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Default Re: Soon, you will be able to hit 140 kmph on expressways

Speed Limit of 140 !! No ways in a country like India.

Indian highways are not designed for that kind of speeds. Lets compare it with countries like Singapore etc. That simply because the roads are maintained periodically. Not complaining here, just making a point that we need to make our roads safer rather than dangerous. What happens here is that once a road is laid, its forgotten until there is a crater that has caused a death. Highways demand greater maintenance due to volume of vehicles plying.
The irony here is that the focus should be on all other aspects like proper signals, highway medical assistance, adequate lighting, demarcation of the existing lanes with speed limits rather than increasing limits.
I am not being pessimistic here, but safety here is a joke. I am not even getting into a discussion on the safety aspects of our Indian vehicles to withstand an impact at 140 plus. Most of them will fall short.
Isn't it true that collision fatalities are lower at slow speeds Ė thatís basic physics Ė but itís also true that major of the accidents are caused due to distractions, fatigue, speeding.
In the true sense, any speeds below 100 kph is safer here
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Default Re: Soon, you will be able to hit 140 kmph on expressways

Originally Posted by landcruiser123 View Post
USA has a general speed limit of 65 mph (~105 kmph), 75 mph (~120) kmph. A very small stretch in Texas has a limit of 85 mph (~140 kmph). Most drivers are extremely disciplined in the USA.

Why are we talking about increasing the speed limit when we can't instill discipline in our drivers?

NOTE: Instill - to gradually cause someone to have (an attitude, feeling, etc.) (from Merriam-Webster dictionary)
Being gentle as it's going to take time with our huge population

Some truckers deserve a thrashing, but I once heard from a trucker that he couldn't deal with slow moving Autos and Two Wheelers on the left lane.

The government should consider:
  • Making the procedure of obtaining a license a learning experience rather than a formality. (Written test, long driving tests etc) This should apply for renewals too, but it'll be difficult for a man with 30 years of driving experience to unlearn his bad habits.
  • Making lane discipline compulsory
  • Banning slow(<60 kmph atleast) two and three wheelers from entering highways. This is implemented in some roads in USA where your motorcycle needs to have a minimum displacement of 250 cc and must be able to drive at a minimum of 60 mph

Doing all the above steps will increase our average speed by a considerable amount.

Travelling at an average speed of 60 kmph over 50 kmph will reduce travel time of a 500 km journey by around 1.25 hours. Travelling at 70 kmph instead of 50 will cut the travel time by almost 3 hours.

Our cars of today aren't ready to be driven continuously at 140 kmph. The speed must be capped to 120 kmph.
Originally Posted by sgiitk View Post
More than the speed it is the road and traffic condition which dictates the speed.
Yes sir, absolutely correct.

My own observations:

Bangalore-Pune (NH 4): I can do 110-120 kmph all day in the Innova
Bangalore-Salem (NH 7): I can do 80-90 kmph in the Innova
This obviously drops in town sections where traffic density increases.
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Default Re: Soon, you will be able to hit 140 kmph on expressways

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
As an enthusiast, I should welcome this, but realistically, I don't. The government increasing the speed limit to 140 kmph means it is indirectly saying:

- Our roads are safe enough to travel at 140 kmph. Nope, they simply aren't.

- Our cars are safe enough to travel at 140 kmph. No ways. Even 6 lakh rupee hatchbacks have gotten a crash test score of ZERO at speeds of way <140 kmph.

- The average Indian driver is skilled enough to drive at 140 kmph for an extended duration of time. With no standards of training or testing, this is certainly not the case.

I don't support this. At best, standardise it to 120 kmph on the expressways.
Agree with you on everything but the last. 120 kmph is equally arbitrary. Anyhow the focus of the government mustn't be introducing higher speed limits but solving structural issues that make such speeds (or even lower) untenable. Truth is a cop asking for bribe is a petty nuisance compared with RTO officers granting permits/licences left, right and center. This is simply a populist move like the much hyped, already-claimed and never implemented Toll-less travel between Mum-Del.

RTO Reforms, Monitoring of key road areas and subsequent action, uniformity of road construction / maintenance, proper warning mechanism...much happier if any of these was even touched.
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Default Re: Soon, you will be able to hit 140 kmph on expressways

My American client, as soon as she seats in the middle row, buckles up. It has become a habit for her. She also urges others to buckle up. Here in India, if it were not the for the fines even drivers don't buckle up.

Unless safety becomes a habit, things are not going to change, airbags or no airbags, ABS or no ABS.

