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Default Re: How a bunch of goons ruined my wife's evening

Unfortunate incident indeed.

Just thinking aloud....
You have mentioned that one of them works in the Kalyan Nagar Hyundai showroom. Why don't you actually go there with your wife and see if you can identify the culprit? This way you can file a formal complaint as you can get the name and details of the person.
And yes, as others have mentioned, you should include the Fortis security chap in the complaint too.
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Default Re: How a bunch of goons ruined my wife's evening

Sad to hear about the incident. I think you should take this matter up with the Fortis Management on how can they let these goons inside the premises. The hospital has security guards manning both entry and exit, how can these keep quite. Also I think the Govt is coming up with a Women Distress cell at 181. In the mean time 108 should help.

I checked in BTIS with the vehicle number you posted but there are no records either with K or X. And one of them being from Hyundai, I doubt that, I am guessing that ploy was because it was a Santro.

You can also use this Public Eye Though it is for traffic violations but still your matter would come to their notice.

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Default Re: How a bunch of goons ruined my wife's evening

@akrobak: I have faced a similar incident at the Reliance, B G Road. Luckily for me, there was a cop who settled the whole thing for Rs 200/- There were two gentlemen on a bike and the rider was speaking on phone, though using handsfree, he was not concentrating on the ride.

From your incident, those people were simply trying to scare your wife. They would never throw someone from the 5th floor, for that would be a murder case! If they really worked for a Hyundai workshop, such actions would result in their job loss! Nobody can simply come to your house and attack you unless they are criminals.

Glad to know your wife is safe but there are two things to practice:

1. Whenever you see a bike, stay as far away as possible and let them go as most of them believe they own the road and its always the others fault. This is completely true if they have ladies as companions.
2. Keep cool, this would give them a clear idea that their tricks wont work!

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Default Re: How a bunch of goons ruined my wife's evening

Unfortunate and Shameful are the only 2 words i can recall right now for this. I feel surprised on even reading that few of our members asking "Did you know Kannada ?".
I am no way blaming them, as it's a fact that if you know local language, the trauma you are supposed to undergo will be minified compared to if you don't.

Is it how our cities were supposed to be made cosmopolitan? People who instigate these acts, are mostly less educated, labout class goons, who have no better work than to uselessly flaunt their nonsense. It's great to learn a new language but is this what the purpose should be?

IMO, even calling the police wouldn't have helped. They would have washed their hands off either by coming late or with a profilt sharing pact with those bikers.

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Default Re: How a bunch of goons ruined my wife's evening

First, be happy that your wife is safe. And you didn't loose much in damages ($$$). While its a sad reality that India has a serious law and order problem, all isn't lost.

First take this up with higher ups at the police. File a case of harassment. One of those men had the stupidity to tell you where he works. Find out who he is and other names will come out. Get a lawyer's help and sue the hell out of those people.
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Default Re: How a bunch of goons ruined my wife's evening

My blood is boiling after reading this. You have nowhere to go, even the law can't/won't protect you and trying to do the right thing, that is approach the cops for help may land you up in more trouble or complications. It is time to start carrying a James Bond sized gun in the glove box. Use it if you have to, not to kill off course. It is the only effective way to protect yourself from scum bags like these.

No offence to those who have the name "gowda" and "reddy" written in bold letters on mostly the rear windshield of cabs and some private vehicles. What does this indicate? Is this some sort warning to tell me that I should not mess with you?

A couple of friends of mine (both male) got mugged in Ejipura. It was the Slayer concert evening. The chaps who mugged them were traveling in a Mercedes Benz. They could only be bunch of drivers. It started with incessant honking. My friends were in their Santro going some place after which they were headed for Slayer. My friend showed his hand instructing them to over take. They did not over take. The honking continued. My friend pulled over to let them go. The chaps from the honking car got down and came up to my friends car and asked him about his hand gesture which was not rude in any sense of it. It was only to indicate, please over take/go ahead. My friend spoke in the local language. The chaps instructed my friends to get out of the neighborhood or there will be trouble. My friends drove away immediately towards inner ring road and got on to it. While they were on inner ring road, the same car cut them off and blocked their path. My friends were dragged out of the car and beaten up black and blue. My friends business macbook and personal iphone was taken. They were instructed not to report about the incident to the police or there will be more trouble. My friends did file a report with the local police station. The goons left and my friend was looking for his glasses as he could not drive without it. In this time the goons had taken a u turn and were driving back on the other side of the road and noticed my friends were still there. They approached them again and my friend told them he can't find his glasses and can't drive. One of the goons actually found it, gave it to him and left. Thats the story.

