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Default Re: Is your Car your primary & only ride?

Never used two wheeler. Father was dead against it considering safety reasons in our country. Always drove only cars.
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Default Re: Is your Car your primary & only ride?

After I met with a major accident in 2004 , while being driven in an office car in the express highway, I have virtually stopped riding a two wheeler. For the last 5 years we had two cars- a Jazz and a Nano. The Nano was basically for my wife - a replacement for the two wheeler,because of the inherent danger in todays traffic, and was used by both of us when going for shopping, in narrow streets and crowded places.This was very very convenient because of its small footprint and excellent manoeuvrability. We even preferred the Nano for going up the mountains, where its width was a big advantage in the narrow hill roads.But we lost the Nano on 25th October 2015 in a hit and run accident, when we were driving towards the crowded old part of the city. Thankfully the tough Nano saved us in a virtually head along collusion, though it was totally written off . Since then I only have the Jazz which is used for all jobs. Things are not as difficult as I initially thought , though I often have to miss tight parking spots where the Nano would have easily got in. And yes, we do at times have to park at a distance from where we need to go and then walk. But all in all, while we still yearn for the Nano, which definitely made life easy, the situation is quite manageable.I have also come to realise that a lot of people tend to bully small cars like Nano on the road. If moving in the same direction ,they must get ahead of the small car at any cost . If coming from the opposite side, they refuse to budge and the small car must make way for them. Is it just my perception? I don't know. But it is enough to dissuade us from going for another second small car.
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Default Re: Is your Car your primary & only ride?

For me, the car is primarily used for office commute which entails 40Km of drive everyday. Apart from that, weekend visit to the market which is ~1.5Km from my place is also done in the car; mainly to carry the heavy bags back.
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Default Re: Is your Car your primary & only ride?

When I first started working, I bought a Discover 150. There was hardly any traffic those days and driving from Trimulgherry to Jubilee Hills was fun. Then, around 2006/7 they started building those flyovers and expanding existing ones and the traffic started building up. I bought a WagonR to make myself a bit more comfortable.

Then I left for UK for studies and work. So my parents got rid of bike (Used it for around 10000 kms) and gave it to my cousin.

When I returned from UK in 2010 - boy the traffic scene was completely different (but much better than what it is now). However, I still decided to buy myself another bike - another new Bajaj Discover 150. I was slightly disappointed because the 2010 model did not have the Tachometer. Anyway, got married and the need arose to move around on 4 wheels. That's when I bought my trusty WagonR. Later wifey needed a trendy but comfortable hatch so she's got a Grandi10 Asta AT.

So my scene now: I use the WagonR as the beater car. Use it to carry my gear (I'm a musician playing every weekend) and work. We use the Grandi10 for liesure drives and my wife drives it to work. And, my bike has been rusting (15000kms in 6 years).
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Default Re: Is your Car your primary & only ride?

Used to have a Honda Dio scooter as a run-about in addition to my car. After seeing a few horrific 2 wheeler deaths in front of my eyes, I sold off the Dio. So short distance chores were met by walking.

I know the number of pedestrian casualties are far higher than 2 wheeler, but they are most likely much lower if calculated as casualties as a % of total urban pedestrians.

Now that the Missus wants to drive and my daughters are approaching legal driving age, I recently bought a Nano Automatic, which is the best Dio alternative with 4 wheels. Am happy with my choice and would recommend this as the best combo - a 'regular' car (mine's a top-spec Safari Storme) and a Nano Auto as a run-about.
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Default Re: Is your Car your primary & only ride?

Primary vehicle is my 6 year old Titanium 1.2 FIGO, for short errands I have a DIO and for pleasure rides my favorite RX100 which I picked up a year back in excellent condition from a fellow IT acquaintance.
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Default Re: Is your Car your primary & only ride?

Originally Posted by ashis89 View Post
How many of you have a car(s) as the only mode of transport?

Another problem that I face with my car is parking.

