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Old 6th September 2006, 14:04   #16
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Sheesh..thts a real bad one...
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Originally Posted by iraghava
Originally Posted by naveendhyani
when will we start putting safety in the cars before goin in for performance mods? i mean even though the car manufacturers have taken us for a long ride & dont offer a dime in terms of safety, aren't private people coming to market with aftermarket airbags, ABS etc.
You have noble intentions Naveen but the problem is that Airbags & ABS are complex devices and retro fitting them on existing cars is going to be very difficult.
May I draw your attention to the example of the Baleno sold in India.

For reasons best known to Maruti Udyog Ltd., it comes
without the Suzuki Baleno airbags,
without the Suzuki Baleno ABS,
and without EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution) that the all-wheel-drive Suzuki Baleno Altura had. EBD regulates the brake-fluid pressure to the rear wheel brakes, based on signals from rear-wheel transducers. The algorithm accounts for varying loads that the Altura Wagon may be subjected to.

The four-wheel-drive Baleno with ABS also had an inertial "G"-sensor for sensing deceleration. This G-sensor was bolted to the floor under the console, in a 4-wheel-drive Baleno.

Now that Balenos have started to recapture the interest of the Indian consumer, isn't it high time that these safety features that Suzuki had provided anyway be made available on the Indian Baleno.


pics: click for larger image

Baleno airbags

Baleno ABS

Baleno 4-wheel drive.

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Old 6th September 2006, 18:50   #18
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u have a very valid point RAM but it has 2 b on every car. right from maruti 800 till the mercedes. nothing can replace the occupants in the car if they die. so safety always comes first, regardless of what we drive.
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Oh absolutely, absolutely, Navin!
Every Human being is a whole Universe.
हर शक्स, हर हस्ती में, एक ब्रह्माण्ड, एक महाशून्य, एक सम्पूर्ण दुनिया होती है!

I was merely bemoaning that,
something that already existed in the Baleno was dropped for India.

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Originally Posted by bhp
.....a crashed car and death all bcoz of a bloody dog and car been driven carelessly at high speeds in the city which is dangerous....
The conditions called for cautious driving. It was the driver's fault for not being cautious. Why blame the dog for that? If it was a pedestrian trying to cross the road, would you have used the same adjective for him too?

Lets drive safe .. atleast in conditions that are less than normal.
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Thats really tragic ,the municipal bodies should do something about the menace the animals create on roads ...but till then ..drive safe everyone.

But then be it ppl or animals suddenly crossing the roads is something we have to live with .

I had a pretty harrowing experience sometime back My friend and I were driving down to dehradun from delhi in the evening at about 85 - 90 kmph when suddenly a cyclist came charging from the left side of the road and zoomed arcross the road to a narrow road on the right side.it happend so fast that we couldnt even react ...were just thankful that he didnt cross the road a micro second sooner or it would have been a big mess.
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Old 26th December 2006, 13:47   #22
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Menaka Gandhi ji kindly take noticeSave (Stray)Animals but not at the cost of humanlife
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Old 26th December 2006, 15:33   #23
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Although my commute to work is little above 100 meters, I have to negotiate 8-10 dogs and 5-6 cows on a daily basis. I don't swerve for them, I rather honk or nudge them out of the way, some how they all love to sleep on the pavement.

I enquired and found out why they can't be relocated from our street. The cows can't be touched because of RSS/Bajrang Dal and dogs can't be touched because of Menaka Gandhi. The former will start riots and the latter has obtained a stay from supreme court against catching stray dogs.
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Really unfortunate. When would any bright mind across the world invent animal-free/pedestrian-free roads???
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thats a horrible crash.
something must be done to avoid such incidents, being an animal lover myself even i would have tried to save the dog but then if i am human enough to try to save a life shouldnt the gov./municipal bodies think about saving lives of innocent drivers.!!
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Originally Posted by sajo View Post
OMG! The first pic shows the entire car itself to be twisted! The driver didnt stand a chance.
Though I am a complete dog lover, its better to run into/over the dog than endanger yourself/oncoming traffic/other road users. (No offence meant to animal lovers).
you are right sajo, i would have also done the same, but going back to my initial days (read it as first two years) of driving was scared to hit any small object on the road, be it a dog or a piece of cloth lying on the road or even a dead animal carcusus !!!.... always tried to get away. Probably the lancer driver's fear took over and tried to get away, keeping in mind his speed he didnt have much time to think. Thats what differentiates a good driver from a bad driver - making a right choice in such cases.
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Old 27th December 2006, 18:42   #27
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Stray animals are a real hazard while driving in India.Then again,what isn't?Other cars,pedestrians,unmarked road repairs...they all tend to be very dangerous and at times fatal for the unaware driver.

Like my fellow members,I too am an animal lover.But letting cows or buffaloes sunbathe on a busy road or worse on a fast highway is asking for trouble.The ones who loose their lives and their loved ones suffer,for the rest of us it's just old news.

Safety equipment or not, the people have to change their minset first THEN blame the establishment and everyone else.I don't mean to offend anyone when I say this.Those who have been in such cimcumstances should know.
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Old 19th December 2007, 00:44   #28
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Default Oh No!

when i saw the first pic , it cam to my stupid mind that the lancer was a left hand drive , look where the steering is !! My God ! may his soul rest in peace
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sajid.. its a year old thread!!
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Originally Posted by sajid33 View Post
God ! may his soul rest in peace

you just woke up his soul!!! that thread is an year old mate.
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