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Default Re: How a bunch of goons ruined my wife's evening

Well, this is very sad. I have had couple of such experiences in Bangalore (and hence I have quite negative view of the traffic/road rage matters here), including those involving well-educated urbane individuals. However, in my case, the police were helpful. But at times, such incidents really make me wonder, how safe are the so-called safe cities such as Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune etc., and whether we should be as careful in these places as we should be in some infamous parts of the country? Seems the issue is not about any specific city, no place in our country can possibly be called absolutely safe!
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Default Re: How a bunch of goons ruined my wife's evening

something similar happened near my residence. i was standing by the road side when i see a biker with two young lads deliberately taking their bike near the car driven by a young woman with another lady also in the car. The bike veered towards the car and the bikers fell down willingly and started to create a ruckus. I just went to the bike guys and blasted with the choicest of expletives and told them just to run away or else i will call police and report them. Not a single passerby was willing to help at least 25 people were watching and doing nothing.
Sensing that the the game will go bust if police arrive they fled away. I was lucky that they ran away otherwise would have to bear the consequences. Anyways saved somebody from getting cheated. Also thank god your wife is alright on a positive note.
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Default Re: How a bunch of goons ruined my wife's evening

Originally Posted by acroback View Post
Krap, just confirmed with my wife.
The bike did not even touch the car. That dent and scartch is an old one.
So those scumbags harassed her to pay for their speeding adventure.

What is more starking is cold attitude of police stations in helping a lonely woman. I despise such lethargic law system in this country where common man is not safe.

I am aghast to hear words like - "Madam, you are lady that is why I am just speaking, had it been a man I would have dropped him from fith floor of this parking". What a nice way to scare the hell out of a lonely woman.

How do I feel? Don't ask. Just that next time I get into such situation, I just hope this incident doesn't act as fuel for outcome.
Something similar happened with my sister this Diwali. I bike hit here car. I am stressing again, the bike hit her car. But what happened was that every passerby circled her and started pressing on her to admit her fault and compensate the driver. I reached the scene 20 mins later. By that time me & my sister were outnumbered by maybe 1: 100. The police patrol came and said to sort it out in the police station. I agreed, but what happened shocked me. Without an iota of investigation they impounded my car as soon as we reached the police station while the biker was left free to negotiate. In their own words, the police constables asked me to negotiate with the biker for my own good, otherwise they will be forced to act!?

Unlike in your case, I was lucky enough to be by my sister's side. I am a confrontationist & hot tempered in such cases ( when powers turn against me for no wrong done). But by grace of lord, I did a few things right that day. Firstly, in the madness of the crowd that collected, I was able to sneak out my sister. Bought another car from home and while I was on the way on the phone instructed her to drive away in that at an opportune moment. Secondly, I took the police offer of going to the police station, which caused 99.9% of the crowd to disperse. With the crowd not hanging like a sword on my head and tempers thawed, I ceded to the advice of the constable to negotiate. I gave a token amount to the biker and asked him to come home and collect the rest of the amount after Diwali. In return he went all the way back home with me to confirm for himself my dwelling address.

The guy returned after 4-5 days for the money, meanwhile I had sought opinions from all relevant people ( including T-bhp) about what my course of action should be. Well prepared I dealt with him resolutely and the guy had no choice but to leave. I guess the time that I bought after the accident and that I prepared myself in the interim helped me immensely.

But ultimately, I have to ask this - what is the police for? & what good is a society which sees a lonesome girl in a vulnerable situation and starts to harass her?

My biggest learning from this situation is that I am reminded I am part of the society whose behavior is not palatable to me. So I may make an effort that I don't play a role at any time which even inadvertently fosters any such unwanted behavior.

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Default Re: How a bunch of goons ruined my wife's evening

My blood is literally boiling reading this thread and incidents. I urge the concerned people to report the matter to police in writing. People who have some links, please help. At least we should send these morons a message that they simply cannot get away with these acts.

Also, people who suffered from these incidents in past and later took some strong action against this menace, please post in this thread. This will not only encourage taking strong steps against these useless people on earth, but also bring some positivity in the thread. Presently most of us are feeling so helpless.

If these idiots think that they will become 'rich' and have a good life like us by extracting other's money by wrongful ways, then I must say 'dilli duur hi nahin, impossible bhi hai'.

Money doesn't spend in hell.... The devil deals in a different coin.

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Default Re: How a bunch of goons ruined my wife's evening

Sorry to hear about this, and glad that the lady is safe and sound. Here are a few things which you can do:

1. As someone else suggested, go to the Kalyan Nagar Hyundai showroom along with your wife and try identifying that goon. Once done, call up the police and get him arrested and file a case. Narrate the incident to the showroom management and make sure he loses his job.

2. Get both the patients records/address from the hospital. Bribe the police if needed, take them to that place and get these goons arrested.

3. Hire a lawyer to press charges, or at least get advice here by posting on the "Calling Lawyers for free advice thread". Someone should be able to help.