Lastly, though I have never faced any break-downs or unscheduled visits, I don't have any back-up transport of my 'own' in case the car fails.

Has anyone faced such a problem or dilemma? If yes, what do you do in each of the above problem situations? How practical and convenient is it to keep a car as the only ride?
Hi ahis89:

Interesting thread and discussion. I have never had a bike ( any two wheeler ) in my life. My parents were too scared to get me one during my engineering days and flatly refused to all my pleading. Now, I do not even want to buy a bike. I don't have the guts either to ride one.

Till I bought my car, It was pretty much public transport. Having resided and started my career in Bombay, I was fortunate enough to have a good public transport. I would get my dad's car to drive only if it were a family outing if they were going along as well. Dad used to use the car to his office.

After getting my car, I have become completely dependent on it. Shudder to think about having to manage in a break down situation or having no car. On days that its not available, I prefer staying at home.

Having shifted to Pune since the last 3 odd years, I use my car everyday to work and for any and all errands and outings. It did cross my mind on a couple of occasions to get an un-geared bike like the DEO or something. But looking at the way people drive around, that thought quickly vanishes.

OLAs and UBERs are good for journeys to the heart of town ( where you know for sure there is no parking ).

I do have a cycle - but that is purely for recreation.
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Default Re: Is your Car your primary & only ride?

I never rode a bike or even a bicycle. I was always afraid of riding two wheeler vehicles. My car was the first vehicle I bough and it is the primary and sole mode of transportation for me.
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Default Re: Is your Car your primary & only ride?

I am or should I say used to be a bike guy right from my college days till I got a job where i could buy and afford maintaining a car. Right now I have a CL 500 (happily under wraps) and an S Cross 1.6 which would be my recent acquisition. I have ridden motorcycles in all possible weather- be it the heavy Mumbai rains which involved wading through flood waters, sweltering heat or nail biting cold i never had any issues. Over the years got married and my better half loves to go on bike rides. However the scenario changed when I moved to Pune from Mumbai. This involved doing Pune-Mumbai-Pune trips over the weekend to visit my parents. This is where I started appreciating the comforts of a car. I had this habit of commuting to work (6km one way) completely geared (Helmet, jacket,gloves,shoes etc...). This started becoming a burden and moreover arriving at office fully drenched in sweat was not something one would like. Slowly and steadily I shifted more towards commuting in my car apart from the interest in them. Regarding keeping two cars, financially it wasn't viable for me. Since it was city on weekdays and highways on weekends a petrol hatch wasn't considered. As of now the 1.6 is the only car i am using. Maybe in the following months I mite consider buying a small AT car just for the city commute. The Enfield as of now is under wraps but taken out sometimes during the weekdays just for a small ride across the city.
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Default Re: Is your Car your primary & only ride?

Yes. My Ford EcoSport D Titanium is my primary and only ride for me and my Family. I use the Call drivers service from 'Top4Drivers', when ever family needs and manage my office commute through Pool car.

I often feel the need of a two wheeler, but am a little scared as my 66 year old Father(Now) is definitely going to use it.
With the pathetic road conditions and lawless driving attitude of other road users, I am very much hesitant to have an 'Activa' as my second mode of transport.
While heart is still looking for a used RX100 or even a 350 TB( To avoid my Father driving them), Mind is scouting for a used Automatic Santro or a Zen( So better half and Father also can drive and be a little safe and I will have peace of Mind).
Didn't find a worthy one under a Lakh for the last two years.

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Default Re: Is your Car your primary & only ride?

A borrowed 12 year old Santro is my only ride since February 2016.

Cars have been my primary mode of transport since 2008. Graduated from Indica DLS to Swift VXI to GT TDi and now will shortly be getting a sedan.

Never felt the need for a 2 wheeler as all city run abouts are planned out during non peak hours. I also feel I've lost all confidence in riding a 2 wheeler again. Moreover, chennai heat just doesn't suit for a 2 wheeler ride. May be once I relocate to Pune I could start off with an activa.
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