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Default Re: Idle ramblings due to extreme anger? About a hit-and-run with an old lady

IMHO rash/discourteous driving will only end when the erring drivers are consistently fined/punished, enough to dissuade them from behaving the way they do. Age is not a factor- they may be 18 or 58. Unless they are strongly punished for their misdeeds, they will not change. It's a natural tendency; we see it in our kids. If they know they can get away scot-free, they will repeat the misdeed. Aren't we seeing the same disgusting disrespect for the law amongst our politicians and bureaucrats?

@ RS_DEL: your actions, while carried our with the best of intentions, could have put you in danger. Road rage, esp. in our glorious Capital is quite common. But I feel yr sense of frustration. I'm 90% sure nothing would have happened had you called the cops.
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Default Re: Idle ramblings due to extreme anger? About a hit-and-run with an old lady

Originally Posted by Abhinav.Daos View Post
I am sorry but I cannot support this kind of bullying. Chasing? Cornering? Bullying? Hitting? Harassing family? Who in the world gave you the mandate to do this? The right thing to do would be take down his number and call 100. End of.

People like you are the reason why people run away after accidents. What you did was the dictionary definition of mob behavior. If not for experiences like these people would be more compassionate and help victims. These days no matter whose fault it actually is, there are always people who have nothing to do with the incident who will not miss any opportunity to bully, hit, abuse, extort, harass people.
You my friend are living in Utopia.

Want to know about cops? Let me tell you a story.

I live in a south Delhi colony. A so called posh colony. For the past 11 years I have been facing criminal attacks, intimidation by a family member of an Ex Lt Governor of Delhi. His objective - that I should sell my apartments in building to him and leave. Eventually after he started his drama of trying to implicate me in a complaint of threatening to commit murder we were forced to approach the government for investigation of this matter. Three different complaints:

[1] First to the Delhi Women Commission by my mother, since she is the owner of the family property. DCW found this man to be guilty but no action. On the contrary he became more emboldened.

[2] Second complaint to the CM of Delhi. Do you know what Delhi Police did? They threatened us. How? The Assistant Sub Inspector assigned to investigate the matter openly threatened us that the accused had stated he had dropped his intention of buying our property and we should sign a settlement in which he was basically declared innocent. He clearly told my mother that if we did not sign the settlement we should arrange bail for my mother, me and my wife.

[3] Third complaint to the Home Minister and the P.M.O. - after my wife was attacked in a gated community, I was accosted within the precincts of the building by a goon employed by these people and I and my son were threatened by the same goon driving a vehicle belonging to these people which could have resulted in a road accident involving my son and me, when I was walking my son to his bus stop. DO you know what Delhi Police have to say? No Cognisable Offence Committed. This is AFTER the PMO has sent a letter to Commissioner, Delhi Police for having the matter investigated and as a follow up the PMO has advised the Home Secretary to look into this matter.

The best part of this nonsense is these buggers are NOT Indian citizens. They are British passport holders and yet are treated as VIPs' by Delhi Police.Wait , it gets even better their Neta rishtedar is Not from the current ruling party. He is from the opposition yet they are treated as VIPs'. The cops are very much aware that he could be in power tomorrow and act as such.

So my friend please get real. Realise the sordid reality that exists in India in the name of the rule of law. Inspite of all this I still believe in the rule of law. Let me assure even though I am no youngster I have enough physical strength that I could have given the offending driver a sound thrashing. Yet when the other driver told me the victim had not suffered any major injury I was willing to let the offending driver go. If you for a moment think Delhi Police would have done anything to prosecute the offspring of a retired bureaucrat you certainly do not know how things work in India.

I respect your stand. I, however have seen enough of the crooks who pose as law enforcement to believe their honesty one bit.

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