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Wink Speed Thrills...

You hv a great car, great road!! and you are hitting 120-125 miles per hour.[~200 KM per hour] How do you feel?

Its a great experience!! It feels throughly refreshing. As if loads of adrenalin is being sent to all the cells in the body. Every cell craving for more and more. Feels like being part of a live wire. When the car zooms into the darkness, only thing thats visible is the road 30-40 feet ahead (thanks to headlights).

Think that you have complete control of the car.. car whirrs even for a millimeter movement from steering.. gas pedal had already hit the ground., cld feel whsssssssss sound of air.. if you open the car windows, car starts shaking due to the pressure and velocity.. You overtake cars even before they cld spot you on the rear view mirror..zoooooom.. you start to smell the heated engine..burning rubber.. you start feeling a ball rolling inside your stomach.. feels like you are the one ).. feels as if you are doing a great achievement that nobody cld do.

A moment there and next thread of thinking z about death! what would happen if therez a small bump on the road..wot if some car change lanes? at those speeds the probability to survive is close to nil. sh*t. A moment of eternity.. Scare about future!! Feels great about something and sh*ting bricks about the same!!SLOW DOWN.

When the car is stopped, can feel the body all heated up, sweating, panting, cld feel the heat in nostrils, red eyes and bodyz shaking mildly. [Adrenalin overdose )] OMG what an experience!
Speed Thrills.. Also, it Kills.

wot motivates to try such things? Is it cuz of the rush or/ the brush with uncertainity or/ trying to reach limits or/ just for the heck of it??

Do you guys hv any unforgettable moments like this?
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Originally Posted by rareone
wot motivates to try such things?
high-powered engines and confidence-inspiring bodyshells!

if you are driving a M800, i am sure you won't dare to try such an act.

i can't express myself any better than these few words.
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Wud like u 2 share some of your unforgettable moments like this??

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Well Buddy...

Too many responsibilities in life right now to try these kinds of things on Indian Roads & Indian Cars...

Someone waits eagerly at home for me !
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Well, I would like to share mine.. Two weeks back, when I had to rush to Blr from Chennai and back in my esteem. The roads are amazing , except for 6-7 kms of going through a town. Else all the 350 kms are wonderful stretches that tease you to keep ripping.

I reached chennai from Blr in about 3hrs and 45 mins. My all new record

Am sure there are ppl who have better timings than I have. Blame it on the roads..
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With those stock MRFs???

I'm gonna get u and n_aditya jailed for ripping on those skinny rubber.
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Yes, I have one single moment like this, and I bet someone is reading this right now saying, yeah bloody hell, I remember!!!
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Returning from erode to bangalore - a looong curve and a bridge over a stream after, and trying to show off to pals who'd come along to a friend's wedding - got her upto 140 or so on a double carriage undivided highway - and suddenly realize the bridge is too narrow and there's a truck on it. And oh - btw - no "shhoulder" - one of those 'elevated' stretches of the highway just above a stream so a 20foot + steep slope on the side too.
Slammed on the brakes, cut in the steering, lotsa fishtailing both to the left and right and somehow kept her in the lane - mostly - missed the truck, shoulder and entered the bridge at a sedate 80 or so. My heart probably never beat that fast ever before or after that.
No more showing off, no 'taking it to the limit' esp on curves, esp when you cannot see for a good distance ahead.
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Three years ago, I was riding on my RD350 at 145kmph at 5 AM in the morning on West of Chord Road, Bangalore which is a huge stretch of about 2+ kms. Dawn was just breaking in, the road was absolutely empty and I was thrilled and decided to see how far I could take her. I was doing about 145kmph and suddenly I see a matador van chugging slowly on the right side of the road(almost in my path) with no tail-lamps or reflectors.... and the next moment, I was very close to him. There was about 2-2.5 mts between the matador and the median and not enough distance to steer to the left. I was sure braking would not help in this situation. I flashed the light once, hoped that he would not move to the right and also that I would have enough control over the bike to keep it pointed to the gap between the matador and the stone median. I was in 6th gear and when I was near him, I de-clutched a little to make the bike zip past him at that point.

Once I was past him, I slowed down the bike, heaved a sigh of relief, asked him to pull over and gave him a piece of my mind. That was the closest I got .....the situation was such that everything depended on luck and timing. I still drive\ride fast but try not to get into these situations.

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