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Mclaren & Psycho - That was a horrific incident. Good to know that you didn't get hurt heavily. You were really lucky.

Take Care.
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That was a really bad incident :-(.
Thank god you guys are safe. I once again pray for every ones safety.
Do take all possible care while driving.

Can't agree more... Seat belts DO save lives.
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Jeez!! Thats a horrific crash, n very glad to know u both are safe. You should be thankin GOD n ur car for savin ya!

Wish u 2 a speedy recovery and be back on the road in ur Baleno as good as ever
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So sad to hear this !!!..
thank god that u guys are ok...

take care dude

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Glad to hear that both of you came out of this safe and sound.
As someone pointed out, it is indeed an accident in the true sense... Thanks for sharing, with the pics and a nice write up.

And yes, its a reminder for all of us to be safe and cautious. Hope you get ur baleno pretty soon.

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Originally Posted by Steeroid
Hey McLaren

A bit late in the day, sorry - YEAR - but my condolences all the same (this time officially).

I still feel bad about saying THIS just 3 days before the accident happened. That was the first thought that went through my mind when you called me that evening.

PS: Did Godfather turn up on that day...because he said THIS too.
Hey , steeroid and godfather , chill guys .. I never took ur words seriously anyways, it was meant to be in a humorous way and thats exactly how i took it .. So no issues .. Btw steeroid this time when u come to bangy u can try out the baleno around the same corners with the under 5 sec work under the hood and hopefully a bit more than that .. Goddy get ready for the late night meets .. Btw godfather was not present as he wasnt aware of the accident until a week or so ..

Originally Posted by ford rocam
in btw didnt you asked truck driver why he didnt stopped in same lane instead of taking sudden right ? I m sure he must have not seen in his side mirror that car is coming (may be he didnt had sufficient time or he just didnt wanted to stop).
No FR .. The bike guy came to a sudden halt in front of the truck and since the truck guy realised he couldnt avoid him he decided to cut across , nothing wrong with that i suppose ..

Originally Posted by kseethuram
More luckily there was no passenger in the rear seat. Put this aside as a bad dream ...
yes seethu , u are right .. Had v1p3r come that day (any given day all 3 of us used to travel in the car) then the consequences could have been much worse .. To top it up , i got news from my native that had there been a 3rd guy in the car then he certainly wouldnt have survived .. Looking at the condition of the car at the rear we did certainly agree .. v1p3r dont curse VTU and their scheduling of exams , bcoz they just did save our lives .. v1p3r didnt turn up only bcoz he had an exam the next day ... Thanking our lucky stars yet again ..

Originally Posted by rtech
Exactly! Just as it was in my case, Tbhpians are there whenever needed. Cheers guys!
U bet rtech .. I have found great friends from this forum .. Thanks to all the mods , GTO specially to start with .. Tbhp has become a part and parcel or our lives..

Originally Posted by hrag
I'm glad you considered this perspective as well. And hope you don't misunderstand my questions above.
Well we all are human beings , arent we ?? We do make mistakes , but at the spur of the moment we did what we felt was right and forgiving the driver was the only thing we had in mind .. Secondly after impact he didnt try to run away , but parked the truck to the side of the road and sat inside hell scared .. No issues hrag , ur points are valid enough ..

Originally Posted by psycho
Unluckily we did not have any other option, McLaren I am really sorry for what happened to your car.
Arey uncle , what is all this sorry worry yaar .. There was mot much u (or anyone for that matter) could do anyway .. If it was anyone else it could have landed ending up much worse .. Keshav applied common sense and didnt try to swerve into the left lane to avoid the truck , thereby avoiding the possibility of flipping over trying to turn a car with locked wheels .. Also he remained calm throught the scene, thus the only thing he concentrated on was to bring the car to a halt in time .. It didnt happen , but we came out alive .. Actually i must be thanking you , for u know it it wasnt for u i could have landed in much deeper trouble..

Originally Posted by NC
Sorry about your car mate. but atleast she saved you. remained faithful till the end right ?
Yes NC , she did take all the brunt and kept us unharmed .. She did remain faithful till the very end .. I for one will never forget my zen ever neither will any of the bhpians who knew how that car used to fly (most still dont believe that the car was stock) and sound (wrt to the ICE setup)..

Originally Posted by GTO
A Second life!
U said it GTO .. The accident happened on the 14th of jan and my birthday was on the 18th , u wont believe but we celebreated my bday by keeping just one candle on the cake meaning to say i just had got a fresh lease of life .. ..

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Mclaren, thats much worse than I had imagined !!!
Anyway, I am so glad you guys came out with minor injuries and will move on in life to :


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well i had heard about your crash, but the pics show the extent of the crash.

and you bet you were lucky to get out of that one with just minor injuries.
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good to c u r all right man..me myself have been in an accident with a kerala state bus...god smashed to the side of the bridge....no problems..just lost one whole side of the car...!!
worst part is i had only a 3rd party insurance..!
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Team-BHP Support
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McLaren, I heard it from you few days back, but I hadn't realised the extent of damage until I saw the photos. You guys were indeed very lucky and very sensible for wearing seatbelts. A new lease of life indeed.

Originally Posted by McLaren
I for one will never forget my zen ever neither will any of the bhpians who knew how that car used to fly (most still dont believe that the car was stock)
I should know, I had to really push my Baleno to pass your Zen during the last T-BHP drive.
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Mclaren,after looking at the pic i must say you and psycho were really lucky.Glad to hear that both of you didnt suffer any serious injuries,thank god and to have fellow TBHPians respond to your call to assist you.
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Mclaren Im really sorry that it happend and happened couple of days before your bday...I know that hurts but all is not gone, this incident just paved way to a brand new Baleno, aint it??? Congrats on that.

Psycho, I know you would be moved too...I can still remmember the quiver in your voice when you had called me , guess a day after the accident...that was indeed disturbing!!!

Now that everything is fine all I can say is you two be extra careful as fate can do weird things to you even when you are most careful...

God bless you...
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Originally Posted by mclaren1885
.. We literally thank GOD
You can say that again, mclaren ! A sure proof that someone up there cares for us.
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I always insist my parents even to wear seat belts. And if you are a biker.. use a helmet.

And HONK while you overtake.
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Hey Mac

Horrific accident man... Great to hear both of you got out relatively unscathed... Providence man ... sheer providence!! AND Seatbelts of course!!.... Never drive without them!
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