I stay in Kadugodi too. My sincere advice would be to never let your women drive/travel alone to a place that far. It's always better to hire a cab on such occasions. I have a very reliable guy in Kadugodi whose services I often use for this very purpose because I am very apprehensive to let my wife travel alone to far off places. Ping me if you think his number would help.

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Default Re: How a bunch of goons ruined my wife's evening

While I am glad that your wife got away unscathed and unharmed (physically at least), I am sorry to say that the sad story and plight of the 'common' and 'silent' man/woman is what your wife just went through. The system just does NOT empower the MANGO PEOPLE to stand up against these thugs unless you have some in your own pocket.

I doubt whether there would have been a drastic turn of events had it even been you facing that situation. So, your wife can be consoled that it's not at all her fault. Unless of course, you stoop down to the gutter level of these thugs losing all your self-respect - Which I personally do not have a problem doing in an area where I am confident I can use THE SYSTEM to beat these guys to pulp (like my hometown or the college area where I studied). Out here in Bangalore, I ve learnt my lesson the hard way over the 8 years I ve spent here, and in the interest of people who worry and care for me, I ve learnt to give in than break a few bones. I am sorry that I am just not able to console you more than this than use words like 'beat', 'thug', 'pulp', 'manipulate the system', etc. etc. Because, that's just the way the sorry state of affairs in our country is. Justice is denied and delayed. It's not your fault at all - would be the best consolation.

And that 'Hyundai mechanic' one that he pulled on your wife - IMO was just a quick one. Nothing to worry there although as someone mentioned it might be worthwhile to pay a visit to that centre and check for a familiar face. I doubt the thug would risk losing his own bread. But, I on the other hand would have in fact encouraged him to take that step because in my case, he would have landed at the doorstep of my ex employer! Yep.. thats the address..

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Default Re: How a bunch of goons ruined my wife's evening

Very unfortunate indeed. Hopefully you and your wife can recover soon from the mental trauma that you have undergone because of this horrendous experience. Please also post this incident in Bangalore Police's FB page. While the cops seem to show no mercy for things like sun films on cars they care to hoots about helping ordinary citizens when there is an actual law and order issue. I guess a good dosage of sarcasm and some strong words when you post it on the Bangalore Police's FB page might wake them up to action.

Having said all this our nation is plagued by hooligans all over in other cities too and I am sure it is not only the case in Bangalore. It is heartening to see that your wife at least tried to stand up to these lowlifes and didn't let them get away easy. Kudos to her. Given the lowly depths to which our nation has deteriorated, it is important as citizens we stoutly protest and stand against these gutter snipes who have become bolder and bolder over the years since they presumed our silence to be our lack of courage. I think on our part we need to demonstrate a little more courage because these guys who are on the wrong side of the law are always more afraid than us. It is just that we tend to give in quickly that they get away every time they push us. On our part we just take a few steps back against the wall. I just wonder if our backs are not up against the wall enough to fight back these incidents. I suggest you and your family take a vacation to get over this incident and take away only the positives while you can in parallel follow up with law enforcement to bring the culprits to book.

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Default Re: How a bunch of goons ruined my wife's evening

This is a very scary and unfortunate incident that has happened. Relieved that your wife is safe.

This is pure daylight Mugging. These hooligans were lying low for sometime. Seems mugging is again picking up the trend. You should treat this case as a "Mugging" and NOT "Accident or Road Rage".

My two cents to help you follow up this case would be:

For Police Action:
- Put up a complaint on the FB Page of Bangalore Police and BTP as well.
- Complaint should contain Time, Location, Bike Details.
- Nature of threat and Names of people (if your wife cud remember) who threatened during the commotion.
- Visit the Hulimavu Police Station (or whatever PS that Fortis falls under the jurisdiction) and lodge a complaint in written.

For Fortis Hospital Management:
- Visit Fortis Hospital and speak to the receptionist to connect you to the Manager / Head of their unit/branch. If not available, demand to make you speak to him/hear over the phone.
- After the phone call, set up a meeting with the head.
- Meet and note down the name of the Security Guard present on duty during that time. You can find it from their ROTA.

Press / Media Meet:
- If you have some contacts in Press / Media, highlight this case in media.
- The only thing Police and Big Organizations fear is Media. Media has great power to make a ACP/DCP, watever piss in his pants fearing the job, and a Big Organization to come under bad light for their apathy.

Hope you take up some follow up approach on this case. I am sure there are lot of T-BHPians here who are local B'loreans and have contacts in Media, Police, Lawyer, etc. Someone would surely come to your rescue. All the best and keep smiling (that keeps you motivated and positive).

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Default Re: How a bunch of goons ruined my wife's evening

Sorry to hear about this incident. Don't leave this as it is. Since that guy has threatened that he will get your details etc. from hyundai showroom there is nothing stopping him to return to create some more nuisance

Below are some helplines. Suggest you reach them and register a complaint on this incident at the earliest
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