I am of the opinion that one can drive fast and still drive safe. One can drive slow and can still drive unsafe. People have to understand that their actions can take lives. They have to get past the notion that 'It cannot/will not happen to me'. Nobody is invincible on road.
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Default Re: Soon, you will be able to hit 140 kmph on expressways

I did a search and found a pic that depicts the max speed across the world. Don't know how accurate this is.

Soon, you will be able to hit 140 kmph on expressways-world-speed-limit.jpg

In this, there are only 4 places where 140 KPH is legal on highways, namely, Texas, Bulagria, Poland and UAE. These are the location marked in purple. India is marked under 120 KPH range

I don't think India is equipped for 140 KPH. Whatever is the speed limit, one needs to understand the limitations of the car and self before heading to the highway and practice sane driving.

140 KPH??? How safe is this???

This is as safe as the degree of sanity among drivers which unfortunately is absent.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Speed_limits_by_country
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Default Re: Soon, you will be able to hit 140 kmph on expressways

On what basis is 140 kmph is decided upon? Only Germany (Autobahn - no limit), Bulgaria,Poland, Libya ( No limit!) and UAE has speed limits as high as 140 in the whole WORLD! What are trying to prove? If some world record is our aim then why not make it 200 kmph? I can see a huge opportunity for high end trauma care centres and scrap dealers all along these express suicide/homicide ways.

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140kmph? Speed limit? India? That's a perfect recipe for disaster! Most of our drivers are simply not skilled enough to cruise all day at 140kmph. Most cars on the road don't event meet basic safety standards( I don't even want to talk about basic stuff like tires, which are totally ignored)
Unless and until a proper foundation is laid, this decision will be a major failure with unnecessary consequences. In the worst case, it will go on to prove that speed is dangerous and should be reduced ( which is utter rubbish.) All we need is disciplined and responsible drivers.
Fact: The Yamuna expressway has a design speed of 120kmph.I wonder where they got the number 140 from!
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Default Re: Soon, you will be able to hit 140 kmph on expressways

140 KMPH is pretty high for MOST of the roads in India.
Barring a few express highways and NH's, going past 80/100 itself is a Challenge, not necessarily because of road conditions, but, for hell lot of things, other than that.
Practically, I don't think this makes any difference to most of the people traveling on roads,
Common sense things and sensible driving - yielding to safety, traffic rules and conditions, proper maintenance of vehicle, should be more on minds of drivers then the speed limit..
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Default Re: Soon, you will be able to hit 140 kmph on expressways

Well, in light of everyone`s suggestions, only one thing can be done practically & economically at this point of time to reach early - START EARLY.

Maybe, next step can be education & awareness of public regarding using roads and then comes all the other infrastructure related things.
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Default Re: Soon, you will be able to hit 140 kmph on expressways

140 kmph is too high given the conditions in India

Like GTO pointed out 120 kmph makes more sense.

However I don't believe in strictly maintaining a said speed, because even though Coimbatore- Bangalore Highway gets limited to 120kmph there are section like while approaching salem and salem to Bangalore where in traffic conditions are too high that we don't even find space to hit 120 kmph.

One should drive carrying speeds according to the conditions and not trying to meet the speed limit which may be high or low for the given situation. Make sure you're confident to carry such speed and when you get free space up ahead, open up your throttle and bring out the enthusiast in you ! again within a safe limit, its easy to accelerate and not so easy to decelerate in an emergency.

I remember reading this somewhere in the internet, `To drive in India, One needs good brakes, good horn and GOOD LUCK!' True that.

That being said I normally cruise around 110-130 kmph (all my current vehicles are very stable in the given speeds) given the right roads and I do go beyond 130 kmph occasionally for brief period provided there's empty stretch tar up ahead.

I don't know if this out of the topic but I find this an opportunity to list things, which Govt should emphasise first before changing speed limit. ROAD MANNERS !both on highways and city but here are few points I think everyone should follow on highways

1. Make sure the vehicles plying in the road have 2 ORVM's ! and its kept open and put to use before they change their lane !

I have often noticed that many Two wheelers in Bangalore have removed their ORVM's from their and it gets me super annoyed. Another sight is people despite having two ORVM's equipped in their vehicle and keeping it closed while driving.

BTW read difference between ORVM's and Vanity mirrors before issuing driving License!

2.Indicate before changing lane, well in advance and make use of your mirror to check before you change.

Also indicate while overtaking heavy vehicles even though you're on right track using Highbeams and Horn.

Its not about just indicating and changing and later claiming that I had indicated ! I often see even after indicating my lane change after checking my mirror where in I see sufficient play for me to change the lane, the car following me wouldn't budge and from no where comes the hurry flashing lights and horns to overtake! So Respect the ones who indicate lane change too! Unless you're carrying way too much speed to slow down for them, give them way!

