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Default Re: Number Plate mistakes by car dealerships

Originally Posted by NYMEX View Post
This person has signed the hypothecation documents when applying for a loan. He can be charged with fraud and cheating as he has availed the loan from the bank. It is surprising to hear that the bank feels it cannot do anything.
Yes the Bank can charge the guy with legal case, I did mention that Bank can only take a legal course and what I meant by saying that Bank cannot anything is - that Bank cannot take the possession of the vehicle for non payment of the loan.
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Default Re: Number Plate mistakes by car dealerships

This is a common clerical mistakes that dealers do. I think this often happens during sale seasons (Year end sale, Festive sale, etc). When i bought my Alto LXI on Dec 2006. Dealer fixed me the wrong registration plate which i came to know only when i went to collect my RC. The number which they gave me initially belongs to a Baleno which got registered on the same date by the same dealer.

This thing doesn't stop here, When i gave my car for the first service, The service center people somehow broke the front number plate and replaces it with a new one, and during the due course they messes up by fixing a DL-16-x-XXXX instead of UP-16-x-XXXX. I came to know about this very lately when the guy at the parking lot notify me about this.

So not only while taking the new car delivery, one should also be very careful while taking the car delivery back from service center :-D
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Default Re: Number Plate mistakes by car dealerships

goof Ups are common. According to my RC the colour of my Indigo is "sedan". I requested for it to be changed but the RTO simply said, sir does it matter, let it be. You can change the colour to your choice any time and no body can challan you. Strange logic, I must say.
Another goof up was on my bullet. I used it for about 4 years before realising that the last two digits have been interchanged on the plate. hehe.
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Default Another one for Bangalore

When I got the Registration Card of my Honda Amaze, I was amazed to learn that - my Father is my Wife - as my wife's name is appearing in the - S/D/W of : space.

Dealer claims he is getting it corrected for the past 2 months :

Best Regards & Drive Safe

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Default Re: Number Plate mistakes by car dealerships

My brother's Alto was purchased from Gandhinagar through CSD. After taking delivery of the car, he drove it to MHOW the very next day. Car was with number plates but original RC was supposed to take time so he was in possession of other documents. After around 2 months, he got call from his SA from Gandhinagar that there is slight discrepancy in number, 7 needs to be replaced by 9. He came to know of it once the RC came to the dealer. And all docs that was provided by the dealer had the wrong number! Thankfully the RC had correct details.

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Default Re: Number Plate mistakes by car dealerships

I had encountered a similar situation around two years back at Hyundai Motor Plaza, which is a company owned and company operated showroom. I had got a fancy number from the RTO office and gave the slip to the dealer. My sales agent got so excited on seeing the number that he called the person who makes number plates for them and dictated the number on phone.

When we went to take the delivery of the car, the first thing I noticed was the number. Now what has happened was a slight mistake.

The dictated number was XX xx AD XXXX. The number plate had XX xx AT XXXX. Since, I have a passion for such numbers, I noticed it then and there. The correct number plate was fixed next day at my home.

We came home with temporary number only.

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Default Re: Number Plate mistakes by car dealerships

Reminds me of my own case!!
Got my Figo from the dealer and the number which he gave me the previous day was XXXX8573 and when I went to get the number plates fixed, he handed over XXXX8753!! I know the two numbers are quite similar and can slip the eye. So requested him to get the correct number plates which he did and were fixed on the car.

Fun happens the next day when I park my car in my office parking and notice a Ford Fiesta wearing XXXX8753 number standing right next to mine!! Met the owner that evening and told him the incident. Both had a hearty laugh and are friends now!

Somethings happen for good! Made a new friend!

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Default Re: Number Plate mistakes by car dealerships

The same thing has happened to my neighbour. He bought a new Hero Honda bike, and came to know about the mistake when he took it to service and the staff found the same number on another bike in for service the same day. It was the same model, color etc. I've heard of this happening a lot.
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Default Re: Number Plate mistakes by car dealerships

When I took the delivery of my car, the dealer had put up MH 04 instead of MH 43. After all the formalities, at the time of leaving, I suddenly realised that something is wrong with the number. Then it struck, hey this shouldn't be MH 04. I informed the dealer and he was like, "sorry sir, actually we are used to put MH 04 numbers" (since it was Thane dealership). I was like .
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