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Default Re: Soon, you will be able to hit 140 kmph on expressways

Originally Posted by Thad E Ginathom View Post
That would be a bullock cart, a horse, or a bicycle. Accordingly, such vehicles/animals are banned on British motorways. It would not be a motor vehicle travelling at 40/50.

It is not the slow speed that causes the accidents, it is the high speed. Run into the back of someone going slower than you, and it is not their fault. On the other hand, if a private car is only capable of doing 50kph, then I think, yes,, there is a case to say that it is not fit for the road. Any road.
Fortunatelym they do manage to keep bullock carts etc off at least the YE. I have seen cycles though - break the fence and cycle home against the traffic!

A lot the the issue of slower care etc will be taken care of if we learn to stay in the left most lane. Markings like on the YE which flags the first lane as trucks, and second as cars add to the confusion. I read of some cop claiming that motorcycles (rather all 2 wheelers) are not allowed on the YE. scooters and mopeds banned yes, but mobikes? also, the recent fatality how was a mobike with two pillions allowed on the YE?

On the YE things are good, but having to go from Lane 1 to Lane 2 and then lane 3 to overtake some fools motoring along merrily in Lane 2 at say 60kph is pretty upsetting.
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Default Re: Soon, you will be able to hit 140 kmph on expressways

Originally Posted by GTO View Post

I don't support this. At best, standardise it to 120 kmph on the expressways.
Completely agree with GTO. I don't think we are ready in terms of roads or the cars. I do not even want to talk about drivers where training and testing to get a license have become a joke. This must be the most important thing to fix first before we talk about anything else.

I think our roads are at best suited for a 110-120 limit. Anything more than that is dangerous unless there is some serious effort put into all of the items highlighted by GTO.

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Default Re: Soon, you will be able to hit 140 kmph on expressways

The official speed limit on Hyderabad Outer Ring Road in some stretches is 120kmph. Is this the maximum speed limit in India now?

Most cars sold today cannot handle 140kmph. If the official speed limit is increased to this, it will encourage people to drive their i10s and Beats at that speed. Can't even imagine the repercussions of it.
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Default Re: Soon, you will be able to hit 140 kmph on expressways

Even at current speed limits, thousands of people die on our highways every year. Reasons may be manifold: driver error, poor infra, poorly maintained vehicle etc.

First make our roads safer at the current speed limits, before considering higher speed limits.

140 kph would be ridiculous on our highways and in our country where even airbags and crash tests are not mandatory. There is no periodic fitness inspection of vehicles. No training is needed for acquiring a driving license, just a bribe via the tout will do.
Errant drivers break every single rule on the highway without any penalties. Increasing the speed limits will only make the maniacs guilt free.
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Default Re: Soon, you will be able to hit 140 kmph on expressways

My two cents!!
1. 100 kmph is more than enough considering the factors which we have discussed in the previous pages.
2. If at all it has to be raised, then 120 kmph is the ceiling, even for high end vehicles.
3. Theory is highly different from practical aspects. This goes best for truckers occupying right lanes. Imagine a huge tractor trailer moving in and out of the fast lane to overtake each one of the umpteen number of two wheelers & autos in the highway.
4. 90% of non enthusiast drivers doesn't even know the present speed- limit or even a fact that one such exists in our country at all! ( The % part may be an over-generalisation, but it's the hard truth)
5. The control, deceleration, safety rating on crash tests of any vehicle decreases non linearly with increase in speeds.

In essence, 100 kmph for ordinary highways and 120 kmph for access controlled highways will do.
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Default Re: Soon, you will be able to hit 140 kmph on expressways

I pity the newbie cop who is given the duty of running on the road and nabbing the guy who just measured 140+ on the speed gun!
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Default Re: Soon, you will be able to hit 140 kmph on expressways

While i do welcome this move, i dont think this will make any difference to the ground reality on Indian highways. Even with the current limits (is it 100?), there is no enforcement of speed limits on our highways that i have ever come across. And there are enough people on our roads who are still doing speeds of 140+ despite the current limits anyways!
My point is that people will continue to drive at the speed they are comfortable, just increasing the limit to 140 will not force people to drive at 140! Just my 2 cents!
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Default Re: Soon, you will be able to hit 140 kmph on expressways

I am seriously trying to understand the purpose and basis of this decision.

140 kmph on the express highway, are they serious.
While going to Pune, there are hardly any places where a driver in his sanity can hit 100 kmph.

The express highway is not at all in the condition of hitting 120+.
Why? Simply because there are many uneven cement patches.

More worries in the rainy season. At 140, there are bound to be many more accidents.
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Default Re: Soon, you will be able to hit 140 kmph on expressways

Darklord, do we have speed limits on inter-city expressways? In my part of the world, speed limits start appearing around urban areas.

nkghai, I agree completely: India has its native speed limiters which prevent us from pushing our cars unless we see a completely deserted expressway with a clear view of at least a kilometer! :-)

Finally, I strongly agree with the sentiment that 100kph should be the limit for expressway travel unless you have the skill (you can feel the car on the road) and the confidence (not bravado).
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Default Re: Soon, you will be able to hit 140 kmph on expressways

The safe driving limit is considered as 70 mph even on those huge lovely Freeways and Tollways and Motorways in the developed world. Ive enjoyed driving at the prescribed limit in several countries because everything is highly predictable there. Excellent lane discipline, no stray people, animals and so on.
Their well regulated speed zones and varying limits at different places, which are strictly enforced, make driving a safe exercise and a pleasure too.