3.Somebody please get those heavy vehicle drivers(trucks, bus etc) educated about what it does to the passengers small in but fast cars who also share the highways with them when they just change the lane at their wish without checking!

4. Slow moving vehicles let it be heavy vehicles, people carrier or even slow moving cars, Please give way or keep left!

5. Do slow down at Intersections, because we still are not blessed with flyovers and Underpasses in India to flee past those Intersections and where many tend to carelessly without judging the speed of oncoming traffic, takes turns and U-turns.
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Default Re: Soon, you will be able to hit 140 kmph on expressways

The idea behind speed limits should be getting to and fro between distances whilst saving time. This is what i believe should be the reason. If i apply the same logic to the mumbai pune expressway and assume the overall length of the expressway end to end as 100 kms then between 100 and 140 we are talking of a saving of 18 mins on paper. If the saving 18 mins means less accidents and a use of common sense overall then i am all for it.

Do we have emergency services available and frankly do people have enough time, the ones who would stop at the moment of an accident and ensure that emergency services are intimated. We have a long way to go in that space. So let common sense prevail and lets put more emphasis on driving the right way 100 or 140 i don't care. Drive in proper lanes and slow and accelerate at a even rate and not like Race drivers, use proper turning signals and giving way in accordance to speed differential and not use the logic that since i can get into a space first means the spot is for me.

Unless we can see safe driving in abundance there is no point talking any speeds.
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Default Re: Soon, you will be able to hit 140 kmph on expressways

Originally Posted by freedom View Post
Ok friends.. Need you opinion on a side effect of maintaining the speed limit.
I regularly travel on MPEW. Speed limit on any given section is 80 or less.

When i want to overtake a truck or rickety tata ace hogging the center lane, I have to move to the right lane.
On most occasions I like to speed up, be done with overtaking and join back to the middle lane.
But in my new car, I love Cruise Control and have got into the habit of setting it to 80-85.

I see so many idiots tail gating and almost trying to bully with honks/flashing lights etc. When I am in right lane overtaking some one.
With speed limit at 80 and me driving at 82 performing a legal overtaking attempt am I doing bad? I mean legally, I am fine, but what abt road etiquettes? Do the other guys doing 80+ have any reason to be grumpy? Esp when I will be moving back to center lane once I am done overtaking the immediate lot of lane hoggers.
What's your experience?
Have you been bullied? Have you bullied
The kind of bullying that you describe is unforgivable, and tailgating at those speeds (or even half those speeds) is criminally irresponsible and dangerous. Whilst people believe that a driver has the right to maintain their chosen speed, that behaviour will go on. We do not have that right.

The only time I would be speaking up for the faster guy is if, hypothetically, you could have seen him coming if you used the mirrors correctly. In that case, no, the slower vehicle should not be doing the overtake until the faster one has gone clear.
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Thumbs down Re: Soon, you will be able to hit 140 kmph on expressways

140 kmph Speed limit, Really. Maintaining 100 kmph between Bangalore to Salem Highway is very difficult due to U-turns (few designed by NHAI and many created by two wheelers) in between the roads.

If the speed limit is increased, I think the NHAI need to ensure the U-turns are planned and happens only below the flyovers. The public need to be educated to cross the highways only at certain points which need to be highlighted in the road.

It will be difficult for a driver who is cruising at 140 kmph to stop is someone is in front of the vehicle.
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Default Re: Soon, you will be able to hit 140 kmph on expressways

First up - I agree with some of the core apprehensions expressed on this thread but I hold a slightly different opinion from much of the posts on this thread. Two reasons:
a. Everyone drives within their comfort zones. Folks who will drive at 140 today will continue to do so - it is only a small fraction that will drive faster. My own car doesn't become faster nor does my safety perception improve because of a board. India's sky high fatality rate has much more to do with bad driving habits than it has to do with speed limits.

b. Most of the other threads regularly mention high speeds, with cruising speeds in excess of 100 being fairly common. Somehow there's an unspoken belief that each poster thinks he is safe, while the common man on the highways is a really unsafe driver (as noticed in many posts on this thread). Doesn't add up for me.
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Default Re: Soon, you will be able to hit 140 kmph on expressways

Too ambitious! Even in some developed countries, the speed limit on 6/8 Lane expressways is 120 KMPH. We hardly have continuous stretches of 6 Lane highways across the country, except for a few ones.
I think the limits should be 120 KMPH for 6 lane, 100 KMPH for four lane and less than 80 for highways without dividers.

We're not habituated to proper signalling, lane discipline and maintenance of cars. Plus the fitness of the majority of commercial, private and heavy vehicles on the road remains questionable. Such a move will only see an dramatic increase of fatalities on our expressways.

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