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Originally Posted by sushrutha

By the way pls reveal the name of TBHPian who helped you.

it was my duty ...as pravin and his family were stranded at that remote place....anyone else in my place would have done teh same thing .more ever as his father was not well the only way he could reach kerala was by the night bus or take teh next flight ...so ther was no way that he could have found any other means to reach teh bus stop or the airport..

finally we did manage to catch a B7r on teh way at around 830 pm from krishnagiri ....as other friends booked tickets from bangalore and gave our details to teh driver

actually 1-2 mins before the accident pravin had called me praising the superb krishnagiri road...

just before leaving i had called amitoj and rudra to ask abt the maruti helpline number ...but like other things ...the numbers never worked

and even i cannot forget the moment when teh call came about his father...

abt drivers ....they have nothing to loose ...but i think we should also spare a thought for them ...as the drivers in india are poorly paid and they have to drive non stop without any rest nor do they have any stipulated minimum working hours like airline pilots ....

in pravins incident it was plain negligence ...good that teh driver wasnt there when i reached there ....as i was planning a lot of things to do with him ...

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Dear Pravin,

My heartfelt condolences on your tragic loss.

May God grant your family strength and peace in this time of turmoil.

God Bless
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SS, I really appreciate your efforts and concern to go out of way to help someone in need. May be anybody in that situation could have done it, but its' you who did it and set example.

Hats off to you!
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Sad to hear about what happened. Hope God gives you strength to cope up with it.
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Pravin :MY condolences.

SS: Hats off to you

Originally Posted by Ajay Narayan
I feel sorry for your experience and that you could not be at the bedside of your father during his last moments. My sincere condolence to you and the whole family.

Am writing this note for others who might face a similar problem.

Have done extensive driving in India with own/hired vehicles/drivers by following few simple rules for the last 35 years:

1. Once the driver starts driving, my first very stern and serious conversation is that he should not drive beyond 80kmph. Failing which I will stop the vehicle and get down and not pay him anymore. This sentence must get into his head or else it is of no use. Incase, he still goes above set limit, I have also insisted to stop the vehicle. This will always work. Important is that you do it and not only talk about it. The rest of the journey will be safe as he then has enough error-margin.

2. On your own car, incase he crosses the limits, just ask him to stop the car and ask him to come out. Tell him to mind his speed as next time you will throw him out of the car.

Both above messages are very short and clear for him to understand. Important is that you not only talk about it but also do it.

Believe me, it has worked on all occassions. I had a similar case recently while travelling in a Qualis in Rajasthan. Near Jaipur, he tried to speed up the vehicle and I asked him to stop the car. Then I told him off never to do it again with me on this trip as I will not give him another warning and just get down from the car. And he never did it again.

Bottomline, your life is in your hands and you need to fight for it instead of just let somebody else ruin your journey.

That's my two bits and hope it helps you.
Ajay, you put it right & thats the treatment for such personalities. Excellent.

Normally people will warn the drivers once & if he does not heed to what was told, most of them would be hesitant to repeat the same.


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Pravin-Condolences to to you man.
speedsatya-After this incident i have become like a fan of yours man.Great job dude
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Pravin, our prayers are with you all at this difficult time.
Satya, that was a wonderful thing to do.
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Hi Pravin, my condolences to you and your family

SS - great to know that there are some people who you can count on in life.
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Hi Ajay. Point taken. Thanks for the tips on dealing with drivers.

These days, I am stern even with auto drivers (for rash driving). Guess its a case of 'once bitten, twice shy'.
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It is really sad to hear your story. I lost my mom about two years ago and I know how difficult it is. Please take care.


No words to describe your timely help.
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Dear Pravin, sorry to hear about your dad.
SS, yes you have done your duty as a human being, and I am sure many people will do the same incase the opposite person is in any kind of crisis.

As others rightly said, you have to take care of your own lives whilst on the road.

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My sincere condolences.
Drivers however expereinced unless you know them personally over a period of time. Are useless. Avoid them at all costs.
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It is good to know that a BHPian has helped you Pravin in time of distress.This forum is really great.

My deepest condolences.
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this is really sad... My hearfelt condolences on the loss in your family....

please drive safe, trust your instincts as you did....

take care dude.
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Pravin....my heartfelt condolences to you.
Speedsatya....May your tribe increase to make this world a better place to live in! Well done!
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