The corresponding Kmph limit (considering 70 mph) would be 112.
Hence, in my opinion, I would consider a max speed limit of 110 mph or super-max at 120 kmph to be MORE than SUFFICIENT here in India, especially given the lousy roads and dangers lurking everywhere!
Again, in my opinion, in India, where everyone and their uncle is a KING, no one actually follows any rules and hence, an arbitrary increase in speed limit is going to result in many more deaths and disasters.
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In our highways, 140kmph is simply too risky and this new rule would only encourage people who haven't driven at 140 to achieve that speed! The roads aren't proper even for 120 in certain stretches. Another point to note is that, many Indian cars aren't capable of being stable at 140kmph and this is the reason some cars like the Amaze have a limiter kicking in beyond that speed. However, there is no saying that all cars which don't have a limiter can do 140 with stability. With cars getting lighter and lighter these days like the new Baleno for example, driving beyond 120 is too risky and the driver has to be focused completely on the road with very good reflexes while handling the wobbling due to such speeds. Like everyone says, 110-120 would be a welcome limit that is long overdue. But 140? Nopes.
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Default Re: Soon, you will be able to hit 140 kmph on expressways

Access controlled sounds fine in theory. The problem is what happens when a road that is access controlled to start, and therefore allowing a higher speed limit, is unable to remain access controlled given the usual things that happen to Indian infrastructure over time. Who will then notify a reduced limit for such roads?

And when will we understand that the cake precedes the icing? There is a lot that needs doing in the Indian driving culture and environment before this icing is applied. I agree that even today on a few select roads 80 is too slow, but that is no justification to go directly to 140.

By the way, does anyone know of any road in India which is access controlled in practice to the extent it needs to be?

It is the same story with building toilets everywhere. Admirable, but this is again icing on the cake of first making sure that running water is available if all these toilets are to be maintained to a level that will encourage their use.

On the smart city front, the less said the better.
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Default Re: Soon, you will be able to hit 140 kmph on expressways

From what a cop who once caught me (for speeding. Was doing ~100kph within a town limit on an NH), the speed guns actually trigger at ~20kph over the actual limit. Hence, I was caught since my speed exceeded 80kph (prescribed limit was 60kph).
Three possibilities:
1. The cop was lying.
2. The guns will actually trigger at 140kph now on. This is an actual increase of 20kph over 120kph, not 40kph.
3. Guns will trigger at 160kph. Recipe for disaster.
As others have mentioned, I have learned to drive always on the side on caution. The variable we encounter on our roads are frightening. This rule wont change my driving habit one bit. Although I might avoid a fine in a rare case someday..
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Default Re: Soon, you will be able to hit 140 kmph on expressways

USA has a general speed limit of 65 mph (~105 kmph), 75 mph (~120) kmph. A very small stretch in Texas has a limit of 85 mph (~140 kmph). Most drivers are extremely disciplined in the USA.

Why are we talking about increasing the speed limit when we can't instill discipline in our drivers?

NOTE: Instill - to gradually cause someone to have (an attitude, feeling, etc.) (from Merriam-Webster dictionary)
Being gentle as it's going to take time with our huge population

Some truckers deserve a thrashing, but I once heard from a trucker that he couldn't deal with slow moving Autos and Two Wheelers on the left lane.

The government should consider:
  • Making the procedure of obtaining a license a learning experience rather than a formality. (Written test, long driving tests etc) This should apply for renewals too, but it'll be difficult for a man with 30 years of driving experience to unlearn his bad habits.
  • Making lane discipline compulsory
  • Banning slow(<60 kmph atleast) two and three wheelers from entering highways. This is implemented in some roads in USA where your motorcycle needs to have a minimum displacement of 250 cc and must be able to drive at a minimum of 60 mph

Doing all the above steps will increase our average speed by a considerable amount.

Travelling at an average speed of 60 kmph over 50 kmph will reduce travel time of a 500 km journey by around 1.25 hours. Travelling at 70 kmph instead of 50 will cut the travel time by almost 3 hours.

Our cars of today aren't ready to be driven continuously at 140 kmph. The speed must be capped to 120 kmph.

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Ok friends.. Need you opinion on a side effect of maintaining the speed limit.
I regularly travel on MPEW. Speed limit on any given section is 80 or less.

When i want to overtake a truck or rickety tata ace hogging the center lane, I have to move to the right lane.
On most occasions I like to speed up, be done with overtaking and join back to the middle lane.
But in my new car, I love Cruise Control and have got into the habit of setting it to 80-85.

I see so many idiots tail gating and almost trying to bully with honks/flashing lights etc. When I am in right lane overtaking some one.
With speed limit at 80 and me driving at 82 performing a legal overtaking attempt am I doing bad? I mean legally, I am fine, but what abt road etiquettes? Do the other guys doing 80+ have any reason to be grumpy? Esp when I will be moving back to center lane once I am done overtaking the immediate lot of lane hoggers.
What's your experience?
Have you been bullied? Have you bullied
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