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Default Re: 6000Kms in 79 Hours! Limca Book of Records attempt in a Fiat Punto

Originally Posted by Ravveendrra View Post
It definitely helps to remember that higher moving average is not about higher top speeds but consistent speeds with smooth driving.
Good point!

Another way to cover large distances quickly without driving at maniacal speeds is to use the gearbox often - that is, accelerate quickly to the desired cruising speed. Most drivers take 20 or more seconds to reach 100 kmph from rest, but try to maintain 140 or 160 kmph once they get going.

Truck traffic on the GQ can force you to slow down to 40 kmph, but you can gain valuable time by accelerating quickly from 40 kmph to 100 kmph by downshifting from 4th gear to 2nd gear, revving to 4000 or 5000 rpm (depending on the car), shifting to 3rd gear and then revving harder!
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Default Re: 6000Kms in 79 Hours! Limca Book of Records attempt in a Fiat Punto

Though I wanted to come up with a well written travelogue, this thread compels me to respond as someone who also ended up driving the Golden Quadrilateral on the same day when the duo (Bhaskar and Prabhakar) started from Bangalore.

The only difference here was the fact that we broke for the night 4 times and drove 2 continuous nights and successfully (should I also say safely) completed the circuit in 7 days and 18 hours.

Here is the snapshot of my sector speeds in each leg and the car being my humble Wagon-R which had clocked 1,67,000 kms on the Odo when we started this drive.

6000Kms in 79 Hours! Limca Book of Records attempt in a Fiat Punto-sectorspeeds.jpg

The whole drive was taken up by a single driver (Me) and I was accompanied by my father and my cousin as co-passengers.

I am sure there would be many who would then begin to think why a Wagon-R and I would still say "why not" when I am the only person behind this trusted tallboy's wheel since it is in my garage.

A safe car may be unsafe behind a rash driver and an unsafe car can save you from death if you drive it carefully. I have been following the same principle ever since I have taken up long drives on this car.

Coming to the topic in discussion here:

While it is so easy to start guessing on how dangerously could the duo be driving without proper sleep, It is also a matter of few spared minutes of thought and a good experience on highway driving that can make one realise that not necessarily one needs to hit beyond 3 digit speeds to get the best average per hour.

If we are talking about short distances like Bangalore-Chennai or even Mumbai-Pune, I do agree that faster driving shall bring down the travel time considerably. But in a case like this where we are talking about 6000kms in one go, IMHO, it is impossible to be able to be speeding all throughout the drive as the body simply cannot take it. Eventually, every driver will settle for a comfortable cruising speed (which definitely cannot be 130-140). After all, you don't want to be breaking from 140 to 40 and start all over again when you spot a truck changing lanes or a pedestrian crossing the road or a biker swaying out of the shoulder.

Additionally, clocking the best average speeds is also a matter of the time of the day one passed certain sectors. Driving very early mornings and late nights can phenomenally bring up the average speeds without crossing doubtful limits and will still make the driver behind the wheels feel comfortable and will not result in much fatigue as otherwise. I covered most of the sectors at night and that gave me a fantastic driving average. Overall, the driving only average excluding breaks is 75kmph which is not bad at all. My usual cruising speed varied between 100-120kmph and little more than that wherever road conditions and traffic pattern permitted. All through the drive, I could have never even thought of driving faster (by pushing myself and the car) to reach a destination on time and you can see that we have reached all our destinations past midnight.

If you see my sheet above, I drove continuously from Mehsana till Varanasi (1750kms, 31 hours) but took ample breaks. The second longest drive in a single shot was Vizag-Bangalore and again with breaks.

I could have never even attempted to be rash, give a hint that I was sleepy or being irritated as I was with my father who has been my companion ever since I took up driving (he has never driven all his life) and one mistake today means a trust broken after so many years.

Our initial plan was to start from every place at 5am but as you can see from the sheet, one single late start on the first day had a cascading effect on the rest of the days since we needed proper rest (at least my 60 year old father must).

*I deviated off GQ from Ahmedabad to take Mehsana-Palanpur and touch the GQ again at Udaipur to accommodate a social reason

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Default Re: 6000Kms in 79 Hours! Limca Book of Records attempt in a Fiat Punto

Late entrant here No I am not into the debate for nor against. I only want to congratulate the duo. Kudos to the Duo in achieving this feat.

Having myself driven nearly 3Lakh KMs on Indian roads, from 1994 I can understand the debate.

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Default Re: 6000Kms in 79 Hours! Limca Book of Records attempt in a Fiat Punto

Great achievement folks! "Live to Drive" it is!

A top endurance drive and in the best hatch for the highways. I had to skip couple of pages filled with pretty amusing comments from armchair experts on highway average speeds.

But I want to ask, any mechanical issues or any challenges that you folks you faced while you were on the trip. I am curious to know more about how the Punto lived up to the endurance challenge.

Kudos again folks

Originally Posted by Ravveendrra View Post
Important too is maintaining discipline by all drivers on board. This means that they will rest and sleep as much as possible when another is driving, so that they can take the wheel at short notice. It also means that each one will stop driving the moment he feels fatigued or sleepy.

It definitely helps to remember that higher moving average is not about higher top speeds but consistent speeds with smooth driving.
Totally agree!
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Default Re: 6000Kms in 79 Hours! Limca Book of Records attempt in a Fiat Punto

Originally Posted by hvkumar View Post
This is not really , it has lots of interesting learning. Has strong parallels to understanding how a drive like this was accomplished:
AVR Prabhakar Rao and Mandapaka Bhaskar Congratuletions to both of you.

This is called as Live to Drive.

Kumar sir, as I read here these two guys are not yet TBHP member, can we have a clean details (as usual) from you regarding the planning, devices installed, any particular modification in car and total cost involved.

Thanks in advance.

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Default Re: 6000Kms in 79 Hours! Limca Book of Records attempt in a Fiat Punto

AVR Prabhakar Rao and Mandapaka Bhaskar, many many congratulations.

This is purely my personal opinion but I think what you did is exemplary. While there have been a lot of comments made that you have driven rash and endangered lives I think on the contrary if you would have done that you would have never made it actually. Driving on highways are a different ball game in my limited experience of driving compared to stalwarts here. It needs a certain amount of poise, maturity and stability of mind to drive long distances for long hours and of course a lot of common sense besides physical endurance. Of course the veterans have already succinctly brought out what matters most, things to take care of in driving safe and sound during such drives.

Actually in my view, it is not the speed record that matters in the end, it is actually completing the drive itself. I am sure you too must have felt that way somewhere and refused to go beyond your limits even if sometimes you felt that you were perhaps falling behind. So kudos for achieving both these feats. I am sure you guys would have let go of the record if there were genuine obstructions or clear and present danger posed while doing this drive.
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Default Re: 6000Kms in 79 Hours! Limca Book of Records attempt in a Fiat Punto

Sorry guys, but public roads are NOT the place to set records. An attempt to complete xxxx kms in xx hours is nothing other than a dangerous Cannonball Run. The Mod Team has no doubt that the safety of other road users was put at risk in this run. The hurried schedule & presumed lack of rest only makes the drive more dangerous.

If you want to set a record, use the Buddh Track. They even rent it out to regular Joes now.

Thread closed.
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