfortune by reducing the claim from TOTAL LOSS (4.15L) to 2L after you claimed the RC book.

If I were you, I would definitely not like the insurance company to repair the car and fob it off to some unsuspecting buyer (we all know how insurance-repaired cars are sold off to sweet-talking agents, who in turn tie them around the necks of unsuspecting buyers). Somehow, it would give me the feeling that I am a party to their dishonest scheme.

Claiming and receiving the RC book for the "totalled" car is your right. Make this amply clear to them AFTER you have claimed and received the amount for total loss. Let them know that you will approach the insurance ombudsman/IRDA/consumer court if they do not hand over the RC book to you.

While filling up the forms for claiming total loss, keep an eye out for any clause that says you are surrendering the RC book to them, or something to that effect.

Also, keep ALL communication with them in BLACK & WHITE. This will help in case of any dispute over the RC book.

BTW, which insurance company is that? I would like to keep distance from them, and I'm sure a lot of people here would like to do the same.

I don't understand how insurance companies can repair and sell cars that have been declared "total loss"? I always thought that the RTO registration of the condemned vehicle was cancelled once it had been declared as a total loss. Don't you guys think this amounts to "fraud" by the insurance company?

Does anyone here know what is the EXACT AND CORRECT PROCEDURE for claiming TOTAL LOSS from the insurance company?

- Bullitt.
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Default Re: Help Please : Total Loss or Repair

That's a nasty picture. Glad you walked away from it with minor injuries.

As all others have said, there is absolutely no way you should use that vehicle anymore; claim total loss : less headaches in the future.

[ There is another thread where the member met with a head-on collision with his Swift and suffered Apron damage. Probably you could search that and find how he went about it.]

1) Why don't you start having official communication with the insurance guys.

The fact that they send 1 official who values it at X and on your RC demand, they send another who values it at less than X makes it evident that the insurance co. is trying to pull off something here.

Start email dialogue so you know what the clear picture is. Unless you tell them you know how things work and that if you don't get what you deserve, you'll approach higher authorities, they will take you for a ride.

2) Get a list of complete of damages and replacement to be carried out - for your documentation.

On a related note : On the ANHC, there is a feature that the moment the crash sensors in the bumper detect a crash, the seatbelt automatically tightens. How many other cars have it? Is it related to existence of Airbags?

Having that could have prevented even the scratch on your forehead.
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Default Re: Help Please : Total Loss or Repair

You should post this on the 'insurance - ask me' thread. Expert advice from the readers there would be helpful.
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Default Re: Help Please : Total Loss or Repair

Maybe a bit offtopic , but do we have a system in which the RC of the vehicle automatically starts mentioning "SCRAP" or something to that effect , so that even if it is repaired and sold after a major shunt, the buyer is aware of what he is getting into.
I think a claim greater than 50% of the vehicle value should mandatorily submit their RC and get it changed to a "SCRAP" title.
I know that in the US, the title of the vehicle does mention this, but people still buy them after they are brought back to life.

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Default Re: Help Please : Total Loss or Repair

1) The crash looks bad. I mean, this was by no speeds a 40-60 kmph crash. Looks like its not a 100% front crash, but an offset one, may be due to corner. The car took the crash well.

2) The car has sustained a lot of damage. The car will never get back its original structural integrity even if repaired.
Its worth going in for a new car rather than repairing this one.

Regarding insurance, IMO, this should go as total loss and truly this is the case.

3) Our body is not rigid body or a solid body. Even if we have seatbelts, you can hit steering wheel and that is why we have airbags. If we were to be hold back so rigidly by belts, would there be any need for airbags ?

You can search on youtube also where you can find the videos of crash testing. This is not abnormal to have your head come forward.

Just for reference, my uncle had injuries and stitches on head when our Baleno had rear ended Accent. Dad was wearing seatbelt, so he was fine, but my uncle was not wearing belt and his head hit the windscreen. You can look at the thread here.

Even though you were belted and still you got injuries means this was indeed a crash with quite a bit of speed involved.

Thank God that you are alive and able to walk away only with minor injuries.
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Default Re: Help Please : Total Loss or Repair

Never even think of a repair! Remember your vehicle's resale value has already taken a big hit after the accident.

Use the formula below and choose the option that has the lowest cost

Repairing the old car = Amount to be paid out of pocket + Permanent Loss in resale value
Buying a new car = Total landed cost of new car - Insurance claim

Do the math yourself, factoring in the fall in resale value after the accident. You will be able to arrive at the most logical and economical decision.

Agreed that you may have to shell out atleast another 1.5L ~ 2.5L immediately over and above the claim amount to replace the car. But at the end of the day you have a brand new car and more importantly, great peace of mind

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Default Re: Help Please : Total Loss or Repair

Thanks to all your suggestions. I didnt know that, I can have this many well wishers\friends!

Some of the post point out that, I should approach IRDA\Ombudsman(infact the mail I first sent to insurance company, I had copied ombudsman and advocate. That may be the reason, they changed their plan to Repair!. Remember total loss was not official at that time.).

Lets review my options:

1. Insurance company ready to repair.
2. They are(talk going on) ready to make it total loss if I give RC.

Going thru the posts and calculations, I dont want option 1 to happen. So I should negotiate and let go RC and thus may be 60K of road tax. So option 2 sounds good.

I informed surveyor that, I am ready for Total Loss with no demand for RC.

Tough time guys ahhhhh I cant hit the wall that hard, I already have hematoma on the forehead !!
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Default Re: Help Please : Total Loss or Repair


I looked at the Picture posted by you. Since the body of the car is intact, you can still look at the option of repairing it.

Weigh both options. Repairing the car means you will still cough up cost of parts due to depreciation for metals and straight 50% for plastics. If the amount you are going to pay is less than what you would lose by writing off the car, it makes sense to repair.

I had a similar accident in My scorpio last month - not head on collission but i banged a truck from rear when the guy suddenly came into my lane - and the front portion of the car was severely damaged but engine, chasis and body was good. Got it repaired and cost me 25K as the total bill came to 1.5 lac with Insuranace company giving 80K.

Seat belt saved un in this instance and i was out of the car in seconds as if nothing had happenned. Here is the picture.

Help Please : Total Loss or Repair-scorpio-3.jpg
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Default Re: Help Please : Total Loss or Repair

That is one scary picture and glad to know that you are ok.

I suggest a total loss if it can be done. Otherwise a complete replacement can be done, if done at a competent dealer MASS, without any short cuts. But yes first vote is for total loss.
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Default Re: Help Please : Total Loss or Repair

That's a very nasty crash and glad that you did not suffer any major injuries.
I would suggest claim a Total Loss since we ourselves are not sure what the quality of repair would be. Now imagine the thought process of the buyer when you go to sell this car after 2-3 yrs. He would have absolutely ZERO confidence in your car and that would translate into your resale value taking a major hit.

And as suggested earlier, demand the RC after the claim has been processed and make sure you do not sign any document stating you wish to surrender the RC.
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