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Default Re: Motion Induced Blindness

Thanks for sharing such an informative piece...perfect description...great article.it was really an eye opener!the demonstration was perfect.now the respect towards fighter pilots has grown even more as you mentioned the faster we are the more it is...
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Default Re: Motion Induced Blindness

When I took the test few days ago from antz.bin's FB post , I found that the left yellow dot was particularly susceptible to disappearance in my case. The right one stayed on almost constantly irrespective of size and speed and the bottom one kept disappearing occasionally.
Lazy left eye ?
Could be that objects suddenly (seemingly) popping in from the left pose a larger threat , since my straight gaze seems to be right biased.
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Default Re: Motion Induced Blindness

This is very helpful. Thanks for sharing.
I have a habit of continuously monitoring my rear view mirrors while driving, sometimes to the point where I'm more worried about whats behind me rather than whats in front.
But after reading this article, maybe this style of driving helps me prevent MIB.

And yes, I also recollect a couple of scary incidents where objects suddenly materialize out of thin air right in front of you.
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Default Re: Motion Induced Blindness

Thank you for sharing. Hope both drivers and pedestrians are educated about this. In a lot of places our country, pedestrians rely more on driver's attention for their safety. A show of hand seems to give them the right of way because they assume that a driver will slow down. If they are made aware of MIB, they would probably try to cut down the habit.
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Default Re: Motion Induced Blindness

Excellent sharing.

But I think in real life condition car is moving in straight direction and Left Hand and Right Hand road sides feels to move in opposite direction of a vehicle i.e. from front to back.

Also the grid design is revolving with peculiar pattern and in real life condition its may not be so.
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Default Re: Motion Induced Blindness

This piece of information is great! Crisp and effective.
My style of driving is that I keep myself alert and aware of the happenings in the front as well as behind, left and right by checking the respective mirrors at regular intervals. This aids me in avoiding people wrongly over-taking from left, aggressive drivers, people driving too close for comfort (cannot brake in time and crash in from behind) and the like.

The frequency of checking out the surroundings is as per the amount of activity upon the roads, i.e. relatively less frequency on highways and more on crowded or narrow city roads.

Last edited by sameer_tangri : 20th April 2012 at 17:05. Reason: Had wrongly typed "break" instead of "brake". Corrected this.
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Default Re: Motion Induced Blindness

Excellent information ! All the more reason to add a left side Mirror as well which is sorely.

I wonder how drivers in Motorsports manage this feat. The viewing angle has high levels of variations and they hardly blink. In Rally when some of the stages are narrow with trees all around, this causes an even bigger hypnosis.
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Default Re: Motion Induced Blindness

This is valuable information, can be lifesaving. How I wish the general driving public would be aware of this. But the best we can do is to pass it onto our friends and family.

I got my UK driving license and during the training the trainer would emphasis on blind spots. We were taught to always keep monitoring the three mirrors and be aware of our surroundings. But more importantly, keep tilting the head briefly to gain a greater field-of-view.

With neat highways and ring roads coming up in India, I think we really need to be aware of the importance of terms like driver visibility.
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Default Re: Motion Induced Blindness

Thanks for sharing this valuable information. Does our motor driving license test authorities enlighten the applicants with these sort of things while testing their driving skills. It was not there when I was giving my license test.
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Originally Posted by throttleking View Post
You will see a revolving array of blue crosses on a black background. There is a flashing green dot in the centre and three fixed yellow dots around it. If you fix your gaze on the green dot for more than a few seconds, the yellow dots will disappear at random, either singly, or in pairs, or all three together. In reality, the yellow dots are always there. Just watch the yellow dots for some time to ensure that they donít go anywhere!

As long as I moved my eyes, the three dots were present. They disappeared only when my eyes were fixed on the rotating blue pattern.

At the same time, I wondered how can I cannot come across this phenomenon even after driving those innumerable kilometres. I have this habit of continually monitoring the ORVM and internal RVM temperature meter and the ammeter. In day light, along all these, I continually look at the scenery outside.

I was always irritated whenever I found my friends/drivers/others not slowing down when an object is approaching from the side or not slowing down well in advance if the vehicle in front slows down abruptly. This phenomenon may explain but I will have to check it with them.

Originally Posted by Sangre View Post
I always think that my peripheral vision is slightly obstructed by the specs frames. Moreover the field of vision is restricted to the area of the lens. Anything that falls out of the lens area appears blurred and consequently I find myself turning my head to a larger extent to cover areas that fall out of the "clear" area.
I do wear prescription glasses but I did not encounter any such problem. My lens are not wide. As I have said earlier, I continually move my head as a matter of habit. That is why I did not encounter MIB or the problem mentioned by you. Nevertheless, I shall concentrate on the aspect mentioned by you and see whether I too face this problem.

Originally Posted by IronH4WK View Post
Faster the speed, faster the scanning.

- if I'm passing through area with big trees on either side and if sunlight is filtering through it causes a repetitive pattern of shade/sunlight. If the duration of this pattern is long it can turn hypnotic; it's kinda like slowly dozing off and can be very dangerous, especially if your driving fast. One will fall prey to it faster if one is tired.

Anybody else feel this phenomenon?
I do not find the repetitive sunlight/shade hypnotic but I find it slightly uncomfortable at first, mostly because humps/potholes are not clearly visible. But if this pattern continues for long - say, more than several seconds, my eyes get adjusted.

Yes, faster the speed, faster the scanning. Also, If I drive at high speeds, I sit ram rod straight without myself noticing it.

I find continuous high speed driving tires me out earlier than relatively slow speed drives ( 80-100 kmph)

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Default Re: Motion Induced Blindness

Very useful article. Now i know why i get tired & sight goes blur when on straight line drive.. It was really scary on few drives, where i did all stunts to concentrate, but i get carried away...

Good lesson to swivel around now
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Default Re: Motion Induced Blindness

Thank you throttleking for sharing this valuable information.
I might have experienced this while driving in US - being new to driving on expressways, I constantly used to look at lane markers. After sometime you are only aware of your lane. Thankfully people don't change lanes without signals there.

In India, there are so much distractions on the road, you hardly get to focus on a single object, especially in city and sub-urban areas.
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Default Re: Motion Induced Blindness

lol, i am never faced with this problem as I keep on looking here and there( drives my wife crazy as she is always looking ahead as if she is driving!) This is always when I am with others, but when I am alone or others travelling with me are sleeping, I am quite focused. on the traffic ahead.
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Default Re: Motion Induced Blindness

Motion Induced Blindness happened to us on the High way Naisk Pune highway. My wife was driving the Honda City and her eyes were fixated far ahead. A cow crossed the road from the left side of the road and she show the cow too late. She braked hard and an Alto rear ended us. I was busy texting on the cell phone so could not warn her in time of the cow crossing the road.

She DID NOT see the cow crossing the road well ahead of us!!

I attributed this accident then that maybe she was not concentrating on the road and her mind had drifted away thinking something else.

I am now sure that this was indeed MIS.
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Default Re: Motion Induced Blindness

Great Article ! An eye opener for me. I saw all 3 yellow dots disappearing for more than once. I kept shifting my eyes and never missed them.

thanks for sharing.
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